Triple Tag Fun!

8:00 AM

Greetings and salutations to you dear readers!

So for this Taggy Tuesday, I'm giving y'all a triple dose of tags. That's right, all the tags that I was tagged to do this year, I'm doing all at once. Only because two are small, and the other was lonely.

This first tag is the #CoverLove Tag. I was tagged by Allison @ the little bookworm, whom I thank from the bottom of my heart. You can see her original post HERE.


1. Thank the blogger who tagged you and link back to their blog
2. Answer the seven questions your nominator gave you
3. Create seven new #CoverLove Tag questions
4. Nominate seven other bloggers and let them know they've been tagged

1. Most aesthetic-y book cover

Stars Collide (Backstage Pass, #1)

I love bright eye-catching colors, and this cover has them in abundance. It's the thing that drew me to this book and I'm now forever grateful to the cover artist because this is one of my favorite books!

2. Favorite autumn book cover

Anne of Windy Poplars (Anne of Green Gables, #4)
I had a hard time finding an autumn cover, and this was the closest one I could find. It's got all the right rusty browns and olives greens for an autumn cover, no?

3. Least favorite cover edition of a good book

The 4th Floor Lounge
As far as I know, this is the only cover that goes with this book. It's a really awesome book but my gosh! What an ugly cover!

4. Cover with a face / person on it

Courting Cate (The Courtships of Lancaster County, #1)

Well there ya go. One with two faces on it and a very smashing cover to boot. Can't get much better than that, can you?

5. Amazing cover on a book you hate

Twisted: The Girl Who Uncovered Rumplestilskin's Name
I was really disappointed with the fact that there was so much content in this book because the cover was really intriguing!!! *huffs in disgust*

6. Book you bought / read primarily because of the gorgeous cover

After a Fashion (A Class of Their Own, #1)
I mean, I love Jen Turano anyway (historic inaccuracies aside), but this cover made me snatch up this freebie really really quickly. I mean, THE COLORS!!! They are so blooming gorgeous....

7. Book cover with a place / location

Love Is a Battlefield (A Walk in the Park, #1)
Another really hard one, so I decided to pick the book that was based in a Civil War park...the cover at least reflects that. I thought it was a really cool concept for a cover :)

7 new CoverLove Questions:

1.  Favorite cover of one of your favorite author's books
2.  A cover featuring a sunset
3.  A cover with lots of eye-popping color
4.  Favorite romantic cover
5.  A cover with a historic dress you would wear
6.  Favorite cover off of a religious book
7.  Favorite cover that has water on it (i.e. waterfall, rain, etc.)

I tag:

Anyone who love aesthetics covers :)

Seriously, go ahead. You need a reason to look at pretty covers.

For this second tag, I treat you to a superlative challenge known as the Voted Most Likely Tag. Think of a high school yearbook and jack up the ridiculousness of the titles...which then get gifted to your characters. Sounds like fun, right?

Sarah Rodecker @ Pen of a Ready Writer gave me this tag and I thank her heartily. You can see her original post HERE


1. Thank the blogger who tagged you.
2. Include this link:
3. Use your own original characters, not anyone else's.
4. Tag at least five people.

~ Most Likely to Be a Poet ~

That would most definitely be Janina, my MC from The White Rose. She is, after all, the Patroness of the Bards in Duventoliel. She loves poetry and even composes some occasionally - though she readily admits that it is no good. 

~ Most Likely to Dance in the Rain ~

Grace from Fair Winds. She is the most joyful out of all of my characters thus far, and wouldn't mind a little dampness every now and then. Pity for her, her older sister has a deadly fear of people catching cold....

~ Most Likely to Look Good in a Kilt ~

That honor goes to Ealdread, from The White Rose.

With a man so rugged, handsome, and hardy as he is, I dare say he'd look good in anything....and his native costume is quite similar to a kilt, actually!

~ Most Likely to Get Punched in the Face ~

That honor would belong to my little group of rogues from Hidden Seeds....Merrion would be the most guilty. He has this habit of getting in the way and sounding off that is rather tempting to fists. 

