We're Plotting Something.....

*Catherine peeks out from behind the back wall at the readers milling around*


*readers look up*

Hey, come over here....

*readers look at each other in confusion*

Yeah, you guys. Come on over here.

*readers cautiously approach Catherine, who still is hiding behind the wall*

Out of curiosity, have any of you seen Lia's post?

*some readers nod, in others the confusion deepens*

Okay, I'll lay it all out. Lia and I are, ahem, plotting a super secret project of epic proportions.

*readers eyebrows raise*

But here's the deal....

*readers lean in*

In order for this to work, we need curious minds. Especially, those who love a good story. Is there something that you're dying to know about either Lia or me? Any inside jokes that you want to hear the explanation of? Any crazy factoids that we have neglected to share about ourselves?

Ask Us Anything!

*Catherine pushes out an empty comment box for the reader's convenience and then disappears into the shadows* 

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  1. haha, yep my curiosity is piqued! Will head over to Lia's blog ;)


    1. yay! I loved your questions on there, so excited to answer them!!!

  2. What are your views on dark chocolate?
    Tolkien or Lewis?
    What is your favorite quote (or one of them)?

  3. What are your thoughts on pets? Do you have any?

    Funniest experience together?

    One thing you don't understand about the other?

    Nothing intrigues me like the phrase "super secret project"! ;D

    Lila @ The Red-Hooded Writer

    1. FUN!! I love these sorts of questions. Prepare for lots of laughs, Lila!

  4. Cats or dogs?

    Is there anything that you both disagree on passionately, but decide that it's not worth sacrificing your friendship over?

    What is a memory that you remember differently?

    1. Ooooooh, dramatic questions! I love these, Sarah!! Thank you!!

  5. Who is your favorite Star Wars/Lotr/Hobbit character? (easy questions, right? xD)

    In y'all's opinion, is white chocolate really chocolate?

    What is one thing your sister didn't know about you before I asked this question?

    What is your favorite blog (other than your own)?

    1. ooooooooooohhhhhh you give good questions, Lacy!! Thank you!!

  6. Who are some of your favorite saints and why?

  7. What are your favorite musicals and why?
    If you could join your favorite character (from a book) in their world , which would you choose? Or would you rather bring them into our world?
    Name a song you love, but your sister can't stand?
    What book do you both like or hate?
    If you could wake up tomorrow in any country and live there which would you choose?
    What is each of your best memories of your sister?


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