Introducing....My July NaNo Project!

1:40 PM

*Upon walking into a dark lecture hall, the audience takes their seats* 
*lights go on*

*Catherine turns on her mic and walks out onto the stage*

When life circumstances change, other things have this funny way of changing too.

I'll tell you, my dear friends.....adjusting to this new job, it's been a rough road. Cramming your normal life into 4 hours a day is not an easy thing to accomplish. Never mind trying to work ongoing and future projects into the mix.

Originally, I was going to work on one of the WIPs that's on my WIP page - it was a tossup between The White Rose (which I started in April and am now 15k in), "Shattered Chandelier" or "Rose of Culmore". 

But I know realize that this isn't going to work.

And so....

I have decided to work on.....


*Dropping the mic, Catherine dramatically leaves and the stage darkens* 

*audience is stunned*

*Catherine hides in wings*

*mutterings start*

A sane person: She's crazy! Crackers! Round the bend!

Another sane person: Well, she is a writer, guys. She was bound to develop a small strain of insanity eventually....

(gee thanks, Sane Person 2. That's comforting....)

Sane Person 1: Come on! We know she can't work on ONE WIP for more than a month or so. How is she going to handle 6????

(oh peanuts. I'm doomed.)

*nerdy girl scrolls through her phone*

Nerdy Girl: Hey! Didn't Catherine say in her last post that she was in bad need of spring cleaning?

(yes, yes, go on.....)

Sane Person 1: But it's almost summer!

(*glares at SP 1*)

Nerdy Girl: Do you think she was trying to tell us something?

(maybe.....*pulls down projector screen*)

*words appear as voice booms out of speakers*

Project Blueprint: All WIPS

This is not a story. This is not editing. 

This is me trying to get my scrambled story notes in one spot. 

I've been plotting/writing several WIPs over the past few years. In that time, I've created skads of notes, and other media, that NEED to be collected and documented so that I can use it for actual writing. I've been putting this off for years and it's high time I actually did something about it. After the notes are transposed, I'll start world-building and potentially doing some plotting for selected WIPs (first priority being the Epic of Verden series!)

*Catherine reappears*

Gotcha, didn't I?

Yes, I really am working on all six of my current WIPs. Even with my 50 hours a week work schedule, potential room renovations (Operation Vintage Makeover is being accelerated!!!), and other crazy stuff that is happening in my life....

There is a method to my madness though.

I know that several readers have been waiting for news and development on different WIPs - and are probably frustrated at my constant jumping around. The only excuse I can give is that things come up and tickle the muse's world-jumping machine - which apparently is supersonic.

Those who have known me for a while know that I'm a plantster - a combination of a plotter and pantser writer. Oftentimes what happens is that a scene or a characterization will pants itself out and I will make a note of it...somewhere.

So, this month is going to be dedicated to writing up all the handwritten story notes, creating character sheets and some outlining. I'd like to get my note/planning style more consistent so I don't have to spend days refamiliarizing myself with the story should I decide to work on it again after months of inactivity. 

Obviously, this is not a project that I can do with a word count - so I've decided to try an hourly goal. I set it rather low - only 30 hours, which would be an hour every day. Considering my schedule, I don't think I can do more than that.

Soooooo....what do you think of my crazy idea? Think it will work or am I doomed to spend Camp flailing around like a dead fish?

Scribblingly yours,


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  1. LOVE the format of this post, Catherine. So funny. :) (Cramming normal life into four hours a day, though--what a way to put it.) I think your camp plan sounds wonderful! It's so satisfying to pull notes and outlines and scenes together.

    1. Awwww, thank you Megan!!!!

      (It's literally true though on my double shift days. Fortunately, there's only 4 of those a week, but still...)

      It is really satisfying!! Half the time during Camp, I'm doing this anyway....

      Thank you again!!!

  2. I think working on all 6 projects is quite awesome sounding, Catherine!:) *jumps up from seats and claps loudly*
    Just remember to take a lot of notes (so you don't get the stories confused.)

    1. Thank you Tes! See you in the cabin!

      Oh indeed! I don't want to get stories confused (only real danger is between White Rose and From the Cave since they have some of the same characters, but most of my stories are pretty distinct, so I should be good...)

  3. Wooohooo that's an epic goal!! That's so cool. *applause* SO EXCITED.

    (by the way, I plan to send out cabin invitations on the 15th-ish, so keep your eyes open then. *fingerguns*)

    1. Thank you Fearless Cabin Leader Jane!!!

      YAY!!!! I'll keep my weathereye on the horizon for it!

