Musing on April and May, Hailing June

4:33 PM

This may have been a mistake.

For anyone who is wondering why I'm doubling up on months, it is because I did my traditional Camp NaNo wrap-up at the end of April. Who wants to read two different wrap-ups in the same month? I certainly didn't.

Though, with the two made this post a lot longer. Sowwy guys...

🙞 In the Realms of Fiction 🙜


1. I participated in Camp NaNo this April. In short, it was probably the best writing event that I've participated in thus far. I'll refer you to the Camp NaNo wrap-up if you wish to learn more!

2. My Kindle finally expired after attempting to do so for over 3 months. Just before I packed it away to put in the carpet, I tried to resuscitate it to no avail. It served me well for the 4 years that I had it. At this time, there is no plans to replace it until later...when I get money. 

3. 1 bought 2 new DVDs. My mom and I discovered that her favorite Christian bookstore was closing and so we went perusing. I hadn't intended on buying anything, but then I saw seasons of WTCH for sale. I picked up Season 1 and then went perusing the other DVDs and found one on Sally Luddington (aka The Female Paul Revere) for $3. Not bad!

4. I finished the Ask Us Anything vlog that I started in December. Yes indeed, the editing took 4 months. *sigh* I never was the most efficient person in the world...

5. My mother and I found some boxes of books in the garage. Some of which I snitched to read :).


1. I read a LOT of books. 9, to be exact. Granted, half of them were old children's books that I read out of curiosity. For titles and reviews, see my Goodreads page :)

2. I watched wayyyy too many Food Network and HGTV shows. I did sneak half an episode of the Waltons though....

3. I started my first beta read! Ceci E. put out a call for betas for her story What Time We Have Left and being a fellow historical fiction nut, I jumped at it. I've been wanting to get into the beta reading scene for a while, but I couldn't do more than short stuff for one reason or another. I'm really loving the story so far!

🙞 Blog Happenings 🙜


For the first time since I took to writing wrap ups, I've written 0 posts for WbC. And that makes me super sad.

For Rebelling Muse, I wrote 4 posts and they were all for the Shared WIP tag: Shared WIP Tag Week 1: Camp NaNo Goal/Project, Shared WIP Tag Week 2: Current ProjectsShared WIP Tag Week 3: Yearly Goals,  and Shared WIP Tag Week 4: Ultimate Goals

For other blogs, I wrote three posts for Maidens for Mary: The Saints of April: St. Gemma and St. Bernadette, Record Your Blessed Objects, and Woman at Mass: A Good Friday Reflection. I also published a post on RW with two book reviews.


For Working by Candlelight, I wrote two posts: What are Your Assumptions about Me? and Operation Vintage Makeover: Paint, Part 2.  

For Rebelling Muse, I wrote 4 posts: Begone Pheasant, Not a Marvel but a Decent Film, What are Your Assumptions about Me?, and Answering your Assumptions about Me

For Rebellious Writing, I co-wrote a post with Clare A. about what writing lessons we could take from Chewbacca's character in tribute to Peter Mayhew, the original actor for Chewie who died recently (which co-incided with Star Wars Day).  

I wrote no posts for Maidens for Mary, as there were some schedule issues. I've also taken a full hiatus from M4M until the end of August. 

🙞 Goal Checklist 🙜

April Goals

1. Write 20k on Fair Winds for Camp NaNo

As noted in my Camp NaNo wrap-up last month, I wrote 21k for Fair Winds over the course of an entire month! I couldn't be more happier. 

2. Participate in Julian's Shared WIP tag

This was a resounding success! I had a lot of fun doing this tag again, and hope I can participate in another one in the near future :) 

3. Write M4M posts

I was supposed to write 4 posts, and I wound up writing 3. For one, I had run out of post ideas and for another, I had to come up and nurse my aunt earlier than I had expected. 

4. Finish Fair Wind's section on Project Blueprint.

Due to circumstances, this didn't get totally finished. The character sheets are the biggest thing that I still need to complete - the world building could also use a lot of work too.  

5. Finish uploading Part 2 of Vlog! 

Finally!!! After 4 long months, the project came to a conclusion!

Yearly Goals:

4. Eliminate another 10 movies from the To-Watch list.

April Update: I watched one listing on The List, and that was P&P 95. I haven't taken it off the list as Lia hasn't seen it yet.

5. Watch Season 5 of WCTH and possibly get a season on DVD.

April Update: I got Season 1 on DVD! I couldn't believe it when I saw it on sale at a Christian of course I picked it up. While the other seasons were also sold there, they were rather expensive. So, I'll wait to pick them up later on Amazon or something. So now, I'm halfway to accomplishing this goal!

May Goals

These goals were never published, it seems. So it probably shouldn't be a surprise that these never really got done.  

1. Finish old tag posts. 

While several posts did get a little work done on them in a spare moment, none actually got finished. Such as life....

2. Write 5k for either Fair Winds or White Rose

Since the leave got extended to a full month, I got no time to actually work on these stories at all. They certainly didn't leave my mind though, and I really wish I had the time to actually work on these this month.

3. Read at least 3 books.  

I actually shot this goal out of the park. I ended up reading 9 books. Half of them were old children's books, one was a Miss Marple Mystery, and there were a smattering of non-fiction and historical fiction and fantasy books in there. For titles and reviews, see my Goodreads challenge :) 

Yearly Goals:

6. Finish the draft posts - including old tags and linkups

I did publish one old post (Begone Pheasant), and got rid of another one that I will never finish. Once I get back to my computer, I'll be knocking out two more that have since become rather rotten. Which should bring me down to 12 posts to finish.

Now that April and May are behind us, what is June going to bring?

June Goals

1. Make a nice aesthetically pleasing bookshelf.

I finally got all the furniture into my room, and so I can now create my nice aesthetic bookshelf.

2. Complete two tags.

Tags are nice and easy to fill out, so these may be great posts to do to de-stress after a long day of moving. We'll see how this goes....

3. Finish beta reading Ceci's story by the first week of June. 

I'm now 3/4 of the way through my close reading and hope to gather all of my thoughts for her within the next week or so.

4. Prep for July Camp NaNo. 

Since this last round of NaNo went great because of the extra planning, let's see if a repeat performance will garner the same results!

Because I really would like to have that beta call go out this year, I'm leaning towards working on The White Rose again this July. We'll see....


This is probably going to be a little too ambitious for this month, because there is A LOT that has to be done. My grandparents are moving this summer, so between my house and their house, there is a lot of packing, shifting and moving of furniture and other stuff. It promises to be a month of strained tempers, sore muscles, and other miserableness.

I'm praying that I will still be breathing by the end of June....

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. Whoa, nine books! Way to go! I hope that you have a good June!!

  2. Hehehe, those tag posts will always be lurking in the back of our minds. . . . (Although my iPad crashed yesterday, and I have all the tags I have to do open on Chrome, and for about five scary seconds I thought that they had alllllllll disappeared. I got them restored, but I went on full-on panic mode for a moment there. XD)

    I hope you have a great June, Catherine! <3

  3. I know moves can be stressful, so I hope it all goes well. *hugs* Can't wait to see your bookshelf! (I love arranging mine!) Have a wonderful June Catherine, and best wishes with all your goals!

    I will be praying for you this month. I hope everything goes well. :-) <33

  5. Best of luck with your goals! I have a lot of tags I keep meaning to do.

  6. Sounds like you've had a pretty good few months!! I hope June is even better!

    I can't wait to see how your bookshelf turns out!!


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