Musing on November, Hailing December

Hello everyone,

This recap is going to be really short, sparse, and to the point. Mostly because....nothing really happened??

Or I should say that some things did happen. They're just....big? And deserve their own post? But since bad things happened when I didn't recap one month, I'm just going to do a quickie here and then the more interesting stuff will come later.


(come to think of did I not notice until now when I'm making the graphic???)

🙞 In the Realms of Fiction 🙜

1. I participated in NaNoWriMo. More on that to follow.

2. I decided to dig into my old Kindle Library through my mom's Kindle. Best decision ever. It was super great to re-read some of my old favorite books.

3. I discovered a new musical. It's called 42nd Street, and I quite liked it a lot. It brought back some memories of when I was a dancer, and I really connected with the protagonists.

🙞 Blog Happenings 🙜

For Working by Candlelight, I technically wrote no posts. I say technically because all the OVM posts came at the tail end of October after my October Wrap-Up had been posted. In case you missed them, here they are: Operation Vintage Makeover: THE REVEAL, and Operation Vintage Makeover: All the Photos!!

For The Rebelling Muse, I wrote 2 posts: Meet The Books (Shattered Chandelier) and 7 Ways Characters Come into Being. Both posts have been sitting in the drafts forever, and it was high time they were sent off.

For The Cat in the Barnyard, I wrote no posts.

For Rebellious Writing, I wrote no posts.

For Maidens for Mary, I wrote no posts. 

This was kinda expected, considering NaNo and all.

🙞 Goal Tracker 🙜

Monthly Goals:



That, unfortunately, didn't happen.

I have a more detailed recap coming soon, but suffice it to say that I came really close this year. I really did. Then things just kinda....imploded.

Yearly Goals:

1. Finish The White Rose - and have it ready for betas by May at the earliest.

The second draft has now been started....and is now about 1/4ish written. This draft is already growing to be much larger than I had anticipated, so we'll see how big it actually gets.

December Goals:

1. Re-evaluate some goals
2. Finish the Sunshine Blogger Tag

How did November go for you, dear readers? Did you win NaNo? Are you ready for the holidays (I certainly am not....) 

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. I love finding new musicals! I'll have to look up 42nd Street. I'm looking forward to your NaNo wrap-up post!

    1. I found 42nd Street on PBS, but I believe it has since been relegated to Passport, which is super sad. Hope you enjoy it!

  2. You tried at any rate, I avoided Nano like the plague this month.
    Finding new musicals is always good!

    1. Indeed yes, and I don't blame you. It's a stressor, that's for sure.

      It is!

  3. I did win NaNo, though much later then I wanted...still, I'll not complain (much, haha) since I did get to 50K and then finish my book a few days later.

  4. Even though you didn't win NaNo, yay for coming close and getting writing done! NaNo is such a great tool for that. I won NaNo, but promptly stopped writing even though my book isn't done yet and took a break because I was exhausted. xD NaNo kind of consumed my life this year more than ever before.

    I'm somewhat ready for the holidays and mostly not... I'm happy the season's here and everything, but I'm just not prepared. xD Still trying to get my life together after NaNo, to be honest...

    I hope you have a great December!

    1. Thank you, Emily! Congratulations on winning! And I don't blame you, LOL.

      I feel ya. I'm just now starting Advent, and I'm not really all that prepared for that either. I have almost all my shopping done though!

      I hope you do too!!


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