The February Fantasy "What If" Tag

1:37 AM

At long last, I finally start tackling my Tag-To-Do List. Which has grown again by two tags. I hereby reinstitute Taggy Tuesday in hopes to getting my stash down again. Because really, this track record of doing tags 8 months after getting them is really bad and it needs to STAHP.

Anyhoo, I got tagged to do this tag from LAST YEAR by a very dear blogging friend of mine, Erica @ Story of a Storyteller. You can view her original post HERE. If you would like to have this year's tag, I suggest you stop by Jenelle Schmidt's blog which is HERE.

Ze Rules
1. Thank the blogger who tagged you. (Thank you Erica!!)
2. Include the graphic somewhere in your post. (it's above!)
3. Answer the questions. (As if I had a choice in this manner?)
4. Tag a few bloggers--and let them know they've been tagged.
5. Have fun!

1. Your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. The cast of the most recent fantasy book you've read comes to your assistance . . . Who are they? Will they be helpful?

That would be the cast of Disowned by Sarah Addison-Fox. (A book well worth reading, by the way).

So I imagine that who would show up would be Celeste, Mick, Ethan, Maggie, Joe and Sadie. Joe would be all over the car, seeing how it would work - while Mick would be trying to extract him from it. Ethan would probably offer me Spook to ride for help. Celeste would stay back and watch everything. Maggie and Sadie would be calming me down - after all, I would be in a rather excitable state of mind.

So I imagine that they would be helpful in the long run :).

2. You go to bed one evening and wake up in the lair of the villain of the last fairytale you read. Where are you and how do you plan to get out?

D'ahhhhhh. Well, the last original fairytale that I read was well over a year ago (I've been trying to find fairy stories, but I keep finding retellings. Go figure.) happens to be Snow White.

So the lair that I would end up is probably the Step-Queen's bedchamber. After all, I'm assuming that she would have her mirror there.

So, I'm going to hide under her bed and wait until she's off doing her queenly stuff. I may consult the mirror and I may not. I would see if I could drain her stash of poisons either in the cracks of the floor or the fireplace though - because really, she could kill someone with that stuff.

And if she finds me? Well, I suppose I could claim to be the clumsy maid, but I bet that mirror would rat me out. Maybe I should have consulted him after all. Oh well, too late for that now. I guess I would be enslaved right about I get sent down the kitchens to work. And then the handsome gardeners boy would see me and make secret plans to hustle me off into a private chapel where a nice priest would see to my welfare and send me back to my family.

3. You are transported into a fantasy realm and given a mythical creature as a companion and best friend . . . Which mythical creature do you get?

Well.....I think that my little companion would be a Kellas Cat. For those familiar with Scottish folklore, it's a real cat that inspired the Cat Sith legends.

They are large black cats (slightly larger than domestic cats) that have a white patch on their chest. According to Wikipedia, they are a hybrid between a domestic cat and a Scottish wildcat.

Frankly, everything else is either too violent, too outlandish and weird, or just not interesting enough. Even though I'm a dog person by nature, I think I'd like to have a Kellas Cat with me in the wilds of the moors.

4. In a strange series of coincidences, you end up needing to take the place of your favorite fantasy hero or heroine. Who are you?

Shall I answer this in a riddle? I believe I shall.

Eyes of silver gray, hair of shimmering gold

Tall she stands on Windfola

Sword on her side, shield on her arm

No man shall hinder the White Lady as she rides. 

Who is she? 

Stumped? Here is the answer: *Eowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan*

5. To go along with question #4, now that you are that character, is there anything you would do differently than that character, now that you are running the show?

Umm, maybe. Instead of sneaking out disguised as a guy, I'd probably assemble an army of women to protect the city of Rohan. Frankly, I'd be terrible at sneaking around disguised as a man.

Oh wait! I actually have a better one. I would sneak in, but as a cook or a nurse or something. I'd hide a short sword in my dress and maybe steal some armor off of one of my wounded/dead comrade or something. (wow, that sounds just wrong, doesn't it? But he won't be needing it.....)

And then, when the men aren't looking, I'll blend in with them and seek out the Witch-King.

Though, the more I look at it, the more that I think Eowyn's storyline works better somehow. Don't ask me why.

6. If you were yourself in a fantasy novel, what role do you think you would play in the story?

I think that I would see myself more as a mentor character than the heroine or any other character. I have too much of a studious background and too many facts and cautions swirling around my head to think much of heroics.

But then, I don't see myself as being old though...I see myself being in a fantasy novel as I am now - a young woman in my mid-twenties. Is there such a mentor? Or shall I be a trendsetter? Or is it that I have a hidden destiny to complete the mission that my Chosen One leaves behind?

7. One morning, as you are going about your daily business, you pick up an everyday item and a voice booms in your head with prophetic words about your future. What object is it, and what is the prophecy?

We're going to presume that the prophetic voice is from God, then? Because I wouldn't take stock of it if it wasn't.

With my luck, the object would be my rosary beads.

For those who are non-Catholic, it's a necklace-like string of 59 beads with a crucifix on the end, and a medal in the middle. It's used to aid keeping track of the repeated prayers (Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glory Bes) that I say while meditating on the lives and mysteries of Our Lord and Our Lady - which I do daily with my family.

