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Hello all,

I know that Valentine's Day has come and gone (a while now....) but I really wanted to get this post done before February!

I got inspired by Christine Smith's post on her blog Musings of an Elf to create a post of my favorite screen couples. If you would like to see her original post, click here: http://musingsofanelf.blogspot.com/2017/02/10-screen-couples-who-give-me-all-heart.html

I gave myself an extra challenge....no Jane Austen and no Disney. (*GASP*) Seriously though, I think almost all of the Jane Austen stories are perfectly written and Disney....is Disney. It was just too easy to go from these two.

(Warning: All of these will contain Spoilers....)

So....here we go!

10. Chava and Fyedka (Fiddler on the Roof)

This is actually my favorite couple from Fiddler on the Roof, despite the fact that their romance was downplayed a bit in the film. I love how Fyedka is sensitive to Chava after he sends off his "friends". And he opens up their friendship with a book. What better way?

Honestly, though I can understand Tevye's position, I found it heartbreaking when he disowned Chava for marrying Fyedka. That took guts on her part to leave family and faith behind for a man she loved.

My favorite part of their romance? Its a toss-up between their meeting and the sillouette scene of them dancing. So cute!

9. Laurie Williams and Curly McClain (Oklahoma!)

The sass flies high with these two. But it's clear that these two are stuck on each other from the beginning. They may pretend, they may have people on the side, but they return to each other every time.

My favorite scene? The proposal of course! To me, there is nothing sexier in a man than the ability to comfort a woman. After Laurey sends Jud off packing, it's Curly who picks up the pieces of her broken security and seals it again with his devotion. And even then Curly is downright scared that his love will be rejected. Heart eyes all around!

8. Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor  (Rogue One)

This romance really snuck up on me. When I watched it in theaters, I was really surprised at how platonic Jyn and Cassian's relationship was, but how they thought of each other throughout the film. Then toward the climax, the loving looks started. Then Cassian doing his darnedest to support her....leaving even his beloved rulebook to follow her. He stops Jyn from going too far when she is meets with the General, keeping her focused on the task needed.  And the ending....GAHHH MY HEART. It hurt. A lot.

I had seen Felicity Jones in a Northanger Abbey film adaptation before, so seeing her again in this totally different setting threw me a bit. She definitely gives her character a quiet rebellious quirk, which is balanced by Diego Luna's character's stubborn by-the-book attitude. I don't really have a favorite part of their romance and I hate the fact that this romance was cut short before it really began to bloom. Ah, the horrible question of "what might have been".....

7. "Calamity" Jane and "Wild" Bill Hiccok (Calamity Jane)

Ah...the classic frenemy romance.....

My favorite song from this musical is "I Can Do Without You". These two are honestly so cute when they fight. Their squabbles border on the ridiculous but their comebacks are even worse. They keep me in stitches every time....

But my favorite part is not when they are fighting, but right before they realize they love each other...when Bill shoots the sarsaparilla glass out of Jane's hand and the emotions that follow.

Now, that definitely is not the most romantic scene in the entire film. But here's the deal that everyone misses. Throughout the film, Bill gives subtle nudges to Calamity that she should dress and act more like a female. He KNOWS in his heart that the buckskin-clad, rooting-tooting character that Calamity Jane passes herself off as is not HER. And even when he is pursuing Katie Brown, he never seems to mind too much if he is stuck with Calamity. And in the end, he's also willing to publically humiliate her a bit in order to get her head screwed on straight. Trust me, That. Takes. Guts.

6. Helen Alderson and James Herriot (All Creatures Great and Small)

I got hooked into the James Herriot books as a young teen from my parents. Somehow, they found out that some friends of theirs had this TV series on DVD. For several months, we were borrowing them and watching them with all the family and it is now one of my favorite TV shows.

This series by BBC did a very good representation of the books, particularly Helen and James's romance. It starts out super awkwardly as poor James ends up on the wrong side of her father on multiple occasions. It also doesn't help that her father also has another suitor lined up for her - a wealthy one at that. But what I found absolutely cute was watching Helen fall in love with James...every last awkward strand of him.

Most of their romance takes place in Season One, as it was mostly confined to Herriot's first book. I think my favorite part of their romance was when James asked her out the first time...washing teacups nonetheless!

5. Leia Skywalker-Organda and Han Solo (Star Wars Episodes IV, V, VI, and VII)

Angry woman meet cocky man. Doesn't sound like a good combination does it?

For some reason, it worked with these two.

First came the mutual annoyance with each other (and the sass that came out that was downright entertaining). Then the fascination and the jealousies. Then whoops! A kiss in the back corner of the spaceship. And it all went downhill from there.....

While I love all of their romantic story, I think my favorite part is in Episode VI when Han looks at her and says "I love you" as they are about to break into the Empire stronghold on Endor. I'm not sure I totally like how the writers handled their relationship in Episode VII though. I mean, I know that grief has a funny way with dealing with relationships. But from what I can remember from earlier episodes, the two of them used each other as leaning posts (especially in VI). Don't those normally get stronger as they age?

I don't know...too many unanswered questions and plot holes. But I guess that happens when a new generation of writers takes over doesn't it?

4. Jessica Harrison and Jim Craig (Man From Snowy River, I and II)

The Man from Snowy River is one my favorite films from my childhood. I loved Tom Burlinson, especially in the first film. The sequel seemed a little off to me, and I think they could have finished the romantic line better.

