Preptober 2019: Celebrations and...Superstitions?

11:55 PM

Hello Everyone!

So I got wickedly behind on Preptober because my schedule at work has increased steadily. So I'm working to combine a few of the prompts.

Prompt 5:

While there are definitely music involved with almost every celebration and holiday preparations, I'm not certain whether there is actually any celebrations centered around music. Will need to investigate that further.

Prompt 6:

That would be a solid no again. Superstitions are strictly forbidden in Verden, in accordance to the laws of the Ecclesia. Even Ravndal tends to stay away from superstition. The only group that is actively superstitious is the Taika and as I mentioned, they are not musical by any means.

I'll be back again soon with some more!

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. This is so interesting. If I may ask what about superstitions is forbidden? Since there could still be people around who believe in things like that but are very good at hiding it.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. That makes sense. Also I have one more question though regarding it, even though it is considered to be meaningless. Are there at all people who have hidden areas (in their house or some place in the world) where they can freely be superstitious? Something like what happened during Henry the 8th's rule.

    3. (Assuming that there is a minority that didn't get caught, and doesn't think superstitions are meaningless.)

    4. Also, sorry about the amount of questions I have. But are there any sub religions in Verden? Or were they banned?

    5. Okay that makes sense. The reason why I connected it with Henry the 8th's rule was mostly the suppression of beliefs, which could be taken in the same way as the banishment of superstitions. Since superstitions tend to be beliefs or part of a belief system of a person. (However, I was not saying the superstitions were a religion on their own or connected to someone being Catholic.)

      Interesting. :) Is there a particular reason it is dying out?

  2. Superstitions are forbidden, that's interesting.


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