NaNoWriMo Weeks 3 and 4 Update

1:55 PM

Hello y'all!

A thousand apologies for missing last week's update!!!!! Things got rather hairy around Thanksgiving so I never got Week 3's post written and sent out in the world. As a result, this week's update is going to be loooooong.....and probably boring.

So, feel free to skip this post for my next one. Unless you want to read a whole bunch of snippets.

Whoever created this and placed it on Pixabay is a genius....

Monday, November 12

Being in bed with a headache paved the way for a large writing day with a notebook and pencil. Two word wars with my NaNo hangouts group (The Pen Dragons) really really helped - I wrote 1180 words in total!

Here is a snippet:

Ealdread couldn’t sleep. The night was heavy, the moisture thick. Never had a sheet felt so oppressive.
There was not a thing for it, he had to get up. Even if it was only to get a warm glass of sheep’s milk. Pity that Duventoliel didn’t keep many cows.....
With a sigh, Ealdread tossed the sheet and slipped on a pair of trousers and boots over his night shirt. Her slipped out of his room, quiet as a mouse.

Tuesday, November 13

Welp, so much for a decent start. I wound up only writing 52 words that day. Not much to write home about.

Wednesday, November 14

I only wrote partial scenes this day, but those 559 words revolved mostly around the first of the Karala Games events, which is to tame a wild horse. There is a bit of a twist that sent Ealdread into the library to do some research, so that was fun, LOL.

Thursday, November 15

Today was a really good writing day with 1436 words!

My antagonist crept out from the shadows of Castle Sidabras and really surprised me with another sabotaging incident. Though I really should have known that Magda would not have been satisfied with just ONE sabotaging incident towards the end of the novel.

Here is a snippet:

The two young liveryman saluted their princess with serious expressions in every part of their face....except their eyes. These sparkled with devotion and pride with being entrusted with such an important task.
The two then turned about and soon, their boots clacked in a quick march step down the corridor.
Lurking in the shadows, a pair of dark green eyes had been watching the two. Her muscles as still as stone, her mind whirring as the wind, Magda watched them pass the shadowy corner in which she had been hiding just minutes before.

Friday, November 16

This day was also a day that I wrote a lot of partial or small scenes, with a 555 word count. My favorite was a scene with Ealdread and Janina as they fight to keep some rowdy kids under control.

November 17-19: 0 words

This was, by far, my longest stretch without writing....but this weekend was a disaster for me.

Saturday is never really a good day for me to write anyway because of my work schedule. But I wound up being asked to work a Sunday shift, so that shot my writing time for pretty much the entire day. Monday...was a recovery day, plus starting to prep for Thanksgiving. 

Tuesday, November 20: 

After having three days of having no words at all, even a small amount of words (52) was acceptable. Too bad the laundry had to take precedence over writing, LOL.

Wednesday, November 21:

As my family and I were making a flying visit to extended family for Thanksgiving, naturally lots of preparations had to done today. I wasn't able to write any words in the car either, but I did manage to work on a tag or two, LOL.

Thursday, November 22:

Even though it was Thanksgiving, I managed to squeeze out 156 words while I was watching the parade on TV.

The particular scene that I worked on that day was the beginning of the second of the Karala events, which is currently called the Archery Hunt. At the moment, it's just bare bones, but at least it's a start!

Friday, November 23: 

Today was another good day: 1360 words!

Well, y' villian struck again. And she's getting more and more dangerous by the minute.....

To show what I mean, here's a snippet:

Reaching the top of the stairs, she listened at the crack between the heavy door and the stone wall. Hearing nothing alarming, she cautiously opened it.
Here was a small dark balcony, used in the past as a sentry post. These old sentry posts were excellent for hanging decorations, and Madga could see the ties for at least two pendant banners hanging from the rails.

Saturday, November 24:

Today was adding onto one small scene and starting another one, mostly character interaction. After such an intense scene as yesterday's, a happy meeting scene is just what the muse wanted. Though I'm not sure I particularly like the 275 word count.

November 25-26: 0 words. 

At the moment, things are pretty sparse in the inspiration department. Either that or I was too tired to write. Both are acceptable excuses, right?

Tuesday, November 27:

Today's writing was adding 253 words onto the "happy meeting" scene that I stopped on the last time I wrote. Now to write actual dance steps into it....LOL.

Wednesday, November 28:

I managed to add another 90 words to the Archery Hunt event chapter while I watched some TV. The words were simply not coming that night, even though I had an idea of where I was going. Hopefully that will change tomorrow.

Thursday, November 29:

If a writing day could be repeated, this would be it. It was basically yesterday's writing with 5 additional words.

Friday, November 30:

Today, I finished NaNo with a pretty strong word count: 1230 words. I did a lot of fleshing out on the Archery Hunt chapters - yes, chapters, I had to break it up because there was so much going on!

And here is one final snippet for you hungry readers:

Ealdread, together with his group of nobles, gathered their horses from the corral. The cold, misty rain beaded on their cloaks as the saddles were thrown onto the horses backs. Tobias and other squires gathered small knives, axes, and sheets of canvas to be placed around their saddles.
Ealdread chose to leave his sword behind and secured it in a trunk located in his tent. He didn't want it getting in the way, despite the fact that it was dangerous out in the forest.

And that takes us to the end of the month! Soon, I'll have my usual recap post that will go more into detail about some of the struggles and triumphs that made up my first ever NaNoWriMo!

Scribblingly yours,


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  2. Yumdid an amazing job! I didn't make past the first 10 days. *sniff*

    ARCHERY HUNT!!!!!!!!!! Whoo hoo!!! Sorry, I have an obsession with archery...


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