Saturday, February 16, 2019

Two's A Couple: A Joint 2 Year Blogoversary, Part 1

*Catherine wanders in bleary-eyed*

Well, it is finished. Finally. It only took forever and a day, but it's up.....

*readers are confused*

Oh. Right. I should explain.

So today is my second blogoversary. The date of which totally sneaked up on me and threw a pillowcase over my head. Apparently Lia's caught her off guard too.

So, since my blogoversary and Lia's blogoversary (for our two respective second blogs) are only a month apart, so we decided to do a joint blogoversary celebration.

And what have we decided to do, you may ask?

Well, it is my pleasure to reveal the Super Secret Project that Lia and I have been working on since December.

*readers look at each other with confusion...again*

Oh dear. It has been a while since I announced that, wasn't it?

So in the middle of December, Lia and I sent out an Ask Us Anything request - and boy, did you guys respond!!

And now, I can reveal just what we were using the questions for.

Cool, no?

There were a few reasons why we did it this way. One is that we don't have access to a reliable camera. Two, I'm still leery about putting my actual face out there just yet.

So, we recorded the audio part while I visited Lia this past December. I had a voice recorder that I had bought in college. Just before we recorded the audio, it occurred to us that the easiest thing to do was to upload the audio as part of a YouTube video rather than trying to embed the sound bite. So if you catch references to that as the vlog progresses, that's why.

Anyway, the hard part came much later. It took a solid week to edit the 2 hour (yes, that is 2 HOURS) of raw audio. During this editing process, it was decided to split up the vlog into two parts - one for answering the questions on Lia's blog and one answering the questions for my blog. This way we could keep all of the rambles but not have it be such a monstrosity.

And then it was tabled for a bit as I worked on other more pressing projects. We had no initial idea when we were going to publish this. That is, until this past Wednesday night.....

If the above message didn't make clear our spontaneousness, this will. When we initially recorded the audio, the questions from Lia's blog were answered first and then my blog. So even though MY blogoversary came first, LIA's questions had to be uploaded first because that's the order it was done in. Not that it was a big deal or anything - just rather ironic. 

At the time that Lia sent that message, I had barely 10 minutes of the video plotted, never mind edited. The motivation angel was kind though - within 3 days, the video was edited and ready for uploading. 

And then I realized that YouTube has a 15 min limit for those accounts who don't give them phone numbers. I call that rude, unfair, and downright annoying. I don't give my phone number for any accounts if I can avoid it, so it was a scramble today to get all three parts of Part 1 split and then uploaded to YouTube. Who knew that uploading videos would take so blooming LONG?? 

But I'm glad to say, that it was ready before 10:23pm, which is when the actual blogoversary time is. I'm really weird in that I time my blogoversary posts to coincide with the time that they were published originally. 

So without further ado, I give you Part 1 of our Ask Us Anything, in three separate parts. Each are about 15 minutes long. 

Part 1: Ivie and 1/2 of Keturah's Questions

Part 2: 1/2 of Keturah's and Skye's Questions

Part 3: MK and Pony Girl's Questions

And that's a wrap! How did you like our little scheme? Should we do more? 

Scribblingly yours,