The 5-Part Writing Special, Part 3: Main Character

12:52 AM

Hello all!

Here I am again, with another new installment of the 5-Part Writing Special!!

Today is a really special day because I will be (properly) introducing my ever so lovely Main Character. Which will make her very happy because I kind of introduced her haphazardly in the first post of this tag which ruffled Her Royal Highness a little. She's not quite used to the democratic ways of America...quite a difference from her home in Duventoliel.

And correct that injustice.....

Introduce your Main Character(s): (Just like a name, and who they are…)

*assumes heraldic voice*


The Champion of the Orphan....

Patroness of the Bards....

and the Blue Star of Duventoliel...

Her Royal Highness,

Princess Janina of the Royal House of Sigurdnir!

*puts off heraldic scroll*

Dear me, that seems a little sparse. Allow me dear readers, to explain further.

So, Janina is the youngest child of King Reijo and Queen Carina Sigurdnir, the youngest of 8 to be exact. Her title Champion of the Orphan is a traditional title to the youngest princess, but she really is devoted to the orphanages in Duventoliel and has direct responsibility over them.

Her title Patroness of the Bards is her own choosing. She loves poetry and so she chooses to support them in the kingdom.

The Blue Star of Duventoliel....ah yes, that was a surprise. That is a title basically denoting her as the next available royal bride of Duventoliel. It is noted by a circlet of silver, with deep blue gems of Elvish origin.

If this was silver, it would be spot on....alas, no images exist of the circlet outside of Duventoliel, so we are forced with a cheap alternative...thanks Pinterest.

How are the goals of the main character and the villain clashing?

Well, the goals of Janina are: to choose a champion wisely, and to prove her maturity and ability to lead a people.

The goals of Magda, the "villian" in this story (who also happens to be her older sister by 4 years), is gain a husband through any cattiness she can. Even though she was to be the Blue Star, she wished to ensnare a man before that time. Unfortunately for her, she gets exposed and caught, of which she blames Janina (in truth, Janina had very little to do with the exposure, she only had a small, but particulary damaging piece of evidence).

Now that she is disgraced and her "deserved" title given to another, she looks to cast her snares like the proverbial harlot - and maybe trip up a fair princess in the process. 

What motivates your MC?

Her personality is a phlegmatic sanguine, so it can be a little difficult to motivate her sometimes. Making people happy is usually the best motivator for her. Her love language is acts of service, so she'll often do little things for others.

What lie does your MC believe in?

The lie that she can still trust her sister Magda. She grapples with a lot of trust issues between her and Magda, especially after Magda is disgraced.

And that her young age (she's only about 15), won't be an obstacle at any point. No one has really discriminated her because of her age before....*shifts eyes*

Random fact: Her favorite flower, and her seal, is a white rose.
Bet you didn't see that coming, LOL.^^

What is one trait the MC disapproves of in his/herself?

Being so young, she still has some childish petulance and habits that she still hasn't put off yet. She also gets really annoyed if she is ignorant in any fashion. Basically any mannerism that would cause suspicion of her being "only a child" is one that she hates....and works to avoid.

What does the MC love about him/herself?

Janina doesn't necessarily love herself or any of her traits....she instead loves the effects that her service to her kingdom generates and that she makes people happy.

For example, Janina leads a Sodality of orphan girls. They do many little services to the churches and shrines in Sidabras, and they grow stronger in their feminine vocations in the meantime. She sees a lot of change (for good) in girl's characters and the benefits it has on the community and she couldn't be happier.

(A Sodality is a young girl's group, devoted to the Blessed Virgin, which strengthens the faith, vocations and fellowship of girls between the ages of 8-18.)

Okay, she does love that she has a talent for making people happy. Better?

What is your MC’s greatest strength and weakness?

Her greatest strength is to dispel tension and mediate between parties, which makes her a great diplomat.

Her weakness is probably her naivety and social inexperience. A rather easy fault to overcome, but one that requires a little embarrasment now and again to do so.

