End of Camp NaNoWriMo July 2018

12:56 PM

It's so hard to believe that 31 days have just whizzed by. And yet, it's happened again.

We've come to the end of another Camp NaNo session. And what a wonderful session it has been.

First things first, I have a few shout-outs to make:

First to Jane Maree for allowing me to participate in The Fellowship again (for the third time :) ).

Second to all of my Cabin mates, especially MiddleEarthMusician, Tesariel, Kendra Lynne, Bria Snow, and J.A Penrose. Y'all have been awesome, as always :). I hope to have many more adventures with all of you in the future!

Third to my Alpha Squad, Lia and MK, for keeping me sane throughout all the craziness that happened during July. *sends lots of hugs*

And lastly, I really want to give a huge shout-out and lots of thanks to all of you readers especially for your uplifting comments throughout the month. I'm sure y'all thought I was nuts when I took this project on and for attempting a log (and you would be right...). Every single one of those comments was the juice that kept me slogging through. And I can't thank you enough for that....*wipes eyes*.

Best parts of Camp: 

- All the encouraging comments that I got on ALL my logs. (Again, thank you!)

- Creating all the mock covers. I think that was my favorite out of all the things I did for Camp.

- Seeing my wonderful cabin buddies again :).

- Shaxpir cooperated wonderfully and is proving to be a great asset to my writing madness!!

- I managed to reach my goal - legitimately!!!!

What I learned 

- Tackling 8 story ideas at once was an extremely bad idea.

- That I tend to do better when I have a decent chunk of time to write instead of breaking it up into smaller portions throughout the week.

- When discouraged, aesthetics make me feel much better.

- It takes a lot more time to transcribe notes and create than I originally thought.

- That I should have done this project a long, long, LONG time ago.

With that said, how did "writing" go?

It began super well. After my now-traditional writing break on the first day, I managed to work for at least an hour each day for 11 days straight. For once, I was actually ahead of schedule!

And then things slowed down majorly in the third week.

At first the break was only for a couple of days, and then for one week I stopped work entirely. During that week, I was dealing with a lot of physical fatigue, anxiety, and a major adjustment at work and so needed some recovery time.
(Things have come to a somewhat even keel again....for now. That may change at the end of summer for better or worse....)

After that week long break, I did get some very decent progress done in the last week of camp. And I'm very happy to say that I got to my hours goal - without lowering it! I feel a lot more accomplished that I won "legitimately" for the first time and during my 3rd Camp NaNo to boot :).

However, if you look at my "actual" task list:


Ideally all those cells should have been green or at least blue. That's what I get for working on standardizing 8 WIPs at once. 

Especially towards the end, I wanted to drop the project all together because I was getting excited to work on/frustrated with the one WIP that I was working on that day.

So....what's next? 

I'm taking a break from all of my WIPs for at least the month of August, and work on catching up on some of my other blogging that I've neglected (read: tags....and RW's blogoversary!).

After that, I think I'm going to try to work on one WIP for a month each time and see how that goes. A lot of that depends on how my muse cooperates...and that LIFE doesn't pull a fast one on me. Seeing as I don't have a good track record in that, I'm trying to be as optimistic as possible. That being said, comments are still going to be very helter-skelter, and blog posts will be irregular again. At least, as long as I'm working at that dairy....*SIGH*

How did your Camp NaNo go (if you participated)? What was one of your "best moments" or "lessons learned"? Feel free to share! 

Scribblingly yours, 


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  1. Great post! Way to go! Congratulations on making it to your goal for camp Nano!

  2. Tackling 8 WIPs at once is commendable...and completely understandable that it turned into slightly organized chaos...

    Frankly, that sounds like me a few years ago when I was trying to write a bunch of books at the same time. I found I work better with one (maybe two) projects a month. :)

    I did enjoy seeing your covers and aesthetics and character designs, though!

  3. Good job Catherine! I was also ahead for a while and then got behind...I honestly didn't think that I was going to finish.....

    My "best moment" was I made three awesome-sauce bookcovers at midnight. Like, they even look good when I'm wide awake xD


  4. Congratulations on all you got done this month! The fact that you were able to keep up as well as you were with eight projects is amazing.
    When's your blogiversary? Mine's tomorrow, so it seems like they're not too far apart. :)
    My "best moment" wasn't actually related to Camp NaNo, but a few days ago I found that someone on the NaNoWriMo website had listed me as one of their three named favorite authors. I was actually first on the list. That made my week. XD And I actually got to talk with her some about what she'd enjoyed and about my plans for future stories! It's still weird to me that people I haven't met in person have read and enjoyed my writing, lol.

  5. Good job on all your projects! I still can’t believe you managed to work on 8 WIPs. :) I probably shouldn’t try to work on more than two at a time, because then I spread myself too thin.

  6. Great job on reaching your goal!! That's super awesome.

    I worked on two main projects, but then two other side projects helped fill in the gaps here and there. So that was nice. And I reached my goal, so that's even better!

    I hope you have a great August!

  7. SO proud of all your hard work this month, Catherine!! It was absolutely wonderful to have you in the cabin again. Thank you so much for adding your awesomeness. <3

  8. Congrats on all your writing Catherine!!! :-) It was awesome being with you in the Cabin. <33 I hope you have a spectacular August!!!

  9. Congratulations Catherine. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with all your awesome posts on Camp NaNo. I still plan to read them all.

    July in my family turned out to be insanely busy. So busy that I planned a deadline to finish earlier so I would be done before camp.

    My camp nano went awesome. I finished first in my cabin again, which was a different one then last time. Your cabin did better. I actually finished in one week. Yes I wrote many hours. :D
    My best moment was finishing. But I learned do less then 25,000 words if you are just revising. In the end I was just adding words because I had finished but needed many more words. I think in the actual project I fell short. My math skills were giving me different answers. But by the end of the month, I certainly passed the amount with all my different writings I've done since then.


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