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Hello all! 

As a writer, I have a whole slew of plot bunnies just hopping around. I reference a lot of them in my blog posts, and I realized that even I couldn't keep them straight. Hence I decided to compile a list of descriptions of all of the stories that I've referenced here. 

All covers shown are mock covers created by myself. They are subject to being replaced by more professional covers in the near future. 

So, what has my muse been playing with? 

Novella WIPs

"Shattered Chandelier"

Jessamine and Kestrel are two struggling actresses that end up at the West Side Theater with a small theater trope playing Phantom of the Opera. Jessamine ends up with the lead part and gets to play opposite of the two best actors - Eric Gerard and William Coulter. What happens when the love triangles start moving off-stage

Theme: A Phantom of the Opera fanfiction that plays with role reversal and behind-the-scenes drama. 

Notes: One of those stories that magically appeared during school hours. This story draft is currently on Wattpad, which you can view HERE

"Rose of Culmore"

It is 1844 in County Leitram Ireland and John Callahan has lost his crops to the cursed blight for two years too long. Desperate to escape the pain of losing the family farm and half of his family, he moves north to Derry with his friends, the McAndrews brothers, to find work. 

He finds the solace he craves in an unlikely place - a small port town called Culmore. 

During one of the village dances, he becomes fascinated with a black-haired lass named Rose O'Neill. But...Rose is bound for America and wants nothing to do with John. Can he change her mind?

Theme: Re-telling of the traditional song "The Maid of Culmore"
Notes: I've hyped this one on the blog a lot, and then was forced to table it in Spring 2017. I've now got an ongoing version HERE on Wattpad. 

"Hidden Seeds" 

Eirwen’s core is slowly rotting…..
From infancy, she has only desired to be a good and kind queen to her people of Glywysing. But a scandalous marriage by her widowed father sows seeds of anger in her heart. An anger that, in a kingdom about to rebel and a castle full of scarred hearts, could be advantageous or disastrous.
When a hunting party trip turns deadly, Eirwen is forced to flee into a decaying orchard. But she doesn’t leave those invisible seeds behind….

Themes: interior anger v. meekness, A Welsh retelling of Snow White. 
Notes: Reinvention of a previous WIP, The Apple in the Snow. Also was previously known as Seeds of an Orchard Invisible, and still may be referred to by it's own acronym SOI.  

Novel WIPs 

The White Rose 

A passing fancy becomes the heart’s trajectory…..

Princess Magdalena has long coveted the honor of being the Blue Star of Duventoliel – the designation of being a royal maiden fit for marriage. She dreams of a fairy tale ending – but how to find the prince of her dreams among so many dashing young men?

Her sister Princess Janina is on the threshold of her own maidenhood, and she couldn’t be happier. At last, she can be trusted with more responsibilities! But as she assists her sister in the preparations for the coming Karala Games, she cannot help but look forward to her own marriage tournament....

But mere days before the Games are set to begin, a tragic scandal rocks the royal family…

Thrust into the marriage market at a tender age, Janina must learn to keep her wits about her in the midst of sisterly jealousy, foreign sabotage, a persistent pair of matchmakers….and a dear old friend who patiently looks from afar.

Themes: character development, love and maturity has no age

Notes: Partially based off of my great-grandparent's romance, Pippa of Lauramore and Marcia Schuyler. It's also a "backstory" to From the Cave, as it tells the story of Conlaoch's parents. 

From the Cave

Gail is an ordinary teenage techie junkie. When her parents insist on her taking a camping vacation, she is not at all pleased. But when a storm breaks and she is forced into a cave for shelter, her phone is whisked away to Aistaraina...wherever that is.

With the portal suddenly closed, Gail is forced to adapt to her new surroundings. As she becomes accustomed to Aistaraina's way of life, she becomes aware of several races of creatures. Creatures that seem harmless but Gail suspects of having dark motives. 

When the children of Aistaraina start showing signs of mysterious disease, Gail is determined to find the cause. What she doesn't know is that she has been lured to Aistaraina...and her tempter is coming for her....   

Themes: the good and the bad of technology in a fantasy setting.
Notes: This is definitely one of my favorite WIPs. My first BP post was dedicated to Gail. I've also dedicated a "Meet the Books" post to this work. 