Another random fact that you didn't need to know: This dress (with the exception of the sleeves, the original was without the gossamer fabric and was tighter to the upper arm and stopped at the elbow) is similar to one of the ones that Janina wears to the solemn Karala Games events. I LOVE THE SILVER DRAGONS EMBROIDERED ON IT. It was perfection. If it wasn't 1am right now, I'd squeal.

What does your MC like to do when they’re bored?

Janina will often go on long walks when she isn't busy with her royal, state or personal obligations. She'll often go the creeks surrounding the castle and observe the fish, the birds and the occasional critter that she finds roaming around. As a child, she often climbed into trees to visit birds nests, and even raised a nest full of little songbirds after her brothers ruthlessly killed the parents.

What does the MC look like? (Bonus points for picture)

Janina has rich golden-brown hair (lightens in summer), and it is quite long. Her eyes are a mossy green. A well formed nose and a strong chin give a classic beautiful look about her. She stands about 5'4.

A picture will do better than just words though. Take a look at this "official portrait" I snagged off of Pinterest. In my mind, this is the perfect representation of Janina.

again with the ginormous picture....stupid pixelation. 

How is your MC similar to and different from you?

I'm trying my best NOT to model this Main Character off of myself. All of my other MCs - Ciara, Eirwen, and even Gail - have a distinct part of me in them. Magda (the villian) is actually based somewhat off me in a villian AU situation.

Like Janina, I have long hair, I (was) in a Sodality, and I'm somewhat of a diplomat. And I do like to serve in a cause (maybe a little too much *cough RW cough*)

Janina is different from me in a lot more ways though - I'm the oldest, less innocent, much more melancholic, I'm obviously not a princess, I have different tastes in almost all the arts (music, poetry, etc.), and I do not have the talent of making every person happy either....

And so, that is the Princess Janina, in a nutshell. Be sure to check out the fellow contributors posts, and meet all of their awesome MCs! 

How do you like Janina? Or my sneaky way of adding in character details? Chat with me in the comments!! 

Scribblingly yours,


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  1. All the titles XD It's wonderful to see those. My MC is also a princess, so I had to share all her titles too....but she doesn't have /quite/ as many as Janina!

    And it's awesome that you're trying not to base her off you! My MC basically /is/ me...#Whoops

    (And so is my MC for Watched...I'm finally coming up with new ideas that give me the chance to invent entirely unique MCs...)

  2. Wow, I loved your introduction to Janina! She sounds amazing, and all the titles were great!

    Ahh, I want to go on walks with her and watch all the wildlife!

  3. The titles are amazing!! XD

    I try not to base my characters too much off of me either, I usually just base their emotions from one's I've felt. XD

  4. Janina sounds really cool! I think she and my MC would be able to have a nice, long, encouraging chat. I LOVE her dress!! I dunno, she just sounds like a really great Princess. Different than the normal "I'm supposed to be in dresses but I'd rather ride my horse firing arrows into the sunset" type that seem to be popular. She's trying to be feminine and wise and all that. I love it!!

  5. Oh I love Janina! She seems super well developed. I love that she struggles to come off as mature--that's something I can relate to, haha. And all the pictures are so pretty and the storyworld sounds delicious and ah! this post quite delighted me.

  6. Why have I been so vacant around these parts??!! O.O

    Anyhoo, Janina sounds super sweet and super inspiring. I can't wait to meet her someday!! And I LOVE that purple dress! *heart eyes*

  7. Janina sounds amazing, Catherine!:) I hope one day I will read the book, because it sounds amazing.

  8. Awww I love the sound of her character! She seems like the kind of princess I'd like to have tea with, and go on walks with through the gardens. xD

    You put so much thought into your characters; looking forward to reading this story one day! <3

  9. Ooh, shiny... we wants the crown and the dress. Course... I'm not going to be a Blue Star, so I guess not then. XD
    Your character sounds amazing and sweet and deep.
    Let me meet her. :D

  10. This is so detailed! I love it! I never think that much about my characters (which is a problem I should fix...). I love all the images, too!


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