~ Most Likely to Drop Everything and Become a Sheep Herder ~

Maeve from From the Cave and Rose o'Neill from "Rose of Culmore" are a tie for this one. Both would love a more simplistic life away from the world's problems. Rose probably would have more experience with sheep, but Maeve would love to get into spinning....

Copyright: Catherine Hawthorn

~ Most Likely to Be Found in the Library ~

Leon, from The White Rose. Like his sister Janina, Leon is a quiet person who loves to study. In fact, I believe he has some inklings of joining one of the teaching sects of Leberechts. 

~ Most Likely to Sleep Through an Earthquake ~

John Callahan from "Rose of Culmore". This guy, especially when he's been working in the fields all day, is a bear to try to get up. He goes into deep hibernation and only food will get him to move.

~ Most Likely to Steal Food from Other Peoples’ Plates ~

Karsten, from The White Rose, if he could get away with it. Will Chagney from "Shattered Chandelier" would be a close second though. Both have a mischievous side to them, but Karsten's is much more developed.

~ Most Likely to Cheat on a Test ~

Ceinwen from Hidden Seeds would be the most likely candidate for this one, even though Magda from The White Rose wouldn't be too far behind her. I mean, Ceinwen did kidnap her sister and deceived her sister's suitor into marrying I suppose test-cheating isn't that much of a stretch for her.

~ Most Likely to Say “Oops” After Setting Something on Fire ~

Bradach from From the Cave. He'd do something stupid like that and then since he's so brash, he'd just shrug it off. Meanwhile, his older brother is threatening to curse him out and his younger sister is already inquiring on how to make restitution for the damages.....

~ Most Likely to Open an Orphanage ~

If Lilliwen from Hidden Seeds and Janina from The White Rose would ever meet each other, I dare say, they would indeed open up an orphanage together. Janina loves orphans and has care of the court orphans as part of her lot as the youngest child (which is titled Champion of the Orphan). Lilliwen is such a motherly soul, she would take every foundling child she ever saw to her bosom. 

~ Most Likely to Run off with the Circus ~

Kestrel from "Shattered Chandelier". After all, it was her idea for her and Jessamine to run off to a theater, so a circus wouldn't be that much of a stretch for her. She's a natural performer and has a bold streak in her that can get her into trouble some days. 

~ Most Likely to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse ~

Conloach from From the Cave. If he was in today's world, he'd be a survival freak. Like prepper survival freak - I'm talking the weapons arsenal, the doomsday bunker, the works. He'd call it "preparation" but I know him too well. Seriously dude, the fear of famine is rather unfounded in this day and age....

~ Most Likely to Fake Their Own Death ~

Oh brother....this question really got me stumped. Because none of my characters really have no reason to fake their own deaths...

I guess the closest one would be Gail from From the Cave. And that's only because she's at the end of her ingenuity and needs a way to get out the situation she's in. 

~ Most Likely to Die and Haunt Their Friends ~

Umm, I'd say that both Eric Gerard and Will Chagney from "Shattered Chandelier" would be willing to pull this stunt....each for different reasons.

I tag:

Belle Anne @ Worlds of Ink and Paper
The Doorman @ The Lord, His Lady and Their Doorman
Megan Chappie @ The Pen and the Cross
Sarah @ Sarah, Plain and Average
Keturah Lamb @ Keturah's Korner

And now, for the last tag of the day!

It takes one to know one, and this tag definitely proved it. I got passed this tag by MiddleEarthMusician, who is also a big Tolkien fan. Which I thank you very much for!


1. Include the tag banner in your post.
2. Link back to the creator of the tag. (
3. Thank and link back to the person who tagged you (You can view her post HERE).
4. Forge your Fellowship out of BOOK CHARACTERS by answering the given questions!
5. Tag three bloggers to pass the Ring to.

#1 [The Ringbearer]: If you could choose, which of the four races would you be: Elf, Dwarf, Human, or Hobbit?

I'm not sure how this has to do with book characters??

That being said, I'd probably be an Elf. They're the most interesting to me :).

