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8:30 AM

Hi everybody!!!

Today I've brought to you a really exciting tag from Rebellious Writing, which is celebrating it's second year anniversary!

*eyes pop out*

Seriously, I can't believe it's been two years since I joined a group of fellow bloggers to promote clean literature. I was just out of college then....*dramatic sigh*

I already had planned to do this tag since I'm one of the founders of Rebellious Writing, but Nicole Dust also tagged me for this before I published it. So thank you, Nicole!!


1. Link back to Rebellious Writing (
2. Answer the questions
3. Tag at least 5 bloggers.

What is one classic that hasn’t been made into a movie yet, but really needs to?

Love Among the Chickens by P.G. Wodehouse

I've been recently re-listening to an audiobook version of this book and I love it so much. There is so much hilarity in this that I could see it being a really really popular rom-com film. I would love to see Garnet and Ukridge be personified...especially Ukridge.

What draws you to classics?

In most cases, I don't have to deal with as much "content issues" with classics than I do with modern literature. If such issues such as language or lust do occur, they are handled with much more taste than the modern literature does.

What is an underrated classic?

I must admit, that Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott is the first thing that comes to mind. I first found this by Librivox and was charmed by the story. Sure, the plot really could use some work, but the characters!

What is one classic that you didn’t expect to love, but ended up loving anyway?

A Tale of Two Cities and Jane Eyre are tied for this title. Both of these were school readings, and the first read or two for both was tedious. The second or third time, though? Interest spiked.

So much so, that when Jane Eyre was discovered in the donate box, I snitched it. #noregrets.

What is your most favorite and least favorite classics?

Favorite classic is, without a doubt, is Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. (sorry Nicole). Close seconds are other Jane Austen novels (Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion), Little Women, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Chronicles of Avonlea, A Tale of Two Cities, Jane Eyre.....okay, I'll stop now.

Least favorite classic: The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas. I hate this book with a passion - it is so anti-Catholic (both author and book!), and the plot is terrible.

What is your favorite character from a classic? Or if that is too hard, one is your favorite classic character trope (e.g. strong and silent, quiet sidekick, etc.)

Seeing as how I wrote that cop-out, I'm taking it.

I really like spunky female main characters. Maybe because I'm sort of a spunky female character???

What’s a popular classic that you felt wasn’t actually that great?

Tuck Everlasting. I'm sorry to those fans of that story and the musical, but that story was just plain weird.

Who is your favorite classic author? 

I have several favorites, but the absolute favorite? That honor goes to.....

Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Ha! You thought it was Jane Austen, didn't you?

I chose LMM because I haven't really read a story that I didn't like from her. I can't stand Jane Austen's Mansfield Park or Lady Susan, so that disqualifies her from the top spot.

In your opinion, what makes a classic a classic? 

I'm taking a more mechanical approach to this question, as I'm sure that most people know the philosophical answer to this.

In terms of prose, it tends to be more flowery and descriptive. It has the power to capture a person. The world-building must be spot on and unique. The characters have a realistic feel to them, as if the reader knows them in person.

Relating to newer books, what attributes does a book need to have in order to be worthy of the title “classic”?

It needs to be uplifting, and help to mold character. It must transcend at least a couple of generations, and not enjoy popularity in just one. It needs to either reaffirm a human truth or teach a valuable lesson.

I tag:

Megan Chappie @ The Pen and the Cross
Belle Anne @ Worlds of Ink and Paper
Ceci E. @ Ceci Creates
MiddleEarthMuscian @ Music, Mystery, Middle Earth and Mitochondria
Sarah @ Sarah, Plain and Average

Hope you guys enjoy the tag!

Scribblingly yours,


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  1. (I was wondering when you would do this tag. ;) Your answers were very entertaining to read!)

    Okay, never reading the Three Musketeers. *aggressively avoids book* YIKES, I don’t need more of that. XD

    Ah, Jane Eyre is such an interesting book! <3

  2. Oh boy, I never knew that about the Three Musketeers!

    AND YES I HATED LADY SUSAN ALSO. Mansfield Park was kinda iffy for me, but I still kinda liked it.

    I loved your answers and thank you for tagging me!!

  3. Ooh, thanks for tagging me! This will be a fun tag to do. :-D LMM is a great author. <33 I love her books so much.

  4. I totally agree with you on A Tale of Two Cities! I guess I'll have to reread Jane Eyre. :) What, you don't like Tuck Everlasting!? I get what you're saying, but I'm surprised because it seems like a book you'd like. Agreed, Mansfield Park and Lady Susan aren't my favorites either.

  5. Yes to all of your answers! L.M. Montgomery is one of my favorites. <3

  6. I love Ivanhoe!!! I borrowed it from the library and enjoyed it...then kinda forgot about it. My sister listened to it on Libravox and that reminded me about it and I finally got my own copy. It's such a neat story!

  7. Oooofff I agree that the tree Musketeers was a terrible book. I was so excited when I started it, but I soon realized that the protagonists were just as bad as the antagonists, and there was no reason to root for them.

    My favorite classic books are The Count of Monte Christo, The Lord of the Flies, and Crime and Punishment. A Tale of Two cities very good too, though! What classic book will you be reading next?

    I Just Happened

  8. I agree wholeheartedly - classics have to transcend living trends and bear some eternal, universal truth to be classic. Jane Austen definitely fits that!

    Lovely post! And thanks so much for the tag!

  9. J+M+J
    Hmmm... I am wishing I had read more of "the classics", though I guess I've read a fair amount?
    (Still not 100% clear what constitutes as a classic)
    Twas fun reading, thanks!

    The Doorman.

  10. Interesting answers! I just posted mine here.


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