Tolkein Blog Party Tag 2021!!

2:50 PM


Greetings from the Hobbit Cave! 

Of course, I fully intended for this post to go out yesterday. Which was still quite late for the actual Hobbit Day. Alas, epic travel plans involving trolls and elves thoroughly wrecked that schedule. 

But I am here now, ready to celebrate the 9th Tolkien Blog Party hosted by Hamlette @ Edge of the Precipice! I must admit that it has been a shamefully long time since I participated in this lovely party involving my very favorite fantasy universe. But if nothing else, then I shall participate in the tag at least!

(dear me, it has been quite a long time since I did one of those too...yikes!)

1. Aragorn: Favorite Tolkien hero/heroine

Ahem. Anyone who has been following this blog for any length of time knows very well who my favorite heroine is. 

And for those who are new, I shall give you a hint. She's not an elf. That should narrow it down quite nicely for you. 

2. Boromir: Favorite Tolkien character arc

I have to say that Eowyn's arc is my favorite, followed by Aragon. Eowyn's story is so like my own...I really should write a separate post about that. 

3. Frodo: Favorite song or poem by Tolkien

I'm going to go with song, rather than poem. 

For me, it is The Song of Beren and Luthien. Obviously, I love the whole story of Beren and Luthien, but this song is so sweet and romantic. 

Of course, I may be swayed by Clamavi de Profundis's take on it. Which, by the way, if you don't subscribe to their channel, you should. They do such a great job with Tolkein's songs. 

4. Gandalf: Favorite wise Tolkien quotation

"Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger." 

Thank you, Goodreads quote widget, for saving my skin.  

5. Gimli: A Middle-earth location you'd like to visit


Sorry, not sorry. I would love to see all the places, but Rohan....Rohan, man. The wild beauty of it just makes me feel at home. 

6. Legolas: Favorite Middle-earth Weapon

Um, well? I like the swords of Middle Earth like Anduril and Eowyn's sword (which I don't think is named?), and Orcist and Glamdrag but...there is something about STING that is very attractive to me. Don't know why. But I get excited when Sting is brought forth. 

7. Merry: Favorite way to celebrate Tolkien's stories

It was originally reading the books. But now I'm incorporating the Peter Jackson movies in there. Eventually, I would like to branch out into the food side of things, like the cakes and the breakfasts but you can keep the mushrooms. 

8. Pippin: Favorite funny Tolkien quotation

“Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?” - Bilbo Baggins

Okay, my male kindred are infamous for doing this sort of double-talking at the dinner table. They take full advantage of the puns, and all the wrinkles of the English language and twist a simple thing into heathenish unrecongizability. And yes, I am making up that word. 

9. Samwise: A Middle-earth food you'd like to try

....I want to sample the ale at The Green Dragon. Now that my beer tastes have expanded these few years, I'd like to see what it could be compared to: ale, lager, pilsner, porter, whatever. 

That's all for this tag! Now I am curious, which LOTR character are you obsessed with? 

Scribbingly yours, 


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  1. 1 - I'm guessing Eowyn? I don't know, I'm new to your blog.
    2 - I agreed with you here but I don't quite remember what happened to Eowyn.
    3 - I haven't heard this song before, sounds okay but it's not my type of music.
    4 - I wouldn't say that about wizard - isn't like prejudicing people before you meet them? But it's probably true in the Tolkien world.
    5 - Not sure I agreed with you.
    6 - Swords are good weapons especially in that world.
    7- I think I saw several website offering recipes for Lord of the Rings fans
    8- That is a confusing, fun twist of a quote
    9- Not a fan of beer but it might be an interesting experience in taste.

    Have a lovely day.

  2. 1. Ha yes Eowyn of course. My favourite would have to be Faramir, I love him so much. (I also have a sneaking fondness for Eomer.) (I detest Faramir unbelievably in the movies, and I don't like Eomer either.)
    2. She has a great story arc. Actually it might be my favourite. She isn't my favourite character but her arc is fantastic. I also like Merry and Pippin's arc on a milder level, (especially Merry's)
    3. I love the story of Beren and Luthien too!! It is so romantic:-) And yes I love Clamavi de Profundis's take on it. I really like their channel!
    4. That is an interesting Tolkien quotation, not my favourite but... I like so many... too hard to choose XD
    5. Same here! Either Rohan or Gondor! But since they are so close I wouldn't really have to choose... I know! It's wild beauty has a loveliness all its own.
    6. I like Anduril. It is epic.
    7. First reading the books, and then arguing and discussing them with friends.
    8. Oh funny quotes. I like the one you did, but hmmm... I don't know. And yes male kindred. Enough said. XDXD
    9. I have no idea. Maybe a feast in Rohan or Gondor:-)
    God Bless!!


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