The romance between the two is more of a subplot in the first movie, but a big subplot if you get my meaning. A handsome cowboy, looking for work, makes his way to a cattle ranch. He soon meets up with a really sassy and stubborn rancher's daughter. A covert operation to break a prize colt leads to a complicated and messy relationship between each other and the rest of the Harrison family. It becomes part of the giant struggle of Jim Craig trying to prove his worth as a man.

Jessica is a headstrong girl, (she gets it from her dad, I'm fairly sure). Jim is a very steadfast and solid guy. He knows when to put his foot down when dealing with her, but is always tenderly concerned for her. To me, that's a mark of a really good, well-written hero.

Gosh, this one was hard to pick a favorite part...I love it when Jim finds Jessica's dead horse and immediately leaves valuable cattle in order to search for her....and that he made sure that her father knew where she was....and at the end when he looks directly at her and claims that he will come back "for whatever else is mine." ACH, be still heart.

3. Margaret Hale and John Thornton (North and South)

When viewing this particular mini-series, I felt that it was Pride and Prejudice on steroids. Which made it all the more enjoyable.

Margaret and John's romance is spattered throughout with prideful distain, shattered social conventions, and lots and lots of....emotion! Neither one of these two likes to back down from their high horse at first. But Margaret fascinates John to no end....who is this woman who dares to speak her mind? Eventually, tragedy forces to see each other in a new light, and a wonderful role reversal brings forth enough loving tenderness to leave any girl swooning.

I really didn't like how John was portrayed in the first episode. I later found out that it was a sharp departure from the book, to my relief. He did grow on me as the series went on, and I've been a big fan of Richard Armitage ever since.

My favorite part of their romance was the part in which they meet each other halfway at the train station at the very end of the series. Gosh...those adoring looks....and the rose...and the restrained emotions....its enough to send you running to Pinterest and pinning every single image you can possibly find.

2. Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Green Gables, The Sequel)

While the second film obviously wasn't as good as the first one...I will admit that Sullivan did do an excellent job of capturing this timeless couple's romance almost perfectly. (I'm not even considering the third one...that one is strictly a romance story between characters by Megan Fellows and Jonathan Crombie. Enough said.)

Everything that you can throw at a pair of lovers - hatred, unforgiveness, suitors on the side, awkwardness, serious sickness, broken hearts....you name it, they experienced it.

Gilbert had to deal with a very....umm....difficult female. She had to have broken his heart multiple times before she came to her senses. And Anne? Poor girl had to deal with a blind and rather rebellious heart of her own. How he stood by her, sacrificed so much for her....it gets me right here *taps chest as the tears start*

This one was another one that I had trouble picking my favorite part. I loved it when she broke the slate...the rescue from the lake....but I guess my favorite would have to be the bridge scene with the line from Anne....

"I don't want diamond sunbursts or marble halls....I just want you."

1. Elizabeth Thatcher and Jack Thornton (When Calls the Heart)


These two characters were matched perfectly. Enough sass to keep it entertaining, but both reveal their hearts enough to keep the "awwwws" going. Their personalities and abilities complement each other so well. I must take my hat off to the writers of this series, they have done an awesome job!

This one is a bit unusual in that it's a current series and I haven't seen all the episodes. As of right now, I'm only a quarter of the way through Season 2. So far, my favorite part was when the school children took down the Founder's Day backdrop (that Jack had secretly painted) and discovered that Jack and Elizabeth were in the tapestry....K..I..S..S..I..N..G. Elizabeth's reaction is priceless and his reaction to her confronting him is absolutely hysterical....gosh I'm squealing as I write this.....


And there you have it....10 non-Austen and non-Disney couples that set me fangirling. What are your top ten "other romantic" couples? Share in the comments!

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. I'm so happy you did this! It was a blast reading your picks. Except...I hardly know any of them! :O SHAMEFUL I TELL YA. I don't watch a whole lot of old musicals and/or TV shows and movies. Again, SHAMEFUL. But all these couples sound adorable!

    I skipped reading your answer for Jyn and Cassian because I haven't actually seen Rogue One yet. BUT I NEED TO. But Leia and Han Solo are obviously precious.

    AND OH MY WORD, Margaret Hale and John Thornton!!!!!!!! I FORGOT ABOUT THEMMM. AGH. They would have made it into my post if I had remembered. I LOVE THEM. Everything you said just...YES. (Although, if I'm being honest, I pretty much only watched that series because of Richard Armitage. *cough, cough*)

    Anne and Gilbert are the bessssst. I probably would have put them, too, but I was trying to not do book characters. BUT I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

    And I NEED to watch When Calls the Heart. I've only heard good things, but I haven't seen it yet.

    I apparently have a lot of things I need to watch. o.o

    Thanks for doing this! It was so fun! ^_^

  2. Definitely Jyn and Cassian, Han and Leia. Ummm, no Disney? grrrr! :)Hmmmmmm, I guess:
    3. Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter)
    4. John and Mary (BBC Sherlock
    5. Diana and Steve (Wonder Woman)
    6. Tonks and Remus (Harry Potter)
    7. Ricky and Lucy (I Love Lucy)
    8. Andy and Ellie (Andy Griffith, season 1)
    9. Bones and Booth (Bones)
    10. Steve and Peggy (Captain America: The First Avenger)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ok :). Then most definitely Flynn/Eugene and Rapunzel. :)
      I agree--much too short!! I cried at the end of Captain America. :(

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I admit, most of these couples I've never heard of, but I do love Han and Leia!! Lovely post :)

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

  4. I have never liked Oklahoma!. My dad and my sister does, but I don't know... I like Gordon Macrae but not this musical. I'm glad you enjoy it though!

    Han and Leia. <3

    1. *do, not does. Some days I don't know where my mind is...

      I get what you mean.



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