Sunday, July 8, 2018

Camp NaNo Log - 7/8


Cause I did it again. I managed to miscount how many WIPS I worked on this week, and wound up lying in my post yesterday. Cause I forgot that I didn't work on the 1st.

*sigh* top it off, I  went back and counted the WIPs again.

And it's not 7.

It's 8.

^^^^^ literally my mental reaction



Someone - an alpha, my sister, a reader, I don't care - please slap some sense into me. I've really become insane. I'm now going to have to make a button that says "GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT". 

Anyways, here we go:

WIP of the Day:

Princess Janina Sigurdnir never expected to be the Blue Star of Duventoliel quite as soon as she did...but her older sister Magda's expulsion from the marriage market leaves her no choice. During the tournament for her hand, she finds herself attracted to the noble-hearted, charitable, manly and still-single King Ealdread of Aistaraina...and he feels the same for her. Only trouble is, that King Ealdread is nearly a score of years older than she.  

Will Ealdread's heart win over his head? Or will his fears of losing his happily-ever-after keep him from attaining it in the first place?  

What I did:

Finished transcribing all of the notes I had from paper, phone and notebook that hadn't been done yet. Have not added this information in the Word backup as of yet (nor yesterday's work yet either....).

With the exception of revamping the blurb that is attached to this WIP, as well as further development on Character Sheets and World-Building (because you know, there are some things missing there), nothing else remains to be done for this WIP. So, you may not see this WIP worked on again this month.....

Which means....I'm now OFFICIALLY down to....

7 WIPs.


Scribblingly yours,



  1. That gif. Is perfect. I'm sorry to laugh over your WIP headaches, but I did, after I saw that gif.

    But hey! By the end of camp, you'll possibly have half of everything under control!! :) You got this!!

    1. Heehee, I needed something more dramatic than the last one I posted, and that one fit the bill perfectly.

      Well, half is better than none! I'll take it :)

      Thank you Julian!!!

  2. *slaps* Huh, you're usually the one doing that to me. Felt good. Do you feel better???

    1. I know...and yes, it does feel a little better. I'm not *quite* as scrambled.

  3. Counting. Often a challenge. But hey, at long as we get the work done, we can continue lying to ourselves about how many WIPs we have to work on, right?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Yes, yes indeed! *nervous giggles*

      Thank you Sarah!!!


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