Awkward And Awesome: Editing a Novel with Two Competing Premises

I come from the cave to give you this gem of a post, the recipe of which I have stolen from my alpha MK *shhhh, don't tell her*.

Please enjoy as I go to wrestle further with the bear...I mean, The White Rose....


- The plotlines snarl tremendously.

- Character development is nil

- Plot threads are picked up and dropped without any rhyme or reason whatsoever

- Did I mention that character development is NIL?

- You write 61k words of a story that goes absolutely NO WHERE.

- You leave yourself exceptionally confused and constantly consulting the roadmap of the plot (the snarled one, in case you've forgotten).

- You have meaningful world-building that cannot be used except if you keep that 2k thread that means absolutely nothing to the story.

- Your word count keeps racking up and racking up to the point where you wonder what kind of a monster have you unleashed.

- Editing at the pace of a turtle....because your muse is so done with the project that she's ready to explode.


- The scenes are not nearly as choppy as they were before.

- There is a lot more action rather than just a load of talking

- I still catch myself laughing at Karsten's antics

- Janina is getting more "screen time", which is a dreadful relief considering the fact that she is the protagonist after all.

- That you readers have such an interest. If it wasn't for that, this draft would have been thrown out weeks ago.

Seriously - that last line is heartfelt. As Lia and MK know, I've been pulling my hair out with this draft and have long since wanted to dump it in the nearest pond never to be seen again.

As of right now, the story is at the halfway mark. I think. However, there are more scenes written in this second half so we shall see if it will go faster now that there isn't as much to draft...

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!! *hugs* Editing is so hard, but you can do this. <3

    Also, that point about the main character FINALLY getting some more screen time is too relatable. XD

    1. *gratefully receives hugs* Needed that.

      UGH YES. I couldn't believe how little she was actually there. My side characters got more time than she did...including her love interest.....

  2. YES YES YES YOU'RE HALFWAY THERE THAT'S SO AWESOME!!! -standing ovation- <33

    1. *bows* it is indeed an accomplishment. Thank you MEM!

  3. Dont worry, I wont tell MK. Mums the word ;)
    And Karsten's antics will ALWAYS be amazing!


    1. I thank you for your secrecy, LOL. I knew I wanted to write a post about my editing struggles but it was turning into a rant and that's no fun. So thanks for leaving that recipe out, I 'preciate it.

      MEEEEP - he's currently in a bush right now, trying to help with the wooing. How Ealdread hasn't killed him yet is beyond me.


  4. I feel called out, the you write 61K and it goes absolutely nowhere. Yup!

    1. Sorry! That was not my intention. If anyone be called out, it is most certainly me. That plot, I swear, is the biggest mess of a plot that I have ever written.

    2. No don't apologize I meant it in a humorous way. As in I definitely relate, all of my drafts are a mess too. XD

    3. Oh glad I'm not the only one. I swear, these drafts are getting messier and messier and I'm not sure I like it.

  5. For this is the time for the muse to rebel,
    and think
    Only of some grand, new story
    and new worlds of ink...

    *sighs* Muses just don't behave at the beginning of the year, do they...? My sympathies, friend... Well, you have my unconditional support for little Janina so long as there is still work to be done!

    1. *sighs with you* NO KIDDING. Thank you my dear friend :). I hope that I can work with you a little more today or tomorrow :)

      (that's a beautiful poem, by the way)


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