Musing on January, Hailing February

2:19 AM


Greetings from the cave! 

Well, time to flip the calendar page for the first time in 2021...

(Actually, can we skip the perfunctory passing of the time speech? We all know time is passing, even if no one believes us).  

This being a new year, I decided to completely change up my monthly wrap-ups. Aesthetics, categories, the whole nine yards. Things just got plain boring around here, and what better time to do it then now? 

(Though I suppose I really ought to work on creating better intros next....)

So without further ado, let's get to it! 

- I celebrated my birthday recently. Among the wonderful presents I received were print copies of the Chronicles of Narnia, Courting Cate by Leslie Gould, 100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin, The Blue Castle by Lucy Maud Montgomery, and Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill. So many books!!! 

- In addition to these print books, I have continued my sojourn through the Librivox library. Lately, I have been enjoying works such as Roman Collar Detective by Grace and Harold Johnson as well as re-reading old favorites such as Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne (which is still enjoyable even if his treatment of romantic affairs is absolutely flat. 

- Watched Rogue One for the first time since 2017. What a trip down memory lane that was! 

- I bought a copy of the Lord of the Rings movies from the supermarket. I haven't watched them yet, but I plan to soon! 

- I found A Princess for Christmas for free on YouTube, and as this is one movie that was on the List, I watched it. In short, in spite of the few cheesy moments, the inexplicable idea of a sporting hunt in the middle of winter, and the cringey gangster dancing, I really enjoyed this film. 

- One day, Fair Winds decided to butt into my schoolwork. Colin Raeburn was the guilty party, who insisted on recounting a climatic scene while I'm trying to write an essay. Of course, I had to stop what I was doing in order to get it all down. 

- The bulk of writing has been, of course, on the edits for The White Rose. I am now up to Chapter 5, and about 7000 words in. And I've already hit the first stumbling blocks. Gah, I hate editing. 

For Working by Candlelight, I published 4 posts: 2021 Yearly GoalsPourquoi le francais (Why French)?A Word to the Conflicted Mind, and A Mark of My Humanity. Upcoming posts will include an introduction to my opera dress project, and a post about modesty and historical costuming!  

For the Rebelling Muse, I published one post: 2021 Yearly Goals. That being said, I did work on four other posts but due to one reason or another, they're not quite ready yet. Can't send out half-dressed posts, it wouldn't do at all. 

For The History Cat and Maidens for Mary, I wrote no posts. Though I hope to change that fate for the former soon. At least by April, when I hope to finally publish that Titanic post! 

In a similar manner to my personal blog, I will only be highlighting positive progress towards the goals listed at the beginning of the year. Because who wants to read about anything negative after last year? I certainly don't. 

Goal #1: Editing (and Publishing) TWR

As stated above, I am now about 7k into edits, and am on the 5th chapter. My goal for the next month is to be at least be on the 10th chapter. 

Goal #2: Watch 10 Movies from The List

Lia and I have decided to cull a few movies from the List, which has left us with...about 92 left *cringes*. Also I should mention that I did watch one movie - A Princess for Christmas - which was free on YouTube. If you're a fan of chick flicks, then I definitely recommend this one. I did enjoy it, even with the rather cringey gangster dancing and the questionable world-building (WHO HUNTS IN WINTER, SERIOUSLY?) 

So that's one down, and nine to go! 

Right then! That's looking much better. And, I think that's plenty of update from me. What have you all been up to this January? 

Scribbingly yours, 


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  1. I really like the new format an aesthetics! Bravo!

  2. Love these posts! Hope you enjoy Lord of the Rings.
    I think my movie list is about that long too. XD

  3. Congrats on getting further along on your edits!! I hope you're able to meet your goal this month.


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