17 Facts About Me - As Told by MK and Lia

Hello all!!

So, I technically wasn't tagged by anyone to do this one....

But....Mary Katherine, Lia and I had so much fun coming up with stuff for Lia's version of this tag, that we decided to repeat the process on MK's blog, and then on mine!

Keeping it consistent with the other two girl's post, I shall start with one fact of my own, and let the other two each share 8 facts. Taking MK's example, I will also be adding personal commentary!

Let us begin!

1. I am a Heinz 57 European when it comes to my ancestry. 

You ready for this?

On my dad's side we have:

Polish (Russia Polish and Galicia/Austrian Polish)
Italian (Naples/Rome)
Possible ancestors from Ukraine and Russia.

On my mom's side we have:

Scottish (Clans Mackinnon, McAlister, and Campbell). Proud to be a Jacobite!
Canadian (Scottish. They took a 300 year detour through Canada to get to America).
Mohawk (Native American)
Ancestors from Netherlands, Ireland, and France.

So excluding the Spanish and Belgium, I pretty much hit all the major countries of Europe between my two parents....(and who knows....maybe my dad's side has it after all...his side still needs a lot of exploring....)

File:Princess Sophia (steamship) (ca 1912).jpg


2. If she laughs too hard, she will start hiccuping and it’s the funniest thing ever!

I have the worst hiccups on the planet, I swear...and yes, my hiccups have caused giggle fits, which of course worsens them, and it's a destructive cycle...

3. She’s obsessed with Celtic music

I blame it on my overly Celtic roots. I grew up identifying myself as a Highland Scot first, so I was raised on Highland bagpipe music. Irish music (both a capella and instrumental) naturally followed, and then the Celtic-inspired novelling music, and then the Welsh music, and now the Celtic medieval music...

Needless to say...I wasn't surprised in December when Spotify reported that my most-listened to genre was Celtic. Not in the least. 

4. She wants to own a farm one day.

I have agriculture and farming in my blood. My parents have always wanted a farm of their own (even though they've been unsuccessful at getting the land and money).

I personally love historic farming. I'm talking 19th century with animal power and hand tools. After 2 internships, I'm begging for more. But if my career dreams never flourish, I'm sure I can find a way to get a piece of land and have my own animals and crops on it, even if it's only a homestead.

5. She knows how to tap dance!

I do!! Believe it or not, I'm a former dancer of a local dance studio. I danced for about 3 years (between the ages of 8-11).

Besides tap, I also learned Broadway jazz and ballet at the studio. My favorite though, was tap. After I left the studio, I picked up some Irish dance steps and I learned how to square dance. And I do dance 3 modern dances (Cotton-Eyed Joe, Cha-Cha-Slide, and Cupid Shuffle), the rest are too obscene for my tastes.

Because I practiced at home so much, I never forgot any of the steps...I still break out dancing when I'm bored, though I'll switch it up with ballet and Irish dancing.

6. Can Cotton-Eyed Joe like nobody’s business. 

Haha!! I dearly love Cotton-Eyed Joe though...the song as well as the dance!

7. She doesn’t like watermelon

Okay, clarification....I like the watermelon taste...in small quantities. I don't like the watermelon texture at all. It's like gritty strings and I don't like it. Not to mention the juice runs everywhere and makes everything sticky.

8. She joined her church choir as a soprano and is loving it!

I joined last December, just in time for Advent. I loved singing from the pew and I was super excited that I could finally have the time to join my home church choir.

I am not looking forward to my first Holy Week Triduum though...it makes my voice hoarse just thinking about it.

9. She constantly has to slap sense into me.

*shrugs and grins*

Mary Katherine

10. Loves The Lords of the Rings and wants to be a shield maiden.

Yes, yes indeed. I'm sure you all know of my obsession with Eowyn by now...

I love Tolkien - and the Lord of the Rings - to death. I recently picked up The Simillarion and The Children of Hurin from the library to read, and I'm super excited to read them!

I do have a warrior streak in me - I'm sure it's from the fact that there is at least one ancestor of mine in every major American conflict since the French and Indian War.

While I'm not handy with a sword yet, I have had some self-defense training and some training with guns. I am in desperate need of more though. And I have a great desire to whip myself into shape physically. However, I have this alarming trend of overdoing it and hurting myself rather badly. And my hand-eye coordination could really use some work...

