Beautiful People ~ June's Edition!

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Hello all!

This month's Beautiful People post has been later than usual...mostly because I've been busy helping get a certain 'surprise' up and running (shush, don't tell.)

Anyways, for this month's BP, I've decided to introduce for the very first time, a character from my upcoming July Camp NaNoWriMo/Rooglewood's Five Poisoned Apples short story titled.....

Eirwen has only one desire for her life - to be a good queen to her kingdom of Glywysing. But innocence and kindness have no place in kingdom being torn apart by war, or in the scarred heart of the Queen-Consort. In spite of Eirwen's attempts to bring peace to Glywysing, an attempt on her life forces Eirwen to flee into a decaying orchard. Will she remain safe in the Perllan or will there yet be danger still?

For this BP, I'm introducing my protagonist, Eirwen. Her name is Welsh for "white as snow". Hey, you can't have a Snow White retelling without a name at least referencing snow, right? And this one really didn't sound like an obvious "snow" name either, which I really liked.

1. What’s their favourite place they’ve ever visited?

Eirwen doesn't usually travel outside of the modest stone castle that is her home. However, she remembers very distinctly traveling into a large marketplace at one point in her young life. She remembers the vivid colors of the trader's banners, the tasty street food that her companions gave her, and the lively music that seemed to be coming from everywhere. 

2. What’s one mistake they made that they learned from?

Never leave food unattended. It will either burn, collapse, or sprout legs and walk away when she isn't looking. 

3. What was their favorite subject in school? Or favourite thing to learn about?

Eirwen does love to hear stories about legendary and saintly queens. Her education was somewhat limited, as books are not really available to her. Her mother and the maidservants have taught a few things about the feminine sphere, especially the role of a queen, via stories. 

Her other favorite interest is outdoors. She is eager to learn the art of hunting, and has her own falcon already - a gift from her father. 

4. What’s their favorite flower/growing thing?

Eirwen loves apples and apple trees. Her father has one of the few cultivated apple orchards in Glywysing, and she often goes out there to observe nature. 

5. Have they ever made someone cry? What happened?

Eirwen is much more likely to wipe away tears than to cause them. If she ever makes anyone cry, it is with happiness. 

One of her fondest memories is volunteering to take over the kitchen work while the sick cook rested for a while. The happy tears in her eyes was something that Eirwen treasured for the rest of her life. 

6. Would you consider them a reliable or unreliable narrator?

Eirwen is about as reliable as a well-winded clock. She can't lie very well and she holds no prejudices. 

7. What do they dream about at night?

Eirwen has a strong desire to be a good queen. She longs for a young prince or king to come and marry her so she may raise children of her own.

8. They’ve gone out for a “special meal.” What would they eat?

A "special meal" would be a feast in Eirwen's world. If she had a choice in what she was to put on the table (which doesn't happen often), she would put roast pig, smoked venison, paired with soft creamy potatoes, cooked apples, and some fruit pies.  

9. What’s at least one thing they want to do before they die?

Eirwen longs see at least one country outside of Glywysing's borders, maybe even see the far great ocean that she keeps hearing about from various traders. When she marries, she hopes that her prince will open that door for her. 

10. Do they have any distinguishing or unique talents?

Eirwen is a very talented embroiderer, an even better one than her mother. Only she does the embroidery work on her father's royal robes and even does some embroidery for the Church linens and vestments. 

I have no snippet this time...I haven't started actually plotting this one. I'm waiting until just before Camp starts to do that. In the meantime, I'm going to use all of my free blogging time to play catch up on tags and work on a few drafts that have been sitting in my dashboard for too long, LOL. 

Scribbingly yours, 


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  1. This was very interesting! Your character sounds amazing :) If I did this with my MCs for my retelling, this would get... very interesting. XD

    1. hahahahaha! I love "very interesting" conversations with MCs.

  2. This was awesome!! Eirwen seems like a fun person. :)

  3. Oh how fun! I think I might try to enter the contest, but this is sounding so good I won't have a chance! ;)

    I love how much you have already thought about her. <3 She seems like such a neat person! "Never leave food unattended. It will either burn, collapse, or sprout legs and walk away when she isn't looking." I love that! I can't wait to learn more!!

    1. For goodness sakes, write it and enter! I'd love to see it!

      Seriously, I once told another blogger almost the exact same thing when I saw a story of hers that was similar to a story that I was plotting to write. It almost killed that story right then and there. She encouraged me to write it anyway, and thus "The Snow Dancer of Iclyn" was born.

      Though I've been looking at a lot of other people's ideas for this Rooglewood contest, and I'm feeling really nervous myself.

      Eirwen sort of "developed" as I was putting together this BP (which is what the meme is supposed to do). Normally I plot first before I do a lot of characterization, but wound up reversing it this time.

      I may have inadvertently stumbled onto a snippet quote...*squeals and rubs hands*

  4. Yay! It's up, it's up, it's up!

    1. Yes, FINALLY! I know, you've been impaitient for this one, LOL. Do you like her?

  5. I like her. Awesome job. I always love reading about characters in posts like this. It makes them feel real.

    1. Glad to hear it! BP is one of my favorite posts to do.

  6. I like her already! She's sounds like such a sweet girl--the perfect queen. ^_^

    I was literally thinking about how much I loved her name BEFORE you even mentioned it's Welsh for white as snow. It's perfect!

    You answer for #2 made me LOL. It's true though. Unattended food is dangerous... Heh.

    1. So glad you like her!

      I love names with meaning. But trying to find a name that meant "snow" that didn't seem obvious was...difficult to say the least.

      Yessss....I've broken up parties and ruined countless meals from leaving food unattended. Funny now, not so funny then. heh heh.

  7. Eirwen sounds so sweet! I love how you made her name sneakily relate to Snow White, and besides that, it's a lovely name. XD I had lots of fun reading about your MC! :) Good luck with your writing!

    1. Aw, thanks Melissa! Eirwen is definitely a unique name, and I think it fits her well. This BP was a bit harder than I thought it would, but it really helped me get my creative juices flowing.


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