NaNoWriMo Week 2 Update

4:47 PM

Hey everyone!!

Welp, the gloomy November days continue onward....I swear it felt like night at 2pm this afternoon. Rather a discocerting feeling that winter is now fastly approaching.....

Since I haven't been on since last week, I thought I would pop in for a quick moment to update y'all on how my second week of NaNo went. Stay tuned for story snippets from The White Rose!

Monday, November 5

My week didn't start off with a bang: I only wrote 178 words. It was a partial scene in which Ealdread and Janina start discussing some common interests, which I suppose is a good start to their relationship 😏.

Tuesday, November 6

This was a really wonderful writing day: I managed to write 1885 words!

This particular chapter was one of my absolute favorites to write. It really highlights the comraderie between Janina, her sister Alvilda, Ealdread and his friend Karsten; as Ealdread *attempts* to teach Janina how to play a common strategy game (which is based on the game of chess).

Here is a snippet:

Karsten had been watching the board with an eagle eye and looked over at Ealdread as he said, “No.....” He then slyly moved Ealdread’s cleric one square over. “….it can only be one direction.” Karsten settled back again with a sly smile.
Alvilda’s eyes widened as the cleric moved, and set her mouth determinedly. Well, if he was going to play that way....
Ealdread continued on. “But, it can move in any number of spaces in a move.”
Alvilda’s hand moved stealthfully towards Janina’s turret but moved back hurridly at seeing Janina drop her eyes to her side of the board.

Wednesday, November 7

As it seems to be a pattern by now, today was another slow day with only 86 words. I believe this is the day that I wrote a scene that featured Janina's love for Aistarainian dance ;).

Thursday, November 8

I only did a little bit of writing while I was waiting for choir practice to start, so my word count was again small: 95 words.

Appropriately, since I was at church, I wound up writing a short snippet scene where Janina is at "church".

Friday, November 9

According to my writing stats, I wrote 82 words. I believe this is the day that I started to review all of my story arcs (all 90 million of them....) and started weaving them together.

During that process, I found that it felt similar to the arc trainwreck that I had with SOI....but this arc mess was A LOT easier to get through. I think it's because I KNOW how this story is actually going to go. oh my heavens, I'm moving forward.....aaaaaaahhhhhh

Saturday, November 10

This is actually my first day without any new writing. I literally had no time to write between catching up on some of my old writing, and running around collecting scrap metal between dairy shifts.

Sunday, November 11

In lieu of the zero day that I had yesterday, I buckled down to write a full scene today. All in all, I managed to 813 words between making a pie and watching some sick brothers.

Here is a snippet:

Now there was a trait that she had very little of. She had imagined several times that a man would come up to her and put her at her ease with his steady flow of conversation.
She reviewed all the events in her head. All of them were physical contests, ones that Magda enjoyed to watch. In none of them could it be shown if a man was eloquent.
Or could they?

Currently, my "new" word count is right around 5K words, no doubt due to the small writing days that have been popping up. With all of this new material, however, my overall word count for The White Rose is over 20K!

I doubt that I will reach 50K of new material, unless I get more days over 800 words next week. But, that is still material that would not be there if I had not written anything this month. I'm satisfied, and my story is finally starting to gel together instead of being a bunch of discombobulated snippets and scenes. It will be wonderful to have a full flowing story for once!

To my fellow NaNoers, how has your second week gone? To my non-NaNo readers, what have you been up this second week of November? Tell me all the details in the comments! 

Scribblingly yours,

Catherine <3

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  1. I love the snippet about eloquence :)

    and yes words are better than no words! Good luck to you for the rest of NaNo.

    I am trying to just not worry. NaNo stats are good, yet my mind isn't. Too much going on. But I'm trying to just love my story and that's working a little.

  2. Oh, snippets!!! I love snippets!!! My NaNo snippets are usually poor reading quality....I type slightly faster than my brain sometimes, and then I hate to delete stuff cause of the word count, lol

    Hey, don't worry about your overall word count. Just be proud of what you accomplish with the time given you.

  3. Your novel sounds AMAZING so far, I think I said that before, but it really does. :)

  4. Aw the chess snippet is so cute and funny! This sounds like it's shaping up to be a simply beautiful novel, Catherine--I can't wait to see it in print someday. :)

  5. CONGRATS ON YOUR WORD COUNT!!! I LOVED your snippets!!! Their relationship is sounding so sweet. <3


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