Musing on September, Hailing October

Greetings, dear readers! 

The cool weather has arrived in my little neck of the woods, and it has been well received. The corn in the field behind my house was just harvested by the combine yesterday. While the leaves are still green on the trees, the grass is already asleep. 

September started out rather crazy and has just now slowed back into it's rhythm. It started on a high note with a long visit to OH, where I met fellow bloggers Megan Chappie and Belle Anne and had a long visit with my sis Lia. It moved on a bit of a slide as I looked to gain employment. And now that that has finally been accomplished, we can get to other important things. 

🙞 In the Realms of Fiction 🙜

1. In the beginning of the month, I visited Lia's house for a week. I read a lot of books while I was there: Wanderlost by Jen Malone, Fawkes by Nadine Brandes, Open Road Summer by Emery Lord, PS I Like You by Kasie West, and The Blue Castle by Lucy Maud Montgomery. You can find reviews of most of them on Goodreads.

2. Lia and I also watched a lot of movies. They are: Wonder Woman, The Last Jedi, How to Train Your Dragon 1, 2, and 3 (I FINALLY WATCHED THEM BROOKE), State Fair, An Affair to Remember, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1, and Falling Inn Love (a horrible rom-com, don't even bother)

3. Lia and I recorded 3 new vlogs that Editing Catherine is absolutely thrilled to receive, LOL. They have not been edited as of yet, but I hope to get to it soon.

4. I have re-formatted Fair Winds into an alpha-friendly draft. When I pick this up for the next drafting session, I may be adding a couple of new alphas.

5. The White Rose ended up jumping the editing gun - instead of waiting for betas, I decided to forge ahead with the first round of edits. I grew disgusted with just how messy my first draft was, so I decided to write my second draft before I do the beta call. With the help of my alphas, I'm now creating a new plot outline, and I will be drafting the second draft during NaNo this year.

6. I've become an alpha reader for three projects now, and am heartily enjoying it. All of them are different genres and all of them are on their way to greatness, I'm sure :)

7. New audio obsessions of the month include Skipinnish (a Celtic band), and the Focus on the Family radio drama Anne of Green Gables. I hope to have a review of the latter after I finish it!

🙞 Blog Happenings 🙜

For Working by Candlelight, I wrote 1 post: My Favorite History Periods. Because of some personal stuff that had happened, my blogging took a bit of a backstage for a bit.

For the Rebelling Muse, I wrote 2 posts: Summer Bucket List Book Tag and The Marvel Cinematic Universe Tag. I have two "real" posts in the works, that I hope to publish really soon! 

For Rebellious Writing, I wrote no posts. I've elected to take a further step back in my commitment due to some schedule conflicts, but I will still be part of RW as much as I can.

For Maidens for Mary, I have written no posts. I'm off the hiatus, but also off the schedule due to conflicts. No, I am not leaving but I will only be writing occasionally.

🙞 Goal Tracker 🙜

There has been a pattern these past few months in which I don't really get a lot of these goals done because of one reason or another. Will September turn out to be different? 

1. Finish the additions for TWR.

I got halfway through these additions, bringing the word count up to 48K, my biggest draft ever. But then my book decided to be moody and I started seeing a lot of problems and errors of continuity. So, I decided to halt progress and start the editing process.

2. Start researching building the author platform.

Oops. I forgot about this goal. *facepalm*

3. Record more vlogs with Lia, and edit them. 

Lia and I recorded 3 vlogs in the week's time that I visited with her. But due to personal struggles, I put off editing those vlogs until later.

Hmm, well, that could have gone better....what about the yearly goals?

1. Finish The White Rose - and have it ready for betas by May at the earliest.

The White Rose ended up jumping the editing gun - instead of waiting for betas like it was supposed to, I decided to forge ahead with the first round of edits. I grew disgusted with just how messy my first draft was, so I decided to write my second draft before I do the beta call. With the help of my alphas, I'm now creating a new plot outline, and I will be drafting the second draft during NaNo this year.

