About The Rebelling Muse

How Did The Rebelling Muse Come to Be? 

This blog was born because of a late-night spur of the moment decision on the night of February 16, 2017. Never in my life did I think that I would share my precious babies with the world, but they insisted. 

When I started my first blog, then known as Frugally Fancy, it was with a purpose. I had a lot of personal experiences in my life's journey that I felt that people could enjoy and learn from. I had started creating potential posts ever since my late high school days and finally gathered the courage to put them to the world in November 2016 at the repeated urging of my best friend. None of those posts were ever related to my writing. I didn't think my writing was good enough to be seen by anyone. 

In the relatively short time that I had been blogging, I found that I really enjoy it. It's really encouraging to see people share my ideas around the globe. 

But around late January into the beginning of February 2017, I start feeling really, really restless. Because my muse was not satisfied with my non-fiction or even my personal writings. Frugally Fancy started to feel rather confining, instead of being the release that it had been before. 

It turns out, I wasn't releasing enough. 

Ever since I can remember I have always been fascinated by stories. God also decided to bless me with a very vivid and emotional imagination. He also gave me the talent of writing, and sent numerous teachers and friends to help me refine it. For that, I give Him much credit and thanksgiving for. 

My imagination started creating worlds when I was little, but I truly started writing fiction when I was in middle school. I write simply because.....I enjoy it, a lot. And besides....somebody's gotta do something with all these blasted plot bunnies running loose in here.

I've always had a very rebellious muse, influenced by my terrible habit of daydreaming all the time. It tends to distract me from my work, disturb my sleep, make me an absolute fool (especially when the ramblings exit my mouth....), and causes me to have unnecessary worry and anxiety. Lately, it's been running a-muck and ignoring my muse has not been working very well.

Hence my writing muse could be considered uncooperative, annoying, and funny. It longs to get away into the realm of fantasy or another time. It works when it wants to, and not when it doesn't want to (and often when it works is when I can't handle it). It never listens to me (though it's getting better). It's like having a rebellious teenager in my head. 

There really was only one thing to do: harness it for good, and get these crazy creatures out of my head once and for all. 

 I plan to use this blog as, first and foremost, a platform to further my own fiction writing. I will also use it as a base to share my love of books and movies, as well as advocate for the Rebellious Writing movement (which is a cause very near and dear to my heart). 

If you would like to know my full writing backstory, please click here.



  1. Your story sounds so awesome! “It’s like having a rebellious teenager in my head.” Haha, totally relatable! It’s so cool that God gives us talents like writing. I’m glad you decided to start blogging!


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