Shared WIP Tag Week 2: Current Projects

8:00 AM

Is it the second week of Camp already? I could have sworn we started yesterday! Time really does fly when you're in a cave, doesn't it?

Today's installment of the Shared WIP tag is all about current projects. Now, this is only for the month of April and not dealing with those projects that have been on hold for months. Which is probably good, because if it was the latter....we would be here forever as I ramble my followers away with how many projects I have.

So without further ado, let's put our eye to peephole and see what we can discover!

What projects are you working on in addition to Camp NaNo during April?

Writing a complete draft of The White Rose is the biggest current project that I'm embroiled in. Though, for the most part, that has been put aside until I can figure out this blasted plot....

The other current project in the works is Project Blueprint, which I started in July 2018. This is the crazy project that gathers up all my notes and characters and such into one spot so that I can easily pick up and put down as I please.

Give us some more info on these other projects - maybe a synopsis or an aesthetic.

I'm going to be lazy and link you to a few posts, since I'm sure that y'all have heard about these projects to death and don't need a rehash.

Know the Novel Linkup (White Rose) 

Project Reveal (Project Blueprint)

Which project is grabbing at your attention the most? Why?

Umm well, at the moment, it's the Camp novel, Fair Winds. Though, that answer tends to change every minute, so....

Do you have any plans for how you’re going to finish these projects on the side?

I have a very simple plan. When I run out of steam on Fair Winds for the day, then I shall turn my attention to these other projects. Which is probably not a sure-fire guarantee that each of these projects will get done...but what the hey?

If you had to set all projects aside and only work on one, which would it be?


You guys have any idea how hard this is to answer? I almost NEVER have just one project that I'm working on. And if I do, that darn rebellious spirit of mine will just go and create another one so my multi-tasking mind can shut up.

That being said, The White Rose would be the one project that I would keep, should there be some kind of cataclysmic removal of projects for me to work on....

What is the next step for each of these projects (drafting, editing, aesthetic creation, beta reading, etc.?)

The White Rose is still in need of a few more drafting sessions, and then it will be sent off to beta readers. Obviously it will not be done before May, but maybe this fall? Let's hope!

As for Project Blueprint, it depends on the WIP. Most have their full aesthetics, with the exception of the Wattpad novellas. For most of them, it comes down to creating either character sheets or the world-building notebook.

Share a snippet from these projects.

What snippet from TWR have you guys not seen yet??? I've given you most of the good ones....

Actually, I did find a little morsel that y'all may find amusing:

“Soveriegns of the Kingdoms! Leaders of the Nations! Foreign Legions! Noblemen of the Crown! And Commoners of Duventoliel!” King Reijo paused for breath, and muttered under it, “Why must I say all of that....” 
His wife promptly poked him in the back. “Protocol.” She hissed softly. 
It was all Janina could do to keep from giggling.

As for Project Blueprint, I can show you some new avatars from Fair Winds (my Camp novel) that I made earlier this week:

These three characters are minor characters. On the right is the Royal Navy officer Andrew Ware. He's the nephew of Mrs. Goodhew and is Colin's sidekick in Jamaica. The middle character is Mr. Edward Timbers, a fisherman and former privateer who lives in Brixham. He used to live in Port Royal, Jamaica during the Golden Age of Piracy. The man on the left is the post-chaise driver, Mr. Thomas Wright.

What’s your favorite thing about each of these other projects?

My favorite thing about The White Rose's shaping up to be a real novel? Forgive me if this sounds egotistical, but almost all of my other work, especially in the world-building section, has been rather paltry. This is the first in which I can actually recognize my own character's voices and see what they see. It's kinda frightening but also exciting as to what this novel is shaping up to be....why must it grow up so fast??

My favorite thing about Project Blueprint is that it's a one-stop shop for all of my story writing needs. It keeps track of what I need to accomplish for each WIP so that when I do get an idea for it, or the itching to create some aesthetics, I have some direction in which to channel that impulse.

Do you have any non-writing goals to try to meet while doing Camp NaNo?

I do have a couple of non-writing goals, but they are small and manageable since writing is going to really take other this month.

One is to put carpet down in my room, as part of Operation Vintage Makeover. It so needs to be done, and I really would like to put my room back together (it's still a shambles after painting...).

A second one is to finish a crochet veil that I've been working on for months. It's currently on a board, and it's really driving me crazy, so I want to get it done.

Oh, and finishing up that vlog that I started...months ago *shifts eyes*.

Do these non-writing goals come before or after Camp according to importance?

Umm well, if something in the employment line comes up, that take precedence over everything. I need income more than I need words on the page. After all, the government is ever increasing it's demand for money....

As to everything else, I treat it the same as any other project. If I want to work on it, I work on it.
Though I will say, that Camp is more at the forefront, so it is more likely that I will focus on that first.

And so that wraps up my first installment of The Shared WIP Tag 2019! Please check out the other participant's posts:


How has Camp been going for you guys? Who is your most rebellious character? Has anyone else plotted a story when they're supposed to be paying attention to class? 

Scribblingly yours,


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  1. So I actually decided to do Camp NaNo (first time) this year. Crazy me ;p But going well. I am working on a crazy book I'm calling The Tapioca Kids. It's about the church camp of kids that learn to work together to save the world ; d

    Love that snippet, lol.

  2. I wish you luck with getting the White Rose ready! And I LOVE that snippet! (Relatable, honestly . . . XD)

  3. OH THAT SNIPPET IS ADORABLE. Hee. It makes me quite happy.

    I'm so happy The White Rose is shaping up so well for you!! I can't wait to read it someday. :)

    Camp's been going wellish! I'm behind, mostly thanks to my bad guys being taciturn with me... and oh yes I've plotted stories in class...

  4. Aw White Rose is growing up! <3 That sounds cute, but also kind of terrifying for you as the author. xD

    It's great to hear where you're at this month, I hope you knock down some goals!

  5. Haha, that bit is great! :) Wow, you are doing so much, way to go!

  6. That snippet was great. XD

  7. It's so exciting that the White Rose is shaping up! It's such a nice feeling when things start coming together the way you want them to. And the snippet was rather hilarious! I loved it!

    And yes! When is this vlog coming out?! I'm still waiting!!

    All the best to you! I hope everything falls into place!

  8. I love your snippet! And GIVE ME THE VLOG. That will be marvelous ;)

  9. Project Blueprint...I need to do me one of those, too... I'm attempting to do that for B&B, but I'd much rather just WRITE, lol


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