  4. I get new snippets...right?

    (And *gasp!* Look! It's MK! She's...actually remembering to comment on a post!)

    1. Ahh maybe. I might have some hiding around - I'll have to see what's in the archives. (I don't think I shared all the WIP snippets with Lia either - be prepared for some emails on the subject ;) )


  5. I like the idea of setting the hour goal! *Thinks I need to do the same* ;)

    1. Thank you Erica!!

      I found it really ideal for my situation. Most of the time, I like word goals since I'm working on an actual story most of the time. But since I'm working with drawings, notes and other stuff, I found that that wasn't going to work so well.

      Go for it!

  6. This sounds like an awesome goal! (Likely tedious, but awesome. And worth it in the end. XD) Good luck!

    1. Thank you R.M!!!!!

      As awesome as I hope it will be, I have a feeling that it will become really tedious, especially at the end. Hopefully I won't be bored out of my mind doing it, LOL.

      Thank you!!!

  7. Sounds like great goals, Catherine!! I’m sure you can do it. And hour goals sound like a great idea too. Good luck on camp!
    ~ riley aline

    1. Thank you Riley, for that wonderful encouragement!! *hugs*

      P.S. I plan on commenting on your last post soon! I really enjoyed it :).

  8. Great goals, Catherine! Good luck this Camp NaNo! And the format for this post was both great and hilarious!

    1. Thank you so so much, Rachael!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!!

  9. I like that idea. Neat post too. I'm actually revising a story I promised my sister for Christmas. Oops. I'm a little late. :D

  10. Anthony the Rad TradJune 13, 2018 at 12:53 PM

    Crazy? Nah you got this in the bag....just hope that fish don't flop out of it XD

    1. Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny. Glad to see you have confidence in me.

  11. WOW!!!! I hope you meet all your goals, that's amazing!!!!!! :DD

    1. Thank you Gray!!!!! Good luck to you during NaNo!!!

  12. This post was hilarious!! I LOVED IT!! XD XD I especially loved "Well she is a writer guys. She's bound to develop some small strain of insanity eventually" XD To True!! You have to be careful with us writers ;)

    Can't wait to see how it goes for you! Good luck!!

    1. *squeals* I'm so glad you liked it Miss Woodhouse!!!! Yes, we are a dangerous bunch, mwa ha ha.

      Thank you so so much!!!

  13. Kinda know what you mean. I'm wrapping up a few odds and ends this month in hopes I can get back to tackling my trilogy edits for Camp. But there's just so much chaos at the moment...

    Editing notes everywhere. A short story to finish and edit. Posts to prepare so I don't have to worry about camp. Caring for a new rescue horse I just picked up Tuesday. Training with Bree and Bunker. And I've been on a reading frenzy...

    Here's to getting everything caught up!! *raises mug of tea*

    1. Wow, that sounds like a lot on the plate.

      YES!!! *raises mug of tea with you* I'm so far behind - especially in commenting on other people's posts (SOWWY)

  14. Sounds awesome... and busy! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    1. Thank you Belle!!! How is Broadway Waltz coming?

  15. This was so fun to read! I think you can do it! It’s definitely hard to keep all the notes in one place and I think that is a great place to start.

    1. Awww, thank you so much Maddie!! (Tell me about it....I can't imagine how authors kept track of it all without computers....)

  16. Good luck on all of your goals! So how many times have you done Camp Nano? I'm thinking about doing it and wanted to know if it is good for beginner writers like me?? :)

    1. Thank you so much, Brooklyne!

      This will be my third time doing Camp NaNo. And I can say without reservation that it is EXCELLENT for newbie writers. It gives you practice with writing under a deadline and connect you to other writers!

      Seriously, I would recommend you try Camp before you do a full NaNo. You have much more control over the goal, and the cabins are lots more fun than doing it by your lonesome :).

  17. IT WILL WORK. IT WILL BE AMAZING. YOU CAN DO IT. AND I WILL CHEER YOU ON. *gives you motivational tea and cakes* I can't wait to start Nano with you and everyone in our cabin! It's going to be so much fun!!! Are you going to share snippets with us? :-)


      *munches on cakes*

      Neither can I - can July hurry any faster??

      Hopefully - if I can find any in my stash that I haven't shared yet!

  18. I actually cackled really loud during the entire post-- it is madness to take on ALL six of your WIPs, but it's a genius route. xD I hope it goes well, Catherine!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | Story-Eyed


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