Saturday, June 24, 2017

Would You Rather: Jane Austen II

Hello y'all! 

Finally, finally, finally I get to this! I had fully intended that this post be at the end of the month, and my BP be in the middle of the month so everything was all spaced out...

That obviously didn't happen. *glares at Eirwen, who is quaking behind a dark wall right now* 

Anyways, I saw this game from Cordy's blog, promptly did it, and set it aside to work on "other things". It's time it is off the dashboard, so here we go! 

1. Would you rather summer at Abbey Mill Farm with the Martins or spend the winter in London with your aunt and uncle?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being on a farm in summer. So Abbey Mill Farm it is!!! 

2. Would you rather be carried away in the moment and insult someone in company or be overcome by horrid imaginings and have to confess your thoughts to someone you admire?

I have done the former, and I felt like a total heel afterwards. I'd much rather have the second one (though that leaves me vulnerable to rejection...)

3. Would you rather marry Mr. Bingley or Robert Martin?

Mr. Bingley, for sure. Bingley is the cutest little teddy bear, even if he's a little sappy. I don't mind unswerving devotion.

4. Would you rather tour the lake country or visit the seaside?

Oooohhh toughie. 

I like both....

But I like the seaside better. There is nothing more surreal than seeing an ocean stretch out for thousands of miles. 

5. Would you rather entertain Miss Bates or Mr. Collins in conversations?

Ew. Another tough choice. 

I'm terrible at hiding emotions. I'm afraid I'd laugh in Mr. Collin's face or roll my eyes at Miss Bates. 

I could probably control myself better with Miss Bates though. 

6. Would you rather sing a musical piece at a gathering while hiccuping every other line or take a great tumble while dancing?

Both are rather mortifying, but I'd much rather take the tumble. I have the WORST sounding hiccups (and I've sang with them too - in front of friends no less!). At least when you tumble you can blame the floor, or your feet, and it looks accidental. Hiccups are just plain embarrassing. 

7. Would you rather be deceived by Willoughby or Wickham?


Wickham lied (and consequently slandered Darcy). 

Willoughby is a mercanary, licentious, two-timing heartbreaker that produced an illegitimate child. 

Wickham at least would live, I'm not so sure about Willoughby. 

8. Would you rather fall head over heels in love with a man who turns out to be engaged or fall for a man too busy loving someone else to notice you?

The latter. I would feel really truly horrible when I found out the guy I loved was engaged. It would make my devotion seem rather...wrong. Whereas the latter is still free and I can "worship from afar" as much as I please. 

9. Would you rather ride in a carriage or upon a horse to an evening party?

GAH. Now you're messing with me. 

I love riding. With a passion. 

But I'll be in good clothes! Which I don't want to get *too* dirty. 

You know what I'll do? I'll stick on a riding habit over top of my good gown and go on horseback. There's going to be thirty million carriages at this party and only so many parking spots. I'm being smart. Never mind my catching a cold (or a fever...) because of it, I need the fresh air, thank you. 

10. Would you rather accept advice from Mrs. Weston or Elinor Dashwood?

Hmm. Another tough one. 

I'd have to say Elinor Dashwood though. I try to be like her when giving advice, being unbiased and practical. She would be a good person to go to when my head isn't screwed on straight. 

11. Would you rather have as a companion Jane Fairfax or Charlotte Lucas?

Charlotte Lucas. She's the sweetest thing ever. Jane seems a little cold to me. 

That's it! 

Please, please, please, go check out Cordy's game! I'd love to see your answers! 

Scribblingly yours,