The Animation Tag (GIFs, anyone???)

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Ah yes! The tag in which I squeal about my favorite animated movies and characters. As well as overload you with a whole lot of GIFs.

(hey, what can I say. You can't talk about animation without using some animation, now can you??).

MovieCritic tagged me for this right around Thanksgiving time. Thank you, dear! This was a super duper fun tag to do :). 

Ze Rules: 

1. Thank the person that tagged you (done!) 
2. Answer ze questions.
3. Tag at least one person.

So, without further ado, let's get this show on the road!!! 

1. Who's you favorite animated heroine?

At risk of being accused of copying, I have to say Rapunzel.


She has long hair, some of my favorite costumes, a great personality, and she's got as many hobbies as I do. Hence we are kindred spirits. 

2. Who's your favorite animated hero?

Heehee, only the most perfect hero on the planet :).


No one comes close, admit it! 

3. If there was to be a sequel(or even a third, fourth, or fifth part)(and I don't mean like Frozen Fever and Tangled Ever After, those short movies, but a real one) of an animated movie, what would you like it to be about?

An actual sequel of Tangled would be nice....

It would start off after the wedding (or include the wedding, why not?). 

We find out there is a plot against the throne of Corona (Stabbington brothers again? Another kidnapping, perhaps?) 

Eugene, and his Snuggly Duckling pals go undercover while Rapuzel goes above cover to resolve said plot. (Accidental meeting?) 

Bonus points if Maximus and Pascal cause mayhem and if there are little Rapunzel/Eugene lookalikes around *wink wink*. 

4. Which couple from an animated movie do you think is highly underrated? 

Hercules and Megura. 


Let's put it this way: 

Meg wanted to seduce Hercules by her feminine wiles (Hades had or had not had something to do with that...). 

He didn't fall for it. He maintained himself by replacing the fallen strap and maintaining his distance. He didn't do anything to her until she backed off and let him lead

In some ways, Meg is like a modern feministic woman. She likes independence and is very clever. But, she's not immune to the admiration that a true hero often evokes. 

And they sacrificed themselves for the other. Meg sacrificed herself by shoving Hercules from the falling column (thus being crushed by said column which broke the horrible deal with Hades). Hercules went down into the Underworld to save Meg's soul from Hade's grasp. If that isn't a sign of true love, I'm not sure what is. 

And yet, this romance isn't as well celebrated as many of Disney's other romances. 

5. Which couple do you like most?

This one:


Telling you why would take way too long.

6. Which song is your favourite?

I wake up to this song very morning. 

7. And if you should choose a song that didn't immediately come up in your mind but is still a favourite, which one would it be?

or maybe....

8. What animation movie did you first think you wouldn't like, but eventually you did?

Honestly, no animated movie comes to mind. Most animated movies I was eager to watch, unlike a lot of live-action movies for years. 

Maybe the closest one that would answer this question would be The Emperor's New Groove. It wasn't until a little ways into the movie that I started to appreciate it. 

Mainly because of these two: 


9. Which two do you always consider as a couple, even though they are not a definite couple, but almost no one else does? 

All of my ships became couples.

I honestly don't remember any other ones.

(I mean, I've heard of the Elsa/Jack Frost bit, but I haven't seen the movie with Jack Frost, sooooo)

10. Which girl from an animated movie has the best hairstyle(s)?

Rapunzel - for best style with long hair



Anna - for best bed-head ever. 


11. Which is the best dress?

File:Merida disney.png

Merida's dresses are my favorite of all the princesses. They are simple, long, flow-y, and high. They don't hinder her (except that really tight one that she rips during the archery contest). Her dresses are also range between blue and green turquoise colors, which I really like on her. Of all the princesses, I would wear Merida's dresses first.

12. Which sidekick is the best according to you?


I can't decide between





or Kronk.


13. What's your favorite Disney princess movie?

My favorite animated Disney princess movie is most definitely Tangled.


14. What's your favorite animated movie (no Disney princess movies included)? 

Well thanks for eliminating about 2 thirds of my favorite animated movies.....

Well, I'm just going to have to go with this movie....


Which they just made into an epic live person musical....


