Camp NaNo Log - 7/7

Hello everyone!

Can you believe that it's now one whole week into Camp NaNo?

So far, despite the fact that the scale of the project is starting to freak me out a lot, I'm doing well on my hours. I've currently completed 9 hours out of my goal of 30.

And as of the end of the day today, I have worked at least one hour on each of the 7 WIPs. Even if I spend the bulk of the rest of Camp on 3 or 4 works, I can now safely say I worked on all 7 WIPs as a I promised I would!

Now, let the serious transcription begin....

WIP of the Day:

Mock Cover to change this month!
Eirwen’s core is slowly rotting…..
From infancy, she has only desired to be a good and kind queen to her people of Glywysing. But a scandalous marriage by her widowed father sows seeds of anger in her heart. An anger that, in a kingdom about to rebel and a castle full of scarred hearts, could be advantageous or disastrous.
When a hunting party trip turns deadly, Eirwen is forced to flee into a decaying orchard. But she doesn’t leave those invisible seeds behind….Will Eirwen cut through the undergrowth of her heart or will an invisible orchard hem her in?  

What I did:

World-building! was more "finding the world-building". You see, I sort of crafted the world of SOI between blog posts, and the actual writing snippets. I have yet to find any actual world-building notes in my stash.

Nearly every major world-building category was at least touched on in the ~6000 word draft of SOI (or it was mentioned outside of writing - it is scary how little details could easily slip into blog posts and never make it into the actual world-building notes....). At this point, it's not nearly as detailed as you readers have grown to expect from me - I need more time with it!

I do have an interesting twist in the world-building. Even though it's based in Medieval Wales, I did change a few things. One was laws of succession to children.

You see, Wales allowed greater recognition of illegitimate children as a culture. They were allowed to own property and were not nearly as ostracized as in other cultures.

However, illegitimate children are often denied the rights to thrones, since one of the parents isn't of royal blood in most Catholic/European circles. This proved to be an interesting concept to play with - where do my characters lie on this issue?

Well, to give you an idea, here is a recent proclamation from Glywysing:

  “Let it be known….that in the laws of succession for the throne of Glywysing, it shall be declared that if a king marry for a second time while he has issue from the first, the issue of the first marriage will maintain being first dynastic heirs.
“Let it be also known, that any woman who is born out of wedlock is not eligible to be a spouse of a king or noble of Glywysing. If any union should be made, the offspring are also denied accession rights to the throne or estate. 

This sets up a huge conflict in this - with this new law, my villian is now stripped of her title and rank and what she wants (the throne) is now in the hands of her greatest enemy (which is my MC, Eirwen). Cue the jealousy. Let the evil plotting begin!

Okay....enough talking about my stuff. After a week, y'all are bound to be tired of it. It's YOUR TURN to talk!!! 

How is your Camp project going, if you are participating? What projects have you all been working on? What is your favorite part of drafting - worldbuilding, characters, plot or aesthetics? 

Scribblingly yours,


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  1. Great post! Sounds like you are making lots of progress on you projects! I'm making a small dent into my word count goal, but I have to keep reminding myself that I still have time! So far, slowly but steady, it's been going good! I haven't run into any major road blocks so far... ;)
    I like reading your updates!

    1. Thank you so much Brooklyne!! Your regular comments make my day :)

      Oh that's wonderful!!! Slow and steady is the best, and thank heavens no road blocks have come up. I dearly hope it STAYS that way for you!

  2. I haven't ever participated in Camp Nano or the actual event in November. It'd probably help me actually get somewhere (I'm not doing all that great with writing, at all). Sometimes I have difficulties prioritizing my writing.

    7 WIPs in one month? How on earth do you keep track of everything with that?

    1. I would definitely recommend Camp NaNo - it's much more flexible than the regular event - at least to start. I'm finding that I write the best in April and July because of it!

      Haha - I have several ways of keeping them straight. My handwritten notes are all collected in separate sleeves in a trapper keeper. I also have separate online note pages on my phone and computer.

      My main problem is that notes for my stories are stored in various places (as you can see) and I'm afraid of 1. losing them and 2. contradicting plot notes, which leads to the possibility of plot holes.

      So, with that in mind, I'm currently "gathering" them into one writing program, which for me is Shaxpir since I don't have Scrivener (with a Word copy for a backup).


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