2021: A Year of Exciting...Stalling and Setbacks?

9:44 PM


Greetings from the cave! 

2022 is only a few hours away, hard that it is to believe. I feel like 2021 has not gone that fast, but not that slow either. I feel like in 2021, I was starting to regain myself after the weird year of 2020. Even still, it has been in baby steps. 

I think the best part of 2021 was slowly getting back into the blogosphere. Taking part in tags, blog parties, and seeing blogging buddies in person was really fun. 

I think the largest disappointment has been the slow progress in which The White Rose edits have been taking place. I had hoped that I would be a lot further ahead, but I suppose I didn't figure on how much effort that grad school was going to take. 

This year, I have also grown to really like Instagram. I will admit that I am more addicted to consuming things on Instagram than I have been creating content for it. But my page has had some steady growth (now over 500 followers!). Blogging has also sort of come back. My personal blog has also been "professionalized" in the same footprint as this blog, and it has made me feel much better. This year, also, I have been consuming a lot of books, movies, podcasts, and music. My physical library has grown wonderfully.  

The new projects which I have been playing with - the Femininity from Scratch podcast, The Wade Girl screenplay, among other things - have excited me. However, many of them are stalled for now because of lack of time. Others have had setbacks, such as my master's degree (which is being delayed a semester). This, I suppose, is the curse of the overachiever - the wish to do everything but be limited by humanity's limits. Right now also, I seem to seesaw between the creator and the consumer. This year is definitely one of the consumer variety. 

I must admit that I am disappointed in how little progress I have made in my goals. So much so, that I have left them off in the last few months of this year. I think I had made too many of them. 

Clearly, I must do something different in order to regain some sort of discipline over myself. Therefore in 2022, I will limit myself to TWO projects, one for each blog. The project for this blog will be TWR EDITS. For I am determined to at least recoup my investment on this project.

As for the other blog...I have a couple of options. The most likely will be the Femininity from Scratch podcast, but I have also been toying with finishing the Wool project, and also making some YouTube videos with my hammered dulcimer. Of course, I may combine them into one huge goal...anyway, I will have to think about it. 

Anyway, there is also one other goal that I will go public with: Going to Realm Makers!! It's in Atlantic City in 2022, which makes it much closer to home. I cannot WAIT to meet my fellow bloggers. That will probably mean a cosplay will be in the works in a month or so...

I am excited to see what the new year will bring. I don't expect much because I still have another year of graduate school left. But maybe, just maybe....this will be the year

Have a happy new year, everyone! 

Scribbingly yours, 


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  1. Happy new year!! This was a weird one, wasn't it. I feel like it started off with so much optimism in a worldwide sense and really didn't end that way. Fortunately, I'm a bit of a realist, and didn't let myself get too excited, haha.

    "Right now also, I seem to seesaw between the creator and the consumer. This year is definitely one of the consumer variety. " You put this really simply but WOW do I ever relate. That's like my core internal struggle. I tend to also try and do ALL THE THINGS and burn out, so I'm definitely the sort of person who feels guilt for consuming because it's "wasting time".

    In 2020 to the first half of 2021, I ended up so burnt out that I left my social media / commentary writing "job" ENTIRELY, so this past 6 months or so has consisted of me rediscovering what I love about writing, sharing, and content creating in general.

    Here's hoping 2022 is more balanced.

  2. Well, I'm sorry TWR has been misbehaving, haha, but the blog looks splendid! Glad to hear you're making some headway with other platforms as well! Best of luck with writing this year!

  3. Happy New Year! Hope you get to go to Realm Maker's it's so much fun.

  4. Hello Catherine! (It's me, who has always thought of checking out this blog but never has... oh well. Now's the time!)

    Happy new year, and I know I'm late, but I don't really care about when I comment. (I would (and have) commented on extremely old posts, and I always stick around, even if I phase out for months. ;) )

    Have a lovely year,



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