Welcome to My Muse

What??? A second blog in less than a year??? Aren't you busy enough with cooking, sewing, and pursing your agricultural dreams???


I have a confession to make....






To the point where I'm writing poetry spontaneously, writing fan-fiction and character sketches when I should be writing essays.....

And listening to music is starting to become a very dangerous activity......

When I started my first blog, Frugally Fancy, it was with a purpose. I had a lot of personal experiences in my life's journey that I felt that people could enjoy and learn from. I had started creating potential posts ever since my late high school days and finally gathered the courage to put them to the world in November 2016 at the repeated urging of my best friend.

In the short time that I've been blogging, I find that I really enjoy it. It's really encouraging to see people share my ideas around the globe. I'll still blog on Frugally Fancy a lot in the future.

But lately, I've been feeling really, really restless. Because my muse is not satisfied with my non-fiction or even my personal writings.

At heart, I am.....a fiction writer.

Ever since I can remember I have always been fascinated by stories.

God saw fit to bless me with a very vivid and emotional imagination.

He also gave me the talent of writing, and sent numerous teachers and friends to help me refine it.

I've always had a very rebellious muse. It tends to distract me from my schoolwork, disturb my sleep, make me an absolute fool (especially when the ramblings exit my mouth....), and causes me to have unnecessary worry and anxiety. Lately, it's been running a-muck and ignoring my muse has not been working very well.

There really is only one thing to do: harness it for good!!!!

While I doubt that I will publish any full-length novels here, I will share some short stories and some sketches that my muse loves to come up with. In my next post, I'll tell my journey into the writing world.

Oh, there is one more thing before I leave for the night. While I'm known on the online world mostly as Farm Lassie, it doesn't seem a very good writer's name does it?

So, just call me Catherine.

And.....welcome to my writers corner.

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