Preptober 2019: Music, Magic and Verden

Hello everyone!!

So I'm combining two Preptober prompts into one today because the answers are so short....and I'm behind again.

But then, what else is new?

Prompt 3:

At risk of repeating the answer to my last prompt....I would say that music is viewed as a common good. There is no culture that doesn't have some sort of music, though I dare say most people of Verden would view Ravndal's music as decidingly crude and not worthy to called such.

In Duventoliel, Ceberlandon, and Shaltei; music is very much embedded into civilized culture. Most children are schooled in music, there are lots of folk musicians, and it is considered a high accomplishment to be able to play an instrument.

In Gwydion, Aistaraina, and Jaqaru; music is more of an entertainment form. It's the basis of dances and some story-telling. It's also a way to pass the long winter evenings. The military of Aistaraina also uses the pibroch for marching music to lift up the spirits of the men.

In Maisaka, they make music to help pass the work along. Ravndal's music is more work chants than anything else. 

The Taika will use some music to entice people, but they typically don't make music for themselves.

Prompt 4:

That would be a solid no.

The only peoples that wield any form of magic is the Taika, and I already mentioned that they are not a musical people.

Ooops! Have to run now, we're going to the orchard today to pick up our yearly supply of apples! 

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  1. Ooh apple picking is always a blast.

  2. Ravndal is reminding me of modern America. :P (Not to be snarky and unpatriotic. But there 'tis.)

    1. Hehee, there may or may not be some references to modern America in Ravndal culture, but it's mostly based on Viking culture.

  3. Ahhhhhhh, this is sounding so cool!!! Oooh, apple picking. Fun! :-D

  4. I love how Preptober is focusing on music! It sounds like you've thought out all your cultures, good work. :D

    1. Awww, thanks Melissa! There are still some things from the cultures that I haven't finished yet. But I hope to have everything cemented in before the rewrite happens in November

  5. I love that one of your cultures focuses on storytelling through music. For some reason that reminds me of Ireland, or even certain parts of the culture in Ancient Greece. :)

    1. A lot of cultures used music for story-telling, so I thought it fitting to have in at least one if not several of my cultures. Thank you Quinley!

  6. Ahh, this sounds like so much fun! Cultures are always so fascinating... :D


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