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Hello all!

It's Taggy Tuesday again, and I've got a long-sitting tag just itching to escape from my lair. *evil laughs*. I snitched it from the creator, Christine Smith, whose original answers you can find HERE.

I'm actually surprised that I got away with it, I was sure that someone would have fenced it to me long ago. But oh well. More opportunities for me to spam the post with GIFs then, LOL.

Guidelines (because there are no rules, according to Christine): 

  1. Feel free to include the above graphic somewhere in your post (but it’s definitely not necessary). 
  2. Take the questions and answer them on your blog (or social media or wherever!). 
  3. Tag up to 5 other Marvel fans!

Sounds easy enough!

Everybody ready??

1. How were you introduced to the MCU fandom?

My sis and BFF, Lia @ The Singing Writer. Her family are huge Marvel fans and when she found out that I had never seen ANY of them, she promptly set about to rectify the situation. Most of the Marvel movies I've watched have been at her house, LOL.

2. What's your favorite Marvel film?

It's a tie between Captain America: The First Avenger or Avengers 1.

I mean, I watched Captain America: The First Avenger first, so that's really special. And the storyline of that movie is still my favorite. Most of the other Marvel storylines are either too dramatic or too action-packed for my writerly self. This one also had a lot of vintage vibes which my history loving soul really loved.

Avengers 1 though...was liked for a different reason. And that is all the character dynamics. This movie really is the pinnacle of the Avengers, I think. Every other movie, they were divided either by ideas, space or time. In this one, they actually all worked together for a common cause, which I really liked. I kinda wish the later Avengers (Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Ant-Man, etc.) could have been incorporated without all the drama of Civil War and Infinity War, but whatever.

3. Top favorite Marvel character?

Captain America.

I've even got the merch to prove it. And not just a shirt either. I've got a tea kettle, a seat cover and even floor mats.

I blame my family for finding out my fetish and satisfying it

And no, it's not because Chris Evans is a drop-dead gorgeous specimen of manhood. Far from it, actually.  All that merch has the Shield on it, not *him*.  I actually was ready to not like Captain because of his looks, if that makes sense.That, I think, is not what makes him attractive.

He became my favorite character because of his personality - the soul of his character. He cares about the right things. He is such an adorable cinnamon roll, but a tough enemy.

4. If you were transported into the MCU and had to trade places with one of the superheroes, who would you choose?

Umm, I really like Wanda/The Scarlet Witch's powers, so I would probably pick her.

Though if I could switch places with Peggy Carter, I really would like that better. She counts as a superhero, right?

5. What are some of your favorite quotes from the films?

Good grief, this is going to be interesting to narrow down....

"There is only one God, ma'am. And I'm pretty sure He doesn't look like that." ~ Captain America

~ Captain America, The Winter Soldier

"He's a friend from work!" ~ Thor: Ragnarok. Seriously, you need to look up the story behind that's the cutest thing in the world!

"I realize that was the decision made. But given that it was a stupid a** decision, I've elected to ignore it." ~ Nick Fury, Avengers 1

"Vision...we talked about this." "Yes, but the door was closed...." ~ Avengers 1

"That's a yes or no question!" ~ Nick Fury, Captain Marvel

I'm sure that there are more, but I can't think of any more....

6. Which crew would you want to be part of the most: Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Revengers?

Avengers, without a doubt. Even though Revengers would be an interesting group, I think I would get along with the Avengers much better.

7. Favorite and least favorite ship?

Favorite Ship: Peggy and Steve. Vision and Wanda's romance is a close second, but this romance....*sigh*

Least Favorite Ship: Steve and Sharon. If he hadn't had a romantic entanglement with her great-aunt, I think this ship would have a better chance of sailing. It never really went much further than a brief fling anyway...which, in my opinion, is the worst type of romance known to man.

8. Favorite and least favorite villain?

Favorite Villian: Yon-Rogg from Captain Marvel. I really REALLY liked him, so much so that I was super miffed that he turned into a "villian". I still have that rant post hiding around somewhere which explains my position on that.

Least Favorite: It's a tie between Hela and Killmonger. I hated both of them.