#2 [Gandalf the Grey]: A wise/powerful elder/mentor character.

Brom from Eragon: The Inheritance Cycle #1. He's one of my top favorite mentor characters of all time, and definitely reminds me of Gandalf.

#3 [Aragorn]: A character with great survival skills.

Halt from The Ranger's Apprentice series. If there is one guy that has the spirit of Aragon, it's this guy. Seriously.

#4 [Boromir]: A character who makes mistakes but has a good heart.

Marguerite St. Just Blakeney from The Scarlet Pimpernel is probably the best character for this. She did betray someone rather dear to her unwittingly, and then made huge sacrifices in order to correct her mistake.

#5 [Gimli]: A stubborn character.

Margaret Hale from North and South. Seriously, that girl is so stubborn, she puts Thornton to shame sometimes....but she's also rather courageous, so we'll go with that.

#6 [Legolas]: A character who is talented.

Gabi from Waterfall (River of Time #1) by Lisa Tawn Bergren. This girl not only knows her history, but she know's 14th century Italian, how to ride and sword-fight?? Wow....

#7 [Peregrin Took]: A character who at first seems useless but ends up surprising you.

Frank the Cab Man from The Magician's Nephew. When I re-read this book again recently, I questioned the need for the London cabbie to be sucked into Narnia. Even more so when Aslan brought his wife Helen into Narnia. But then when they became the first monarchs of Narnia, it became clear why they were there.

#8 [Meriadoc Brandybuck]: A character who is small/not very strong but has great courage.

Sister Bertrille from The Flying Nun series. Technically, she started out as a TV character, but there are spin-off books, so I'm using that.

Sister, according to the book, only weighs 90 lbs and is extremely thin...hence the ability of the wind to pick her up and allow her to fly. Don't ask.
But despite her size, she successfully faced down angry playboys and maybe a disgruntled gangster or two....

#9 [Samwise Gamgee]: A character who is extremely loyal and who doesn’t give up

William Hartwell from The Captivating Lady Charlotte by Carolyn Miller. Any enterprising aristocrat that remains faithful to an unfaithful wife is worthy of the title of loyal.

Well, there is a motley crew for you! Pity we can't see this Fellowship in reality, there would be a lot of interesting conversations coming out of there.

As for this tag, I'm leaving this one open for anyone who wants it :)

And that concludes this triple tag! Who else wishes their characters could cross worlds? What reasons would a character have to fake their own death? What is your favorite type of character? Drop a comment below! 

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. Okay, we need to figure out a way for your Fellowship to happen, because that is an AMAZING lineup. :)

    Awesome post, Catherine! I loved learning about your characters!

  2. Oooooh, I love that last tag lol Definitely gonna steal it ;P


  3. Ooh, thanks for the tag! And, haha, kudos for that Shaggy and Scooby pic - you have my undying respect for it. ;)

  4. These are so fun!! Thanks for the tag! :) I need to keep my eyes peeled for Stars Collide...

  5. Eeeeeeeep! I am glad you enjoyed the tag!!! Oh yes, Brom and Halt. Two of my favorite characters. XD

  6. *browsing over tags, deciding which one to steal* Ooooh. I like the second one! (warning though, I might steal all of them :P)

    OH OH OH--RANGER'S APPRENTICE! AND NORTH AND SOUTH! AND THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL! I love all of those!! Great post, Catherine! And way to kill three birds with one stone. ;-)

  7. Thank you again for sharing these tags!! :D. They were so much fun to read. <3. What movie/tv show is the rain gif from?

    Have a blessed day!! <3

  8. J+M+J
    Sorry I didn't get to reply to this, I meant to and then forgot.
    Thanks for the tag, tis an honor, really!
    Hmm, though this will be a bit difficult to scratch up fifteen different characters... can the same character count for more then one question?
    The kilt one is going to be a hard one... haha... I can't really imagine any of my characters in that!! :)
    (*goggles in wonder* Lookie there! I made a comment that wasn't long!!!!)

    The Doorman.

  9. Your "Most Likely To" answers are awesome. Your characters are hilarious. XD


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