Update on the Muse (II)

4:56 PM

*pant pant pant*

I finally have a chance to BREATHE! 

Seriously, guys. It's been that bad. 

I've literally gone non-stop for the past two weeks, running here and there and everywhere to get ready for my summer job...which happens to be over 300 miles away from home. 

Now that I'm finally settled into my room, I can actually do stuff....like breathe LOL. 

My muse has been very gracious to me during this time of absolute chaos. No plot bunnies, no being up in the middle of the night, no characters whispering in my ear, nothing! 

Now, for poor little "Rose of Culmore". 

I had the whole plot outlined. Got some of the beginning written. But that's as far as I got. 

The thing is....I'm stuck. 

Anybody got any good spurning stories that they might be willing to share? I need reason(s) that a girl would spurn a boy for, and for the boy to keep pursuing her (across oceans even). My MCs refuse to bow to interrogation and observation has not worked either. I'm coming up blank. 

Come to think of it, any resources for writing romantic plotlines would be appreciated. That's one thing that I come up short on. 

Scribblingly yours, 


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  1. Wow, sounds like you were pretty busy! As for the romantic plot...hmmmm. Is the girl spurning him for personal reasons, political, or social? It could be interesting to explore which ones and cause tension. I'm not too great at romance sorry! XD Have you searched romantic writing prompts on Pinterest? They can have some pretty cool stuff there! :)

  2. Sounds like life has been keeping you on your toes! :P
    And I don't have a lot of experience writing romance books, I've only written one book with a romantic subplot. In it, my main character is a prince and his romantic interest is a peasant girl, who scorns him for being arrogant and out of touch with the needs of his people. Then later she falls in love with him, but he realizes that they could never be because of social standings, so he pulls away. And then later they confess their love right before she dies a horrible death of being burned alive, because she got chained to a chair by their captors and she told him to leave her and seek vengeance.
    (As you can see, I've always been extremely evil, even when I was twelve)! XD

  3. Well hello. It appears I have found your marvelous blog! :) And I must say, I am glad to be here.

  4. AAAH I'm pretty new to your blog but it seems really great! I love your title :)

    I hope you break through with your 'block'! Romance is definitely tricky, and I have yet to attempt it. Maybe try checking the weaknesses and strengths of the characters and creating tension with them?

    - andrea at a surge of thunder


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