Fair Winds
Sassy Devil: 

Ciara Arlen has been ostracized by her community for as long as she can remember - her parents deaths are the final straw to the gossip fire. Anxious to run away from her past, she and her younger sister Grace take up an offer to live with their uncle in America - rashly starting before her uncle's escort can arrive to ensure their safety.

Upon reaching Portsmouth, they meet a stranger with promises to help them reach their uncle's ship. Little did the girls know that they were walking straight into a trap - set by pirates with a grudge against their uncle.

So when another, much more charming and handsome, stranger, attempts to help them escape, Ciara doesn't know what to think. Does she blend into the pirate crew for survival, or does she throw caution to the wind again in an attempt to extradite herself from them?

Themes: many aspects of femininity, dangers of gossip
Notes: "Sassy Devil" is the first of two volumes of my novel, Fair Winds. This is my only completed first draft! It still needs expansion/editing, quite badly. My second BP post was dedicated to Ciara and Grace's parents, Leo and Jacinta.

Fallen Angel:

After running away again, Ciara Arlen has struck out alone in a stolen ship. With the British navy after her, she has little choice left but to head for the Caribbean islands in hopes of gaining a crew. 

After a storm throws her onto the island shore of Moreno with little strength left, she is ready to give herself up for lost forever. A native girl - and her extensive tribe - soon force a change of outlook. 

Just as Ciara is gaining her confidence back, she spots a British flag on the horizon....and her former lover Colin Raeburn on the beach. Will she run away again, or will she finally repair the bridges that she tried to burn? 

Notes: "Fallen Angel" is the second volume to Fair Winds. The plot bunny for this story was created before Sassy Devil, but I had grown very enamored with this poor little captainness named Ciara Arlen. So I created her backstory first. A climatic scene was written into the post, The Ocean, She Plays.

Plain and Simple Truth
John Stamford has been lied to - lied to about his inheritance and his new fiancee. Striking out on his own in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, he finds employment and tries to build a life for himself from scratch.   

Katherine Morgan is an ordinary Amish girl, about to commit to being baptized into the Amish church. When she meets the Catholic boy that is working her neighbor's farm, she thinks nothing of first.  

Themes: lying and truth, old-fashioned vs. modern, 
conversion story 
Notes: This is a relic from my high school days that is being replotted. A new POV has been added, new conflicts (instead of just the plain conversion story...*facepalm*). 


Ancora Spei

An Eastern Rite Catholic teacher from Syria. 
A Norvus Ordo Catholic from England. 
A couple from Norway that are organic farmers. 
A Traditional Catholic wife from America. 

All visit the Refuge State of Ancora Spei at the same time. What do they find?

Theme: Catholic society, world-building

Notes: As part of a school project, I have to create my version of a utopia. It has started to blossom into a full novel idea, besides a huge exercise in world-building. This is also the first time I've experimented with a 2+ POV story, so we'll see how it goes. 

Wow, that is a lot. And that's not counting all the rest of the plot bunnies I have in the many binders and notebooks that I have lying around. Better get cracking, muse!



  1. Wow! You have a lot of story ideas! They are all sounding so good! I think on of my top favorites is the behind-the-scenes Phantom of the Opera one!

    1. This is not counting all of the plot bunnies and other tabled stories that are lurking in notebooks or on my phone somewhere.

      I have some scenes written for Shattered Chandelier, I'll have to dig it out again sometime.

      So glad you liked them!


  2. I love reading about your stories!:)
    My favorite is "The apple in the snow"
    It sounds like a amazing snow white retelling!:)

    1. In the state that it's in rightnow, its more of an amazing convoluted mess...


  3. Wow, O_O, those all look like amazing stories! But, I dare say that the Phantom of the Opera one looks very interesting...

    1. Forgive my late reply, but thank you Cecilia! As soon as SOI is finished, I'll have to revisit that story.

  4. Wow - I can't believe I didn't read this before. These all sounds so good! Shoot me a comment whenever they get published, and I'll know what to do with my spending money! ;)

    1. Awww, thank you Belle!! I will, most definitely!


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