Introducing....Soul Sisters!

Hey everybody,

I'm just dropping in to announce that (thanks to a certain sister giving me the kick in the skirt that I WELL deserved), our "podvlogs" have been successfully edited!

Since it's been a while since I've talked about this (except for the passing reference in the monthly goals), I'd better explain what this is all about.

So many of you will recall the joint Ask Us Anything that Lia and I put together back in spring 2019 for our two year blogoversaries. We answered them in a 6 part audio vlog, which is on my YouTube channel, complete with pictures and sarcastic commentary. It's a work of art, I tell you. 

We really enjoyed recording this together and have played around with the idea of potentially doing more of these "podvlogs". Being the spontaneous people that we are, we decided to record three more audio vlogs when I visited her for Labor Day weekend in 2019, with the intention of creating them in the same style as the first one. 

Editing Catherine, who about went squirrely during the last edit job, resisted to her best degree. And in her laziness she ended up losing one of the vlogs because it got so out of date it was no good. But she stepped too far when she hinted that she would scrap the entire goal of editing them in the latest wrap-up.

That's when Lia said to put the vlogs up unedited.

Horrified, Editing Catherine got her act together and finished both vlogs in one afternoon (talk about productivity).

But it didn't feel right for them to be just....vlogs.

Lia and I have been talking about doing an official podcast together for quite a while now. And while we don't have any kind of schedule, we felt that this was as good of a start as we'll ever have.

And so, I give you the first episode of.....

Soul Sisters.

If there are two words that perfect sum up Lia and I's relationship, it is these. It's cute, punchy, attention-grabbing, and it's

The only downside is that we're keeping the videos on the shorter side until we can get things a little more material (i.e a reason to verify the channel).

So we've got this one, and the other episode will be published next week! Hope you guys enjoy!

Scribbingly yours,


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