Camp NaNo Log - 7/16, 7/23 and 7/24

12:31 PM

*Catherine awkwardly sneaks in*

*Catherine gets tackled by anxious readers*

NO, I'M NOT DEAD (though I will be if y'all don't get off me!!).

*Catherine gets helped up*

Now, if everyone will settle down, I'll explain what *hem* happened.

*Readers sit down* you can see, I didn't work on my "project" at all for a solid week. I'm afraid I have a good reason for it. That will be coming up in a post later on.

For now, I leave you with a mile long report about what I've done in the past few days!


WIP of the Day: Multiple ones. To be fair, I did work for over 3 hours!

Fair Winds: transferring one scene from Fallen Angel into Shaxpir.

Ancora Spei: transferring all the previously written snippets into Shaxpir

Seeds of An Orchard Invisible: All the paper notes were transcribed into Shaxpir, and 2 character sheets were started.


WIP of the Day: Seeds of an Orchard Invisible

What I did: 

Tried (for 2 hours) making a new mock be perfectly honest....

It looks a lot more like a CD cover....doesn't it?


My brother Matthew is probably going to cringe when he sees this mess. LOL. I still want the same graphic concept but we gotta rework this thing.....


WIP of the Day:

What I did:

I created avatars for the side characters! To see the avatars of my main characters, click HERE.

From Left to Right: Riona Callaghan, Patrick Callaghan, and Fr. Donaldson (of Culmore)

Riona and Patrick Callaghan are John's younger siblings. Fr. Donaldson is the priest at the chapel in Culmore where most of the characters go to Mass. He acts as sort of a mentor/voice of reason to John (well, to the best of his ability anyway...).

In order to get the costuming right, I had to use the Hobbit archtype for the two children (and the women....). Hence you may notice that I've done my best to hide that particular fact by adding stuff around the feet. In Riona's case, it's two squirrels. (I mean, she does like animals a lot, so it works!)

Fr. Donaldson was also quite a challenge. I had to use the Wizard archtype in order to access robes that were similar to a Roman cassock. Although...the only glaring detail is the wristband on the sleeves (the hands should be bare....), so I guess I can't complain too much (good thing that priests wear black!!!).

Left to Right: Liam McAndrews, Colm McAndrews, and Sarah Archer

Liam and Colm McAndrews are two Scots-Irish brothers that are John Callaghan's companions and best friends. They lead the way to Culmore :).

Sarah Archer is Rose's best friend. Her family is more prosperous than most of the characters, so she is more educated. She's also well aware of the suffering of her people, so she does lots of acts of charity, including sharing food.

From doing these avatars, I've learned that this LOTR avatar builder is much more suited to fantasy characters instead of historical ones. Unfortunately for me, unless I plan to make a story about the Tudor era, I'm stuck. *shrugs*

So, I'm currently sitting at 24 hours towards my goal of 30. In the next log, I'm planning on doing Jane Maree's 7-7-7 challenge....but with which WIP, I'm not certain yet!

Scribblingly yours,


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  1. Cool! And nice pictures! Isn't Azalea's Dolls just the best for making character pics?

    1. Thank you Belle! And yes, it is one of the best I've ever come across - I love that avatar site so much!

  2. Yay! You’re back!

    Those are cool avatars! (And I like how you disguised the hobbit feet!)

  3. Ah, I love your updates! Quick question: What do you use to make your covers?


    1. Awww, thank you Ceci!!

      For my covers, I use a free image manipulation software called GIMP, which you can download via this link: It's similar to Photoshop, but it does take some "experimenting" to get the hang of it, I find. The images are free ones that I've found on Pixabay, mostly (although I have found some via CC Search). I basically layer a bunch of images, text and shapes together into a (somewhat) cohesive design :).

    2. Thank you Catherine!!! <3

    3. You're very welcome! I hope it was helpful!

  4. Ah, I love hearing about your stories!!! :-D
    And I also love your character's pictures. XD

    1. Thank you so much MEM! (I love hearing about your stories too!)

  5. Your stories are awesome, Catherine! :)

  6. Glad to see you're back! And I love your book covers, they're so lovely. <3

    1. Thank you so much Gray!! *hugs* I'm so glad you like them!

  7. *gives you tea* Glad you're back! And those avatars seem like a really interesting way of visualizing your characters. Very cool! XD <3

    Snapper |

    1. *happily drinks tea and hands you a cookie* Thank you Snaps :).

      I started doing the avatars a year ago because I wanted some aesthetics for my characters and I can't really draw that well.

  8. Very lovely avatars! And awww, even if it does look similar to a CD, that cover is still gorgeous. :)

  9. No Catherines were harmed in the making of this post. :D

  10. I do love reading updates about your stories! (I was on vacation, so I missed all your Camp NaNo updates. I've been trying to catch up on all I missed while I was gone. :)


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