11. A fan of whatever-team-it-was-that-won-the-Super-Bowl-this-year.


12. She likes Coke (the drink, not the drug) and pink lemonade and tea. But no coffee, poor lamb.

Thank you for that clarification....

No, no coffee. I honestly don't like the taste. I had a coffee flavored beer recently just for kicks and giggles....didn't really like it. Roasted/char tastes don't really agree with my tongue, I find.

13. She reads a lot of historical fiction and fantasy, but will read just about anything as long as its well written and cleanly written.

Very accurate! I'm not afraid to go for an occasional military, thriller, dystopia, an epistolary book (a book of letters), or other book. Of course, it goes without saying that I have to be interested in the story....

The biggest things that make me DNF a book are positive situations involving dark magic and lust. As long as those aren't in there, there is a good chance I'll pick it up to read.

14. She loves gummy candy.

Gummy bears, gummy worms, and gummy peach rings are candies that I don't get very often and I love them to death. Other favorite candies include Starburst, 3 Musketeers, Snickers, Skittles and Jelly Beans.

15. She is often mistaken for a much younger person, though she is one of the most mature girls I know. 

*blushes and smiles*

The struggle is real. To understand what I mean, check out this recent post I did on my personal blog.

16. She likes to watch period dramas and chick flicks, but also Marvel movies and animated films.

Nailed that one on the head!

To be honest, I was NOT a movie person when I was a child. If something happened to the characters, I would run and hide until the danger was over. Not joking.

And then sometime during high school, that changed. I think once I figured out that there were tricks to doing some the scenes, something clicked and it wasn't scary for me anymore. You know, like when someone turns on the light and takes the sheet off the ghost.

As for movie tastes, as long as it's fairly clean and has a good story, I'm game for it!

17. Loves the country and would probably not survive if forced to move to a big city like NYC or LA. 


Let me put it to you this way. I didn't survive living in a small city when in graduate school. Now I don't mind going to visit a city, even on a regular basis. But to live there?? In a city of any size?? FORGET IT. I'm a country girl until I die. Period. Exclamation mark.

Copyright: Catherine Hawthorn

I'm going to leave this tag open...as I have no idea who has been tagged for this tag or not. And with Camp NaNo looming, I'm sure y'all appreciate the break.

Let's talk! Which fact surprised you? What ethnicities make up your ancestry?

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. MY GOODNESS!!!!! This was like reading about myself!!!!!!! Everything from CELTIC MUSIC to Shield Maiden wanna-be, to COULD NOT LIVE IN THE BIG CITY! to HATE COFFEE!!!! *Gives you a big hug to find a kindred spirit in the Blogosphere!!!*


      (P.S. Want to travel to Rohan and join up? LOL)


    1. And I'm something like one-half German....actually, my great-grandparents on one side all moved TO America from Germany, after WWII I believe...so I'm very German indeed. XD Otherwise I'm a good mix of British and maybe a little bit of Welsh....maybe....

    2. Oh my gosh, TWINSIES!! Do you keep any German traditions? Mine is so far removed (my German ancestors immigrated in the late 1800s) that besides some of the food (saurkraut, saurbratten, and a few others), my family lost a lot of it.

    3. Wow. I'm not alone XD Coffee is just... :P

    4. We don't, I'm afraid--I wish we did, but it's just not happening. My mom isn't crazy about German food, and the culture....it just hasn't stuck, unfortunately :P


    5. Awww! That stinks. It's kinda the same situation with the Polish side of my family...my grandparents ditched a lot of the traditions, even a lot of the food went (with the exception of kielbasa).

      And I'm so making a button after this...

  3. Awesome post! It was fun getting to learn more about you. <3


  4. This is an amazing post, Catherine!:) I loved learning facts about everyone.

  5. I'm in the #nocoffeesquad, too! :)

    You already know I totally relate to you on no. 15. ;) But we are total opposites when it comes to no. 17! I am a city girl through and through. I have never lived in the country, and I really don't think I ever could. It's hard to explain the way I feel truly *stifled* by wide open spaces. I much prefer the hustle and bustle of the city, even if the noise is sometimes overwhelming.

    1. I'm gonna have to create a button for this #nocoffeesquad at this rate! LOL.

      Really? How interesting...I feel like I can't breathe in a city! It's all too close (then again, I have claustophobia, so that might have something to do with it....). And the noise and hustle stresses me out (I hustle and bustle as it is on my own account, I don't need that mood to make it worse...LOL).

