Leaving January, Greeting February

4:25 PM

About this time last year, I made a new beginning by putting out my first monthly wrap-up post here on RM. And then proceeded to forget about it for the rest of 2018. No doubt, much to my detriment as a person and a writer.

Actually, let us be honest, there indeed IS doubt. I do know that as a person of melancholic temperament I do need some time reflect and I certainly didn't get enough of that this past year. Hence we....hem, I...am attempting to fix said deprivation.

And before I ramble myself into a hole, I'd better get rolling along.....

🙞 In the Realms of Fiction 🙜

1. I started a new Reading Challenge on Goodreads. I'm only using to track complete reads of fiction books at present, since my spiritual reading is done in fits and starts. So far, I've read 2 books of 30.

2. I wrote another 4.1k words for The White Rose, my current WIP. My current word count sits just under 34k. *squeals*

3. I added another playlist on Spotify for romantic music. Because I'm not already a romantic nut.

4. Lia gave me a DVD of WTCH Season 5 movies late in January (cause she's an awesome sister). I haven't watched it yet, but I plan on it....soon....

5. In terms of reading and watching, it's all been rereads and re-watches.....too many to keep track now. Oh and watching all the stuff we got for Christmas. *shrugs*

6. While creating a new blog banner theme for Rebellious Writing, I discovered a blog theme on Canva 2.0 that was similar to the blog theme that I was doing in Paint....but which looked much better. And many more fonts to play with. So now, I have the same theme for both RM and WbC, except different fonts to keep them straight. Don't they look cool?

For other life happenings, check out my other wrap up on Working by Candlelight. Oh yes, I've started doing wrap-ups again there too. Because reasons. You'll see when you get there.

🙞 Blog Happenings 🙜

I wrote only one post this month on this blog, but it was a super duper long one so it made up for it:

The Lilah Musical Challenge. 

In this mega-tag, I reveal just how eclectic and crazy my music tastes really are.... so if you ever want to know just what kind of music is my jam, I suggest you look there. Unless you ever find my Spotify and raid that....

On Working by Candlelight, I wrote two posts:

"Liebster Award: From the Summer Backlog": in which I finally get round to answering this tag given me back in July by Grace and Katherine Avender.


"Some Thoughts on the 46th Anniversary of Roe. v. Wade.": In which I spill my heart regarding how the pro-life movement has been going this past year. Not my best written post for sure, but one that I felt most be written.

On Rebellious Writing, I contributed to a team post for book recommendations and wrote one post on the importance of fairy tales. You can view it HERE.

And Maidens for Mary was on hiatus during January, so I got a nice break there.

🙞 Goal Checklist 🙜

Unlike my other wrap-up, I'm just concentrating on monthly goals here. The yearly goals have either had too little progress or have not been worked on at all this month, or they were mentioned above in the happenings section. So it's not worth repeating here.

January's Goals:

1. Finish the Super Secret Project that I started with Lia

Eh heh heh. If I had any idea that this project would take this long, or that I would get so many delays.....but never mind. I'm committed to bring this thing to fruition if it keyholes me.

Part of the project has been edited completely, and now it's down to pairing it with the other half....which is what is taking forever.

2. Finish one or two draft posts - which ones, well, that will depend on a few things.

I did manage to complete this goal. So I suppose I'm not a total failure, LOL.

So now that January is gone, what's February going to bring?

Well, hopefully these goals will be completed:

February's Goals: 

1. Finish Part 1 the Super Secret Project that I started with Lia

Even if Part 2 doesn't get done until March, I'll be satisfied if I can get the first half done this month....and I have to get it done soon otherwise no one will remember that this thing even got started.....*sigh*

2. Write the February Fantasy What If Tag

Since it IS February after all. I'm well aware that it is from last year, but quite honestly, I don't care. It's getting written for it's month if not it's year and besides, I got it last April anyway!

3. Write my regular M4M and RW posts.

I'm slated to write 3 posts for other blogs this month, and so I definitely need to make sure that I get this done!

4. Write 3k (or more) for The White Rose

A slow and steady march it is, but I would like to at least flesh out some of the scenes that have popped into my head while January sped by, if nothing else. Maybe even start smoothing out some transitions so that I have a cohesive draft (!!!!!!)

Bonus: Do a better job on commenting on blogs again

It's so easy to just read a blog and make a note to comment and never come back to it. But really, I have no excuse....other than maybe I take wayyy too much thought into commenting and not enough action. I hope to change that this month.

So yes, like last year, it was a lot of trivial things that happened this month....and nothing too exciting. There, at least I have kept that semblance of a monthly wrap-up at least. Let us hope that I have something more satisfactory to report next month, shall we?

Gather round, my dear friends, and tell me your adventures in January. I'm sure you have better stories to share than these poor ones. Does anyone have any harrowing tales of near-freezing or comfortable tales of home-life they wish to share? I'm all ears!

Scribblingly yours,


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  1. great update! And wow - how can you reread and rewatch so much? I'm busy enough just trying to get through all my stacks of books that need to be read the first time ;p


  2. Congratulations on the progress on The White Rose!! 34K is super exciting!

    These are great goals, and I'm glad you've started updates again. :)

  3. Congrats on meeting your goals!!

    Glad to see wrap ups again on here. <33

  4. I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE ON SPOTIFY!!! What is your username??? I must stalk you! XD
    Good job on all your writing! Also, good luck on your reading goal. :-D
    Hope you have an AWESOME February! <3

  5. Awesome wrap-up!! I love your cozy blogging style. <3

    Good luck with your goals!

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

  6. This is such a fun wrap-up! I love your blog...found it through your fairy tale post on Rebellious Writing, which was phenomenal!

  7. Great post as usual, Catherine! Hm, now I'm interested in that February Fantasy What If tag. I just might steal it :P but of course I don't object to being tagged :D

  8. Great post, girl! I love seeing everyone's goals :] And congrats on those accomplished! It's good to aim high, we just have to be careful not to get discouraged if we don't quite make it, ya know?

    *^ - ^* <333


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