15. What is your Disney personality?

Here is a link to the test.

16. Which animated girl do you think looks most like you(in looks, not in character)?

The closest one would probably be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. 


17.  Which fan theories do you think are true? (you know, those things on Pinterest that say...for example: That Elsa and Anna are Rapunzels cousins, and that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa's brother or that the oldest girl from Despicable Me is maybe Riley's mom from Inside Out)?

I would not be surprised if Rapunzel was Elsa and Anna's cousin (however the family genetics work....) or if Anna really was born with super strength. 

My favorite headcannon though is the one that is floating around Pinterest that states that Gaston cornered the egg market in Beauty and the Beast. 

18. What animated movie did you expect much of, but turned out to be much worse than you originally thought? 

Minions. I thought they were cute at first, but when I watched the movie I hated it. Half of my brothers and I didn't finish it, it was so bad....just the way that they skewed good and evil really made me cringe.


Karyssa Norton @ No Coffee, No Can Do
Lila @ The Cheapskate Bibliomaniac
Madeline @ Tower of Joy

Hope your enjoyed the tag!

Scribblingly yours,


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  1. I am stealing this. This tag is so me. *steals tag from your hands*
    *evil laugh*
    Anyway, YOUR ANSWERS ROCK!! I really like this tag. Animated is the best way to go. :)


  2. I have to agree with you on Minions. I liked Despicable Me--it was cute and sweet. But Minions was I was pretty disappointed with that one for sure. (So disappointed, in fact, that I totally forgot to mention it when I filled out this tag!) :P

  3. Ahhh all the tangled. XP I love that movie. <3

  4. You should write a fanfiction sequel to Tangled. That idea you had for the sequel sounds awesome!!!! I would totally read it.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I wrote a fanfiction sequel to Frozen for a Friend, and it was fun, even though I hate the move. But a sequel to Tangled, sounds awesome.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. YOU HAVE TO WATCH RISE OF THE GUARDIANS!! It's my favorite movie EVER. Jack Frost is AMAAAAAZING!!!!! <3 <3 Please. And then tell me what you think. :)

    However, I do not like the Elsa + Jack Frost thing going on. I do not like it. I do not ship them. :P

    Thanks for the tag!! I think I'll do it! xD

  6. Tangled is the best!! XD

    And Rise of the Guardians is so cute! <3 <3 <3 You should watch it!

  7. I am gonna steal this tag XD







    But I'll make a man out of you is awesome!! Great answers btw :D Ohmygoodness, the first time our cousin from Mexico saw Tangled he kept making us rewind the part where Rapunzel hits Eugene is the head with the frying pan xD He laughed soooo much xD When we went to Mexico, he had a frying pan :P

  9. Ahahaha! LOVED all of your answers! Tangled is probably my ultimate favorite Disney princess, although I'd have to say Belle is very close as well. And yes! Meg and Hercules are extremely underrated. LOVE Kronk and Yzma too!!! *gasp* I didn't know about the musical for Anastasia!! That's awesome. Ditto on the Minion movie - it was not as expected... Have you seen the third Despicable Me yet? I haven't, but I heard it was pretty good! :]

    Loved this post!

  10. Tangled is one of my many favorite movies!:) It's awesome that you like it too,
    "I won't say I'm in Love" is a good song so is "i can go the the distance " (though I never liked the movie because they got a lot of mythology wrong.)
    The emperors new grove is defiantly an awesome movie. (And it's neat that you mentioned it.)

  11. Speaking of tags... you have been tagged. ;) And... you may or may not have had something to do with the making of this particular tag...

  12. This is like tag perfection! I love it!

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on Minions. I love Despicable Me soooooo much, but that movie was awful. So cringy.

  13. Yay!! I love your answers!!! I love Tangled and Anastasia as well. Just saw the Emperor's New Groove and found it more funny and clever than I ever imagined. This tag was so much fun to read!

  14. I love your answers, Catherine! Tangled is one of my favorite animated movies!

    Thanks for tagging me! This tag looks really fun, and I would love to do it sometime soon! =)

  15. I loved reading your answers to this tag! You and I have a lot of the same favorites in animated movies. XD


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