NaNoWriMo Week 1 Update

3:38 PM

Hey y'all!

How's everybody's November going? It's been really cold and dreary these past couple of days here at my place, perfect for writing!

Today, I figured I would pop in for a quick moment to update y'all on how my first week of NaNo went. Stay tuned for story snippets from The White Rose!

Thursday, November 1: 

Despite the fact that I have a tradition of not working on the first day of Camp NaNo, I didn't carry the tradition into NaNoWriMo. 

I was simply too excited to start. 

That afternoon, I wrote 1307 words - almost an entire chapter's worth. It was a rather difficult scene to write because of the emotions and conflict that were starting to emerge. No longer was this a bunch of characters having fun. I felt like I was truly seriously writing.   

Here is a snippet:
She reached the pink-flowered tree at the corner and still there was no sign. Magda waited and waited for what seemed like hours to her impatient soul. Just as she turned to go, she felt a finger trace along her shoulder up to her neck.

She turned to him with a smile.

Friday, November 2:

My strong start continued on, with a total word count of 850. I wound up writing those words in a notebook, as I was curled up in bed with nasty period cramps.

I wrote parts of two scenes, one more intense than the other. Because I had pretty much established my characters in the first 15k of the draft, these scenes are much more plot-related. I feel that I can write the rest of this novel with this NaNo.

Here is a snippet:

He waited until the bevy of lads had left the room. There was no pint in competing for her attention with them around - youth will always be attracted to youthful conversation before any other. 

He could hear snickering from the younger men as he entered into the small hall. Exteriorly, he maintained a calm, serious expression; while interiorly, a roar was threatening to emerge. Surely, age does not hinder friendship!

Saturday, November 3:

This day was a rather horrid writing day. I only wrote 151 words.

Saturday is my one and only double-shift day, meaning I work both milking shifts. Usually, at the end of the week, I feel rather exhausted anyway. So, many of the hours that I probably should have used for writing.....I used for sleeping.

Not that I regret that....

Sunday, November 4:

Sunday was also a poor writing day with 166 words. I spent most of the day at church and catching up on blog posts. My muse was pretty much dead anyway, rest was much needed. LOL.

All in all, it was a fairly strong start to my first NaNo! My perfectionist side is rather miffed that I've slipped up on my word count, but the main goal I have for this event is to a) write every day and b) only write new material. Even if that means not making it to my goal of 50k at the end of November.

How bout y'all? How did your first week of November (or NaNo) go? 

Scribblingly yours,


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  1. Sounds like a great start, Catherine! Congratulations! Ooh those snippets are wonderful. I love your handle on a more distant POV--my very favorite. :)

    I may just have to steal the idea of updates with snippets...

    Happy NaNoing!

  2. My NaNo is going well. :) And I LOVE the snippets, Catherine.
    -Quinley (Tes)

  3. Sounds like you had a great start, Catherine! I agree - for some reason I struggled writing over the weekend too. Maybe I work better when I’m stressed. ;)

    Good luck in the coming weeks!

  4. Well, for the first bit of NaNo, sounds like you're getting off swimmingly! Having fun so far?

  5. First of all, THOSE SNIPPETS ARE AMAZING!!! I can't wait until you publish this book so I can read it :PP

    My Nano has been going pretty well! I got behind one day but I managed to catch up :D


  6. You are doing great Catherine! I didn't write yesterday at all and I still have to get something in today... (I was reading the PDF that you sent me....)

    Thanks for the snippets! :)

  7. Well done, girlie! That's a great start! Sleep is a MUST. And I love the snippets!!!

  8. Hmm. I keep thinking about doing nanowrimo, but my brain is so fried by this time of the year. It'd be cool to see how quickly I could write a book...

    Slaughter the perfectionist!
    Give yourself grace.
    And you wouldn't sleep if you didn't need to, so begone with the 'should have';)

    I only say these things because I very much can relate.

    I hope your second week is going well!

    1. 'Very hard to slaughter something that ingrained into you for years' - Ugh. That's all I can say.

  9. AAAH for ALL THE SNIPPETS. THEY ARE AMAZING. <333 Congrats on all your words so far!!! My WC isn't doing fantastic...but I am having fun. XD


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