As for prophecy, I won't put words in God's Mouth. Though I'm sure it will follow the lines of various other prophecies that other saints have been given in the past: I shall have many difficulties to work though on this earth, but in the end, my soul will be purified. And that is satisfactory to me.

8. You are transported into a magical realm and turned into a mythical beast . . . What beast/fantasy creature do you want to be?

I would have a coat of black, a long flowing tail, four solid hoofs, with a feminine torso clothed in a leather jerkin, and long flowing black hair.

If that poetic piece of prose confused the dickens out of you, I wish to be...

A centaur.

Which happens to be my favorite mythical creature.

9. If you could read your way into any fantasy realm, but the catch is you can never leave, would you? Which realm would you choose?

Welp, there is only one acceptable answer to this. And that would be a solid yes.

As for the realm....has anyone made a guess of which one I would choose?

If you thought Middle Earth, congratulations. Have a piece of lembas on me.

10. As you are going about your normal day, you discover that you have a magical power. What is it?

Well, since I already possess the magical ability to spin tales, create meals, and such.....maybe the power of an extensive memory. That seems realistic and would serve me well in the future. So many problems have been created from ill memory recently that I would love it if that was reversed....

I Tag:

Lacy @ Life of an Elf (to be fair, she did ask, LOL)

and anyone else who wants an outdated tag!

Your turn! What role do you see yourself in a fantasy novel? What mythological creature would you want as a best friend (or to turn into?) Any suggestions on how to NOT procrastinate on favorite subjects such as tags? Chat with me in the comments! 

Scribblingly yours,


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  1. Gotta admit, I wouldn't be about to leave home to live the rest of my life in a fantasy world...even if it *was* Narnia. :)

    A Kellas Cat sounds cool! Hm. I kind of want a tame griffin. Or a tame Pegasus. Not that those creatures tend to be tame? But can you beat a good ol' flying horse? I think not.

    I knew you'd pick Eowyn! She's pretty spectacular. (Man, do I need to read The Lord of the Rings again...)

    Lovely tag, Catherine!

  2. Hehe, yeah, I might steal this. I don’t know . . . *debates with myself* *sees long line of tags I still have to do* Well, shoot. XD

    I totally called that you would be Eowyn! Hands-down, one of the best characters in that entire series. And that movie line (not sure if it's in the book or not - I haven’t read ROTK in so long) "I am no man” - GAH, IT'S SO GOOD.

    Loved this post, Catherine! And that last GIF . . . <3

  3. To steal or not to steal, that is the question. (Answer: probably am going to steal this tag, once I finish the other one that is similar to this, but not the same.)

    Also I like the riddle, though I almost guessed Lady Galadriel, (partly because of one of the lines in it) though I had a feeling that it was Eowyn, but that's awesome that you would be Eowyn. Eowyn is such an awesome warrior woman, and her story so cool, so THAT'S AWESOME.

    1. Oh...awesome. I'm glad I get to steal this tag *steals tag*

      I think it was the golden hair line, since Lady Galadriel is known for having golden hair (that Gimli wanted as a gift), but the other lines changed my mind.

  4. This was an awesome tag. XD I LOVED your answers! Also, I didn't know your favorite fantasy creature was a centaur!!! That's cool!!! :-D

  5. Eowyn is the best. She's always been a favorite character of mine, especially in the book. She and Faramir are ADORABLE together!

    It's be kinda cool to be a centaur. Though I still wonder where their heart is? Do they have two hearts (gasp - time lord!!)or just one heart? What about ribs?

  6. Oh gosh this is epic, late or not. I would be a sidekick. I’m not bold enough to be the hero, but I can totally be of use if someone else makes the plan. And I’d want to have/be a dragon. Always a dragon.

  7. Hello there!! So sorry I haven't seen this before... I know I should get back to blogging... I had to stop when my laptop perished in a watery grave (AKA got wet and technology isn't fond of swimming). So... Yes, I've had to really take a step back on writing for that reason and because of everything else that has taken life and shaken it out by the corners. XD I'm using my sister's computer right now, but HOPEFULLY I'll get back to blogging sometime this year, we'll see. ;)
    But I have missed blogging too... Missed seeing this delightful bloggie friend especially!! <3
    Anyway, I LOVED seeing your post!!! EOWYN YESS!!!!!! Is she not simply the awesomest ever!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Great job with this, I'm so glad you were able to get to it!! :)

  8. Oh brother, I should have checked back forever ago... Anyway...
    *TACKLE HUGS BACK* I missed you too!!!!!!
    Yes... I finally worked the courage to rip the Rich Mullins CD out of there with my brother about a month ago. I knew it wasn't coming back to life, but it was still painful. XD
    YAAYY!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the finished product!!!!! Whenever you get that thing done it's going to be so amazing!!!!!!!! I loved the post you did with all the music and avatars, I'm still excited to see what it will be like in the end. <3 :)
    BTW, this is totally random, but have you ever read The Wingfeather Saga?? I am going through for the third time reading it aloud to my siblings, they are SUCH AMAING BOOKS!!!!!

  9. Wow, I... lol I had no idea you tagged me for this one xD I'm so sorry!!! I think I'll do that now! :P


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