Preptober 2019: Week 2

9:17 AM

Hello everyone!

I'm back again with the rest of the Preptober prompts that I've missed this past week :)

Prompt 8:

Janina really likes music but she doesn't really play music herself. She's more of a singer and a poet than a musician.

Prompt 9:

Magda doesn't really have a song special to her, I'm sorry to say. She doesn't mind music, but she's not exactly a musical person?

Prompt 10:

Alvilda is the main "musical" side character of all of the cast. She is the Patroness of Musicians, and plays several instruments - including the Ceberlandonian clavi, 2 different eijas, as well as a drum or two.

Prompt 11:

I don't know what kind of music exactly was around during Janina's childhood, but I'm sure that Janina has a favorite song somewhere. She just hasn't told me what it is yet.

Prompt 12:

Oh great, now you're really making me stretch. I seem to remember something about Janina gate-crashing into one of Alvilda's music lessons. But beyond that, I couldn't tell you.

Prompt 13:

I have a couple of themes relating to Janina, but this is the main theme:

White Rose by Peter Crowley

Welp. That wasn't as in-depth as I had hoped. But for a rush job, I suppose it will have to do.

I'll be back with more later on!

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. I loved reading this. Interestingly I also posted a blog post the day before about music and magic and included Peter Crowley's music in it too. XD And I understand the feeling of when a character doesn't tell you something yet, I have a few characters who are still concealing secrets from me...
    Also I happen to relate to Janina because I too, happen to be a singer (I just don't play an instrument...yet.)



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