My Muse's Works In Progress

Hello all! 

As a writer, I have a whole slew of plot bunnies just hopping around. I reference a lot of them in my blog posts, and I realized that even I couldn't keep them straight. 

So, what has my muse been playing with? 

Short Story WIPs:

"Shattered Chandelier"

Jessamine and Kestrel are two struggling actresses that end up at the West Side Theater with a small theater trope playing Phantom of the Opera. Jessamine ends up with the lead part and gets to play opposite of the two best actors - Eric Gerard and William Coulter. What happens when the love triangles start moving off-stage

Theme: A Phantom of the Opera fanfiction that plays with role reversal and behind-the-scenes drama. 

Notes: One of those stories that magically appeared during school hours. 

"Rose of Culmore"

John Callahan has lost his crops and his family to the Irish Potato Famine. Desperate to escape the pain, he moves north with a friend to find work in Derry, Ireland. He ends up in Culmore, where he meets a bonny lass by the name of Rose O'Neill. But...Rose is bound for America and wants nothing to do with John. Can he change her mind?

Theme: Re-telling of the traditional song "The Maid of Culmore"
Notes: I've hyped this one on the blog a lot, and then was forced to table it. Hopefully I can get back into this one.

Novella WIPs

"Seeds of an Orchard Invisible" 

Eirwen’s core is slowly rotting…..
From infancy, she has only desired to be a good and kind queen to her people of Glywysing. But a scandalous marriage by her widowed father sows seeds of anger in her heart. An anger that, in a kingdom about to rebel and a castle full of scarred hearts, could be advantageous or disastrous.
When a hunting party trip turns deadly, Eirwen is forced to flee into a decaying orchard. But she doesn’t leave those invisible seeds behind….

Will Eirwen cut through the undergrowth of her heart or will an invisible orchard hem her in?  

Themes: interior anger v. meekness, A Welsh retelling of Snow White. 
Notes: Reinvention of a previous WIP, The Apple in the Snow. Current plan is to submit this story to Rooglewood press as part of the Five Poisoned Apples contest. 

Novel WIPs: 


Gail is an ordinary teenage techy junkie. When her parents insist on her taking a camping vacation, she is not at all pleased. But when a storm breaks and she is forced into a cave for shelter, her phone is whisked away to Alldermaere....will she follow?

Themes: the good and the bad of technology in a fantasy setting.
Notes: I need a new title for this one. It's not a very good one. But this is definitely one of my favorite WIPs. My first BP post was dedicated to Gail.

Fair Winds, Sassy Devil
Ciara Arlen is left alone with her sister Grace when her father and mother are lost after a bad hurricane. After they are kidnapped and placed on a pirate's ship, Ciara must use her wits to escape...even if it means trusting total strangers.

Themes: many aspects of femininity, dangers of gossip
Notes: This is my only completed work! It still needs expansion/editing though. My second BP post was dedicated to Ciara and Grace's parents, Leo and Jacinta.

Laboure, Ancora Spei. 

An Eastern Rite Catholic teacher from Syria. 
A Norvus Ordo Catholic from England. 
A couple from Norway that are organic farmers. 
A Traditional Catholic wife from America. 

All visit the Refuge State of Ancora Spei at the same time. What do they find?

Theme: Catholic society, world-building

Notes: As part of a school project, I have to create my version of a utopia. It has started to blossom into a full novel idea, if not a huge exercise in world-building. This is also the first time I've experimented with a multi-POV story, so we'll see how it goes. 

It's a Matter of Faith, My Girl
Katherine Morgan is an ordinary Amish girl, about to commit to being baptized into the Amish church. When she meets the Catholic that is working her neighbor's farm, she thinks nothing of first. 

Themes: conversion story

Notes: This is a relic from my high school days that really needs a rewrite. It is meant as a conversion story, but I'm thinking of making that a subplot. Not sure what I'm going to do with it just yet.  

Wow, that is a lot. And that's not counting all the rest of the plot bunnies I have in the back. Better get cracking, muse! 


  1. Wow! You have a lot of story ideas! They are all sounding so good! I think on of my top favorites is the behind-the-scenes Phantom of the Opera one!

    1. This is not counting all of the plot bunnies and other tabled stories that are lurking in notebooks or on my phone somewhere.

      I have some scenes written for Shattered Chandelier, I'll have to dig it out again sometime.

      So glad you liked them!


  2. I love reading about your stories!:)
    My favorite is "The apple in the snow"
    It sounds like a amazing snow white retelling!:)

    1. In the state that it's in rightnow, its more of an amazing convoluted mess...


  3. Wow, O_O, those all look like amazing stories! But, I dare say that the Phantom of the Opera one looks very interesting...

    1. Forgive my late reply, but thank you Cecilia! As soon as SOI is finished, I'll have to revisit that story.


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