4. Eliminate another 10 movies from the To-Watch list.

I finally made some progress on this yearly goal!! Lia and I consulted "The List" and went through several movies in the 7 days that I visited her. They included:
  1. Wonder Woman
  2. The Last Jedi
  3. How to Train Your Dragon 1
  4. How to Train Your Dragon 2 
  5. How to Train Your Dragon 3
  6. State Fair 
  7. An Affair to Remember 
  8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 1

We also watched an extra movie called Falling Inn Love, but we're not counting that here. We're only two movies away from this goal!!!

Well now that September has been mused on enough, what will October bring?

October Goals:

1. Make the chapter outline for TWR
2. Finish the remaining draft posts
3. Finish alpha-reading 2 friend's drafts before NaNo
4. Do the Preptober prompts

And so that ends this wrap-up! Who is ready for the pumpkin spice and apple dishes? I sure am! 

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. YOU WATCHED THE LAST JEDI!!!! What do you think of it???? Oh, and The How to Train Your Dragon movies are so good! Do you have a favorite?

    1. I actually liked it! Still not a Reylo shipper by any means - I don't have much hope for Kylo to be redeemed. But the storyline was pretty good. All I can say is that Rey had better not turn to the Dark Side. If she does, I'll throw a fit.

      Ahhhh, how do I even choose??? I mean, I liked all of them for varying reasons but they're kinda all mashing together in my head....probably because we binged watched all three in one afternoon....
      but #HICCSTRID. They're adorable.

    Ahh, yes; Alpha\Beta reading is SO MUCH FUN. <33 I love it.
    YES FOR FALL THOUGH!!! <333 It's my favorite time of year. XP I hope you have an amazing October friend!

    1. YASSSSS. HTTYD is on my to-buy list now :)

      I do too :) This month I picked up one outside of my normal genre and it's really interesting so far!

      I hope you do as well, MEM!

  3. Oh wow, you got through a lot of movies and books at your sister's place, it sounds like you had a fun time! :D Have a wonderful October!

    1. Yes indeed! We had a wonderful time :)

      You as well! Sounds like Spring has finally sprung for you, and I'm glad!

  4. I actually just had my first pumpkin spice beverage EVER. So, I strongly dislike coffee, so I went through life with this "missing out on all the seasonal flavor stuff but at least there's apple cider for fall and mint hot coco for winter" attitude

    But then I discovered STEAMERS which are basically hot frothy milk with the same flavoring they put in coffee. So now I got a pumpkin spice steamer and it was okay. I mean, not AMAZING, but not bad either. Like, okay, it's cool, but why the obsession?

    1. Really?? I love pumpkin pie, so I would imagine that it would have that sort of flavor. I've never really had any pumpkin spice things other than that.

      I guess people like the taste of pumpkin pie?? We're getting our fall menu stuff and there are around 10 items that are pumpkin flavored...breads, desserts and yes coffee stuff.

  5. Great post! I love when bloggers do like, a splurge of random, only vaguely related subjects like this. I think it really gives a good idea of what they're personality and interests are uwu

    I've only watched the first How to Train Your Dragon, but I've seen so many memes about the third one..

    1. Haha, thanks! I relate the personal stuff in my other blog, Working by Candlelight. It saves repetition.

      The next two movies are excellent and I reccomend them highly 😁

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful September. And that's awesome that you finally watched Wonder Woman! What did you think of it? I personally liked it, and the Greek mythological elements in it, I just wish the gods (besides Ares) came into the plot more other than having the *spoilers* scene where they were killed off by Ares. *end spoilers*

    Also your not the only one who is editing right now, currently I am at the point of editing (with lots, and lots of rewriting) one of my first Fantasy novels. And I wish you best luck with editing your novel!

    1. I did!
      I personally liked it, only because they softened the feminism. I personally am not much of a fan of Greek mythology, but it worked for this story...sort of.

      Oh good luck to you on that! And thank you Quinley!

  7. Wow you watched a variety of movies ... what did you think of them all??

    And how did you have time to read that many books while visiting a friend? I'm lucky to read a single book in a month when I'm not with friends ;p


    1. I really liked almost all of them - Falling Inn Love was the major exception (it was just cheesy, really).

      See, Lia was at work for a couple of days, and so I was left in the house for several hours at a time...and she left her bookshelf open. And I am a fast reader, LOL.

  8. Love the Last Jedi, it's probably my favorite Star Wars movie!

    1. I definitely liked it a lot myself! The dynamics between the characters was the best :)


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