  6. I love Celtic music, too, though probably because it's very similar to Bluegrass, which is my main style of music. (I play a number of Celtic tunes on my instruments, and they're always fun!) But I've ALWAYS wanted to learn tap dancing!!! I'm always drumming a beat with my fingers, and it'd love to do it with my feet, too! Maybe someday...

    But I LOVE the country!!! I've lived out in it almost all my life (and before we moved, we were in a quiet suburban area, technically not city, either) and can't imagine not being around fields, animals, and tractors. XD

    1. I love bluegrass music too Julian, especially the instrumentals. And yeah, I think that Celtic influenced bluegrass if I remember correctly...

      I'm also in a quiet suburb - I'm right at the edge of farm country and I love it too. With the exception of my grad school, I've always lived in the rural/suburb area....and I can't imagine living out of it either.

  7. These facts are awesome!!!

    I love that you can tap dance!

    I can only dream about living in the country; I live in a city myself, though not a BIG CITY city like NYC or LA or anything. I'm technically a city girl, though! :D


    So many people love tea better, but I am coffee person forever and always. <3 I do enjoy a warm echinacea tea when I have a cold, though. xD

    Again, great tag!!

    1. Thank you Lila!!

      haha, I lived in a small city for grad school. Even then I was pining for the fields. (Maybe one of the reasons why I didn't last there?? LOL).

      haha, I can understand. As Lia mentioned, she is also a coffee person and I know several blogging buddies that couldn't life without coffee.

      Thank you!

  8. What are you writing in the bottom picture? Is it a letter to moi? Man I wish I had done commentary......


    1. Yes you should have.

      Actually no! It's really hard to tell, but it's actually a snippet from SOI!! I loved the aesthetic of it, but my phone took a crappy picture...*hiss*

  9. I keep forgetting you can drink and it throws me off.


    Next time we see each other, we totally need to get some Harbio Sour Gummy Bears :)

    1. HAHA.

      I can understand, there are NOT that many bloggers over the age of 21, so drinking doesn't really come up that often...

      Yes, we should!!

  10. Goodness, your ancestry is AMAZING. My mom's side is definitely Russian Polish (which means my brother and I can't claim citizenship there :P ), and my dad's side is Slavic, I believe. Some people think I'm Irish though XD

    And ugh, yes, I can NOT do cities. I kinda live in one right now (spread out, with sky scrapers only in downtown), and I'm okay visiting them, but living in one would be terrible. I would live in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere if I could.

    Loved this post!

    1. Haha, thank you Audrey!! Wow, we have some ethnicities in common, that is so cool!!

      Oh yeah, I know those kinds of cities...they are tolerable, you're right. I hate driving through them, I couldn't stand living in a big city...


  11. I was surprised that you were a big Eagles fan, I didn't expect that you would be a football fan. But I'm guessing that no one would think that I'm a hardcore Chicago Cubs fan xD

    That's so cool that you're from pretty much from all of the major European countries! I am half Mexican and a quarter Filipino. I'm very proud of my heritage. =)

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. Not a lot of people would - but I am a big football fan, have been since I was little. I went to almost every home game at my college (even though our team wasn't...hem...the best in the division). I didn't know you were a baseball fan!

      Oh that is so cool!! I wondered if you were Mexican from your surname. Yay, I'm so glad! I love to see people embrace their history and heritage :)

  12. Actually recently my dad got DNA kits for most of us, and the curious thing is the percentage of each ethnicity in me and two siblings were different. We had the same ones, but my brother was majority Irish and Western European. My sister was majority Great Britain and Irish. I was mostly Great Britain and Western European. We had a bit of Eastern European and Scandanavian too, but it was a very fascinating thing.

    1. That is really cool, Meaghan! I've wanted to get DNA tested (just haven't been able to cough up the money to do it yet...#brokecollegegraduate)

      Genetics is fascinating in that each person gets a unique sequence. Each child, when conceived, takes on different traits from their parents. So, one baby may get more of the Irish, another may take more of the British, and so on. It's fascinating to see the different mixes between you and your siblings!

  13. This is so much fun to read!

    I wouldn't be able to trust any of my friends with writing facts about me. XD

    1. Thank you Gray!

      Haha, it is rather nerve-wracking when you have no idea what they are going to reveal about you! But on the flip side, it's really interesting to see you through another person's eyes and what really stands out to other people.


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