9. Unpopular MCU opinion?

Umm, I have a couple....

1. I like all of the troublesome Marvel ships for one reason or another.

I liked Natasha's romance with Bruce because she could reach into his soul. Even though I found Wanda and Vision's romance a little weird (I mean, he's a robot....), the care they have for each other is apparent. Sharon and Steve's romance was the weirdest of all, but there was something about them....

IDK. Maybe I am just a hopeless romantic.

2. Yon-Rogg did NOT deserve to be a villain. 

Yon-Rogg actually had a good influence on Vers, even if it was "misplaced". I actually saw him as a mentor character for a while.

Okay, I really am going to have to publish that post now. Because it's just wayyy too complicated to explain this.

I have another unpopular sentiment about Marvel, one that is much more controversial.

And that is that the MCU films are being used as a political tool that slants towards anti-Christian bigotry.

I've caught several instances of mockery of Christ and His Church and the fact that the MCU is increasingly left-wing is alarming. Already there is a shift towards ideologies that I cannot support - this is why I refused to watch Endgame and am now refusing to watch any Marvel movie that comes after 2019.

Call me whatever you wish, but I will not endorse something that goes against my principles and will willingly drop it from my life - unresolved plotlines or no. It's Just. Not. Worth. It.

Do I like Marvel films individually? Sure. I have a couple. I may get a couple more later on. There is some good stuff in there. But there is stuff out there that is better, in my not-so-humble opinion.

10. What's your favorite Stan Lee cameo scene?

Considering my long-standing personal opinion about Tony, I laughed the hardest at this cameo.

Bonus Question: Which Avenger Are You Most Like??

Out of curiousity, I decided to take a Zimbio quiz to see which Avenger I was. And my answer is down below:

Didn't quite expect that,'s pretty accurate!

And that ends this tag!

As for tagging, I pass it along to 5 people who have watched a Marvel film in the last....month. Yeah, that's a good amount of time.

Talk to me, Marvel fangirls and fanboys! Which Avengers would you switch places with? Any idea which Avenger you are most like? Which of the Avengers is your favorite? 

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. Yeah, I agree - Marvel is definitely becoming more left-wing. From what I’ve heard about upcoming Marvel movies, I probably won’t watch any of them, which is sad, because I love the characters to death. :( But I’d just rather not see any of that.

    CAPTAIN AMERICA IS THE BEST!!! And YES, The First Avenger is so good! I love the line, "Is it too late to go to the bathroom?" XD

    Love this post, Catherine!

  2. CAP!!! <3 <3 <3 He really is the best. And he and Peggy will forever be my OTP. They bring out all the undignified fangirl in me, lol (not that that takes much doing).

    Also. As far as I can tell, that description of Thor on your quiz results could be applied word for word to you.

    You liked Vision and Wanda? Hrm. Interesting. Can't say I agree. BUT I do like the Bruce and Natasha ship. Wish it would've sailed somewhere.

    Yes. Yes. You really really REALLY have to post that discussion on Ron-Yogg. I have a feeling I will strongly agree with it, cuz...he was kinda my favorite character in Captain Marvel? (I had issues with Vers. With that whole movie, really. But I liked *him.*)

    *realizes she's not watched Marvel in several months* *is proud of herself* *considers watching a Marvel movie just so she can legally steal the tag* *decides to just steal the tag*

  3. Great answers! I love Wanda too, and think her and Vision are cute!
    And yes to your opinion on Yon-Rogg, maybe it was just because he was played by Jude Law, but I hated that he was a villain too.

  4. AH I've watched a Marvel movie in the past month so I guess I have been tagged. XP Ahhhh, I agree with so many of your answers-YES THAT STAN LEE CAMEO IS THE BEST. XD Omw, you're Thor that is awesome. I get Loki most times that I take the test, with Natasha and Tony Stark being the others I get. X"D I LOVE that quote by Cap. America in the Avengers movie. X'D

  5. Yeah...not too thrilled about some of the new movies/shows coming out...though I'm praying the Falcon and Winter Soldier show will be good because THOSE CHARACTERS



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