One Bad Apple Rots the Barrel

10:32 PM

Hello all,

I apologize in advance, this is a rant.

You ever been in a new school, a new workplace? You meet a new group of peers every time you do.

It seems you gel very well. You think "This is a good group of people to be with".

Then someone says a bad word.

Then someone else makes a reference (and I don't mean a movie reference either).

Soon the conversation goes completely downhill. And soon they drag you into horrible activities such as Cards Against Humanity.

You sit there, totally embarrassed, trying your darnedest to get out of the situation discreetly. It feels like you are choking on a poisoned apple. You ask yourself "Why did you think that these people would be good to hang out with?", "Why did I trust these people?" You never regain that good relationship you had with them, and you try to distance yourself as best you can.

And this is now the new normal in groups of late teens and college age people.

This is why movements like the #RebelliousWriting and the #RebelliousReading are SO IMPORTANT.

If young people can joke about bedroom subjects, speak lightly of atrocious murder, and willingly break at least 4 of the 10 commandments in a single night, there is most assuredly a problem with our culture!!!!!

I'm sick of being burned by what should have been good company. I don't one hundred percent blame the people, I blame the culture. While it may not totally solve the problem, promoting clean and wholesome literature is a start at the very least.

We need to start speaking out. NOW.

Scribblingly yours,


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  1. This is great. Really great. And it's so true.

  2. This post makes a lot of sense. I agree. Great post!

  3. I like rants. You made a lot of good points. While I don't think some people saying cuss words make them extremely awful, their actions may make me uncomfortable. If these people actually aren't bad, maybe asking them to not swear in front of you. You might cause them to realize their wrongs.

    This was a good post.

  4. SO true. I've had to pull away from a lot of my old friends because they've become the rougher crowd, and maybe that's who I use to be, but that's not me anymore.
    Thank you for this. <3

  5. This is really so true, it's so hard to deal with this. The things is most people I'm around are this way which gets depressing sometimes. I struggle because tbh I do not have a single christian's really tough sometimes but I always try to be a positive, loving, influence despite and that usually means that 90% of the time I'm out of my age group, which is good for development and has helped me.

    Well, thanks Catherine this was much needed! People really do need to hear this...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Don't feel bad, Anna. *gives hug*
      At this season of my life, I don't have any friends. A lot of people I would hang out with just didn't have the morals that are important to me.

      But, I've got my blogging buddies, including you two ladies. No, we don't know each other in real life, but a lot of the same blogs we go to all have similar values and this is the most homeschool teens I've talked to in my life. It's honestly really nice. People I've talked to before just don't have my same values and beliefs.

      But what I've learned is we have Jesus and he brings people into our lives when we need it.

      God bless y'all.
      <3 <3

    3. Thank you so much Ivie and Catherine <3 Your words mean a lot A LOT to me and the hugs are returned ;) I am not alone <3 and its good to be reminded.

      See, that is why I love blogging. Thank God I found this group and we can all be here for each other. Y'alls presence and sharing has encouraged me to stick to my convictions. God is good, He leads us to the most beautiful places. Often the road is rough and narrow but the destination is much worth it!

      Thank you God for Ivie and Catherine and all the other Christian young people here, just please bless all of them and help us to all stick to our convictions and follow you.

      Love and God's Blessings to you my friends <3 xox

    4. Also thanks for including me on your friends list! :) <3 That's so sweet of you.

    5. No problem. You've helped me a lot with the blog buttons and I really enjoy your blog. I feel like I relate with almost everything you say.
      God bless.

  6. Thank you for having me on your blog list! That means a lot to me. :)

  7. Man so much love in the comment section. :) *hugs everyone*

    Great post, Catherine! I think this is a problem in our society today that needs to be resolved by us. The younger ones of our generation need to step up and tell people that language like that should not be said at anytime or anywhere.



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