2:29 PM

*sun rises and shines in the window*

*Eyes 1 and 2 awake*

Eyes: Hey brain. It's Morning. 

Brain: *zap-yawns* You sure, 1 and 2?"

Eyes: Positive.

Brain: *groans*


Brain: THAT GOES FOR YOU TOO, EMOTIONS. much as I would love to have you sleep a little longer...

*all the Bodily Senses shuffle or gallop in to their kind.*

Brain: Everyone here? *counts everyone* Where's Female? 

Stomach: I think she's a little tied up at the moment....

Brain: *groans* I swear, there's always something with Female....

*Brain reorganizes papers and clears throat*

Brain: Ok everyone, morning meeting. Today is DAY 1 of the Weekend, so I've got a long list of things that we all need to pitch in on. Eyes, you've got things to read. Ears, you've got music to listen to and send to me for approval. Feet, be prepped for another day of walking...

Feet: Not again, Brain!!! I've spent the last THREE DAYS doing nothing but walking and standing. Can't I get a break? Like skates or something?

Brain: Can't, I don't have any! You'll have to do without, sorry Feet. 

*Feet 1 and 2 go pout*

Brain: Anyways...where was I? Oh yes! One of the things we need to is to work on is Camp NaNo, so Hands, get ready...

Hands: Already itching to go, Brain!

Brain: Excellent! Now, Muse, what has Eirwen been up to lately? 


Fear: Oh no..don't tell me she's disappeared again! What if she never comes back? I'll be stuck with only 25% of my word goal done by the end of July! The story will never be done by December! AHHHH!! 

Brain: *glares at Fear*. Don't worry, I'll get her. 

*Brain finds Muse staring off into space*

Brain: Muse....

*Muse is still staring*

Brain: HEY MUSE! 

*Muse loses dreamy eye stare and looks languidly at Brain.*

Brain: Eirwen. I haven't heard from her in a day or so. What's going on? 

Muse: Eirwen? 

Brain: YES, EIRWEN. 

Muse: Oh, yes, Eirwen....which WIP would that be again....

Brain: *sigh* "The Apple in the Snow"....

Muse: Ohhh, that Eirwen!!!

Brain: Yeah.....

Muse: Hmm...haven't seen her around. 

Brain: You're supposed to be chronicling her! What have you been doing? 

Muse: Floating. 

Brain: Floating????  

Muse: Yeah..very relaxing, you should try it sometime, Brain. 

Brain: Forget it, I don't relax. 

Muse: Oh well, if you won't relax, then I won't work then! 

Brain: Muse....

Muse: Nope. Not gonna work. 

Brain: Muse, it's a perfect day to chroniclize! No pressing engagement, no work to do, can't you at least try???

Muse. NOPE. I'm just going to float today. 

*Brain slaps his forehead*

Brain: FINE. Be a rebel, if you must. I'll knock out a few more things wh...

Stomach: HEY BRAIN!!!

Brain: Yes, Stomach.....

Stomach: FEED ME. 

Brain: Always demanding, aren't you? 


Brain: FINE. Hands, go dig through the fridge, and see what you can find for lunch. 

*Hands come back with a container of spaghetti*

Stomach: NOT PASTA AGAIN, BRAIN. I'm tired of pasta! And sandwiches. And fruit, and crackers, and cookies! 

Brain: Well, what do you want then??? 

Stomach: How about steak...

Brain: Forget it! I just talked to the Wallet, it says NO. 

Heart: Oh Brain...can't you let him have his steak? 

Brain: Where am I going to cook it? I'm not fighting with thirty million people for an oven, Heart! 

Stomach: BRAIN...

Brain: Eat your Pasta. Teeth will help you. 

*Stomach takes pasta and digests it, grumbling all the while about boring old pasta*

Brain: Well....now that that is taken care of and Muse is still not behaving, I might as well set in motion some plans to go clean and shop for some necessities. Feet, you r-

*Terrible screaming and confusion as Female enters, all bedraggled*

Brain: Goodness me, Female, what-

Female: It's Aunt Flo...she's visiting again....

Bodily Senses: NO NOT AUNT FLO AGAIN...

Brain: Well, it's about time she showed up! She was supposed to arrive...49 hours and 15 minutes ago! What happened? 

Female: She had a dispute with the egg salesman again. 

Brain: Oh. 

Female: Yeah, so she's been giving me a terrible time, and tearing up my house besides. After I just finished redecorating too!  

*Temper comes in cruising, spikes and all*

Temper: Want me to put her in her place, Brain? 

Brain: Goodness, NO, Temper! I've had enough trouble trying to keep you from influencing Hands to strike someone yesterday and Tongue to insult anyone the past couple of days! You and Aunt Flo do enough damage SEPARATELY, I can't imagine the carnage that would occur if you two got TOGETHER. 

*Temper rattles off, none too happy*

Brain: Well, we'll have to do the best we can, but I want to accomplish SOMETHING today! 

Pain Receptors: Ow!!! Pain in Stomach and Head areas, Brain! ow. OW. OW OW OW Brain, do something!!! 

Brain: Female...

Female: She's on a rampage, Brain! Help me!!! 

Brain: Oh heavens, we've been through worse! Hands, get some Advil and some bread. That will placate her. Now, come on everyone, and let's get to doing something! 

Feet: I'm not moving. Female hurts too much. 

Eyes: No way. Pain Receptors in Head are going off. Not looking at a screen, no way no how. 

Muse: *still floating* 

*Brain groans in pure frustration*

Ears: Here's that Welsh music you wanted....  

As you can probably figure out, it's been a wee bit difficult to write recently. Hope you enjoyed this little dialogue sketch! 

Scribblingly yours, 


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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. This was soooo clever! I might have to nab the idea and do something similar...

    And it's RELATEABLE! I'm trying to decide - should I write today, or I should I just read, because reading is easier?

    I should write.

    But I like reading. And the book I'm currently reading is really long.


    We all have our internal conflicts :) Again, this was such a clever post. I loved it!

  2. Love. This. So. Much. This is awesome. You wrote Female pretty well. :)
    Internal conflicts are annoying. I try to never give mine time to even debate writing. If they ever get a hold of that ...
    This was so funny and relateable.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You're welcome! It made me think of Inside Out, but better. :)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Its what your post made me think of. The inner working of the mind and body. I think your post was better than the movie. I really like this type of post. A peek into a person's mind. I'll be doing something kind of similar. A peek into a writer's mind, but using gifs and short videos. I have it set for next Wednesday.

      God bless you! :)

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.



  4. This is so great! I have debates and fights with myself allll the time so I can really relate. XD Love this post! :D

  5. XDD 100% Relatable, that is me all the way right now. Very clever Catherine!

  6. Oh my goodness, I loved this!!! You write very well. :-)

  7. Catherine, I was laughing ssoo much, but at the same time agreeing. This sounds a bit like my day, especially the part where Eyes refuse to look at screen. Feel better soon!

  8. Wow. Just wow. CHAOSSSSSSS But sadly, perhaps a little relatable. lol


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