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Greetings from the cave!! 

So I've been really considering stealing this post idea from the creator, Julian Daventry @ Saver of Memories (her post HERE). But before I could put my complicated master thiefery plan into action, I was given it by Sarah Rodecker @ Pen of a Ready Writer (her post HERE). She was one of my beta readers for The White Rose recently and was dying of curiosity to see how a certain jokester (who, if I'm not careful, will have his own fan club before the blasted book is even published....) would react in quarantine. I sincerely hope that he won't disappoint, LOL.

Janina - Has a lot more work to do at the orphanage since the schools closed. Texts and emails her friends every couple of days to see how they're getting on. Has now started a poetry blog. Works to keep her family's spirits up by acting out plays and organizing game/movie nights.

Alvilda - Uses the long hours to finally catch up on the very many sewing projects she has and ends up adding many more. Watches movies and listens to a lot of audiobooks to occupy her mind. Rather enjoys it for a few weeks, but the strained tempers of certain family members and her inability to go to Mass finally start getting to her. Has picked up piano-playing again.

Magda - Refuses to use hand sanitizer because it dries out her hands. Has read the same romance novel six times. Is showing off her embroidered gloves and her brightly patterned masks on her Instagram. Keeps checking the news for updates because she so bored out of her mind.

Orla - Is learning how to homeschool her children, even though they are younger than preschool. Has sewn masks for the family - though the baby keeps pulling his off in the store. Maintains the 6-foot distance religiously. Shortages in the store cause her to take up bread-making again.

Tobias - Is an essential worker who is slowly killing himself with overwork. Is getting super annoyed with the slogans "We're all in this together" and "Stay Safe, Stay Home". Believes every single article implicating China. Participates in political rallies to open up businesses.

Leon - Been working non-stop to take care of his fellow seminarians, who all managed to get the virus, while fighting it off himself. Is learning multiple languages on Duolingo and practices them with Tobias. Thinks it's a great time to start slogging through the Summa Theologica but hasn't made the plunge yet. Still waiting for those backordered Rosary parts from Italy. 

Queen Carina - Keeps hearing from citizens of the economic hardships they are facing and is furious. Coordinates field hospital units in large cities. Pleads to free stockpiles and for those out of work to go into essential businesses. Secretly wishes her grandchildren could come and visit her.

King Reijo - Listens carefully to all the medical precautions and follows them to the letter. Has a bottle of hand sanitizer and a mask on his person, if not actively in use. Actively supports the development of a vaccine and other preventative medicines. Leaves many decisions to the local authorities.

Ealdread - Would take it super seriously for a couple of weeks. Slashes taxes and loan payments to ease citizen's minds but feels like he should do much more. Constantly worries that he's an asymptomatic carrier. Video chats with Janina every night - he loves it when she reads her poetry. 

Karsten - Buys into the panic and manages to get three whole cases of toilet paper stockpiled before the stores run out. Started a "pandemic diary" YouTube channel, and reached 100k subscribers almost immediately. Writes silly quarantine songs for Alvilda to play on the piano. Tried to get Ealdread to play chess with him through Zoom and failed epically.

Arnor - Sneaks family members into nursing homes. Is highly disturbed that his hair is long enough to curl at the ends. Drops off food drive donations to the orphanage for Janina. Keeps getting tested to make sure that he doesn't have the virus.

Citlali - Sticks to his homopatheic medicines and hopes for the best. Tries to entice Moriana to join him on a walk in the woods. Willingly eats all of Kantuta's experiments in cookery, each more spicy than the last. Races young horses with Naira and Amaru to keep the latter two from killing each other.

Kayode - Is thoroughly disgusted with the clergy's panicked and overly scrupulous response and writes voluminous letters to dioceses about how their preventative measures are indeed sacrilegious. Coordinates with traditional priests to conduct secret Masses and Confessions. Has put in a large garden in his backyard and is considering getting some small livestock. Volunteers to work to maintain and build structures at a local convent.

Lord Pasco - Has probably gained at least 15lbs since start of QT, with all the stress eating of desserts and ice cream he's been doing. Goes grocery shopping for Lord Corentin, who is holed up in his house with mask, protective suit and gallons of cleaners. Patiently listens to Lord Judoc's political rants over the phone every week and may add a comment or two himself. Finds that his unemployment benefits are higher than his regular salary and isn't sure what to think about it.

Chan Zhi - Was super upset about the closing of the restaurants and the bars, but then discovered he could hold secret parties at his house. Finds out that curbside pickup of alcohol is not a good idea.  Painted a red and gold dragon mural on one wall, and a thousand proverbs on another. Has been binge-buying ridiculous things off of Amazon.

Osgierr - Steadfastly denies that there is any pandemic going on, even with growing reports of his citizens getting infected. Is still trying to figure out how to unmute the sound on Zoom. Absolutely refuses to wear a mask anywhere, even at risk of starvation. Secretly sends money to anarchist groups.

Haisthilt - is probably the cause of the pandemic in the first place. Constantly picks fights with other people on social media. May or may not been looting stores. Spends the rest of his time bingewatching stuff he shouldn't be.

The Re-Tag 

MK @ Sarcastic Scribblings, with the cast from Capes, Coffee Shops and Cake. Or The Hedgehog King. Or both.

Megan Chappie @ The Pen and the Cross, with the cast from either The Ingram Flyers or The Space Opera. Whichever will be more disasterous.

Belle Anne @ Worlds of Ink and Paper, with whatever cast of characters she's working on at the moment.

Emily @ The Ones That Really Matter, with either Trently/Jynnia or the cast from her new WIP Roots to Claim.

AND....anyone else looking for an absolute fun character-building post :)

Your turn to chat! How are your characters reacting to quarantine? How are YOU reacting to quarantine? Tell me all about it in the comments below! 

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. OH MY GLORIOUS HEAVENS. This was HILARIOUS. At the point where we got to Karsten I just gave up trying to hold it together and laughed until I had tears in my eyes. I can TOTALLY see ALL of them acting in exactly these ways.

    Tobias slowly killing himself with overwork. Um, yes, that's Tobias.

    And LEON. Still waiting for backordered rosary parts and procrastinating on reading the Summa?? That's grand.

    Ealdread would definitely worry about being a carrier, of course. And I want to follow Janina's poetry blog, please?

    Also, Arnor my son.

    I think it's too late to stop Karsten from having his own fan club. It's already a well-established entity, if an underground grassroots movement.

    And eeeh you tagged me, thank you thank you! (I'm totally going with the CSO characters. Utter chaos, here we come.)

  2. This is PERFECT!!! I had so much fun reading it!!

    Also, I agree with the above comment: Karsten already has a fan club and I am the president, thank you very much.

  3. "Is learning multiple languages on Duolingo"
    If this isn't me, LOL

  4. i started this like "hmm which one will be most like me?" Its Karsten, i would 100% also do what he is doing. ALSo i laughed unbearably hard and fell off my bed.

  5. I LOVE ALL OF THIS OKAY. Tobias's made me snort aloud, and Karsten's is PERFECTION. :D (and I’m fairly certain Alvilda and I would get along well in quarantine - we do all the same stuff XD) Now excuse me while I go write these for all my characters. ;)

  6. Haha, I love Citlali... And Chan Zhi… And all of them, really.
    Thanks for the tag!

  7. THIS. WAS. PERFECT. X"D X"D I love it.

  8. This is brilliant!!!! Great job!!

  9. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. What a fun tag, and your characters' reactions are fantastic. xD Thanks so much for the tag!

  10. Love that the last character is probably responsible. XD


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