What are Your Assumptions about Me?

What, Catherine be trendy? What is this?

Well, there is a story attached to this one.

A new friend and I were recently having an email discussion about life goals and vocations and what "path" was well suited to us.

In particular, we were discussing convents and how we would find it difficult to be in one due to our love of writing. What (pleasantly) surprised me was her giving her impression on how I would do in a convent and why.

Which, got me to thinking.....

What are y'all's assumptions concerning me?

I know that this is sort of a "trendy" thing that is happening across the blogosphere. But...that is a really poor reason for doing this sort of a post.

I'm doing this because I'm genuinely curious. How do I portray myself on here? What sort of a person do you think I am? What about my likes/dislikes? How well do my readers know me?

I'm opening the door all the way - positive and negative assumptions will be welcome. Having that feedback from you readers will help me a lot. Not just to dispel any myths that may have popped up, but also to figure out where my strong and weak points are. How I can improve not just how I come across to others, but my quality of writing too.

I'd love to see your honest assumptions about me - feel free to drop as many as you like in the comments section.

Scribbingly yours,


P.S. If any of my readers see this post twice in their feed, it's because I'm also posting it on WbC.

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  1. YES, I am so excited for this! (Let’s overlook the fact that I’m terrible at assuming things, shall we? ;) )

    - You like your schedule to be organized, but your surroundings can be a mess.
    - You're a very goal-oriented person.
    - You like musicals but aren’t obsessed with them.

    *shrugs* they're probably all wrong, but oh well. XD Can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

    1. Anthony the Rad TradMay 17, 2019 at 11:31 AM

      as a sibling of Catherine I must say that you are pretty much spot on (especially with that first one XD)

  2. Oh, this is fun! I'll try a few

    -You're a little closer to your dad than your mom.
    -You like being by bodies of water
    -You sometimes wish you were born in a different time period.

    It'll be interesting to see your responses!

  3. OoOOOOOooooooh...XD

    -You like Eowyn. (Heehee.)
    -Your favorite season is Summer.
    -Favorite color is either red or gold.

  4. -You don't have a ton of IRL friends.
    -You're a night owl.
    -You prefer road trips to flying.

  5. *cracks knuckles* Whewww, alright.
    So I just wanna say that you seem very REAL. You aren't just some name on a page, you are REAL. Every time I read your posts (especially the ones with your family), I feel like you are really putting the REAL you out there, not just some facade of a cutsie girl who runs a cutsie blog. :P You don't beat around the bush. You say what you think and I feel like you are one of the friends that I just haven't met IRL yet! :) I love your blog. :D

  6. Finally time to catch up on a few blog posts...

    -You consider yourself to be like/write like a female Tolkien
    -Are proud of the fact that you're a member of RW
    -Talks to cows

  7. Well, I really enjoy reading your blog, just because you seem like such a nice, genuine person :) So here's my assumptions:
    -You have dark brown hair.
    -You have a handful of siblings (say, five or six)
    -You have a hundred story ideas in your head at once
    -You live in the USA, in a pleasant, mild climate with lots of green grass

  8. -You're a good steward.
    -A sensible cheapskate when it comes to most things.
    -You're very outspoken about the things you find important.


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