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Greetings and salutations to you, readers!

I'm coming out of my writing cave for a short time because my dear friend Belle Anne has recently opened up her Meet the Books link-up! I had been sorely disappointed when she announced that she was to end it several months ago because I had three other stories that hadn't been properly introduced to the world yet. But, she has graciously opened it again and so I'm taking advantage by introducing one the of the "Sleeping Twins" to my readers!

And so, without further ado, let us get started!

What is the genre?

The genre is contemporary fan-fiction, written in more of a short story/novella format. I call it a "fan-fiction" because,'s heavily influenced by a certain popular musical and there really is no other genre that this story in.

What is the title? Time period?

The title is Shattered Chandelier, in an obvious reference to the source matter in which it is derived from. Which, in case you've not a musicals person, is....Phantom of the Opera or POTO as we musical nuts tend to refer to it as.

It is set in the present day, with no specific year. 

How is it written (Point of view, MC, etc.)?

Third person, but the old drafts seems to go back and forth between limited and omniscient as it switches POVs a few times. It centers around one particular MC.

Who are the characters?

These are the only characters that I know of, though I'm sure I'll meet more whenever I actually draft this thing.

Jessamine Williams - a 17 year old Caucasian girl. She's 5'5" and weighs 130 lbs. She has long burnette hair and blueish grey eyes. She, along with her best friend, ran away from home because of dire circumstances. She takes the stage name Carissa Anderson, and plays Christine Daae.

Kestrel Tracy - A 16 year old Caucasian girl. She's 5'4" and weighs 160 lbs. She has a reddish brown hair that is also long but a lot curlier than Jessamine's. She has medium brown eyes. She is the one who instigated the running away, she is chasing fame and running away from a local boy. She takes the stage name Heather Skye, and plays Meg Giry.

Will Chagney - a 20 year old Caucasian man. He's 5'7" and weighs about 170lbs. He has medium length, sandy blond hair and roguish green eyes. He never has a steady girlfriend, always seems to be chasing one girl or another. He's had titular roles for three seasons. He plays Raoul.

Eric Gerard - a 21 year old Caucasian man. He's 5'10", weighs around 190lbs. He has short black hair and ice blue eyes. His mother was a huge Phan of musicals (haha, you see what I did there?) and encouraged him to become an actor. He's been an actor for 2 seasons but has only played supporting roles. He's a highly chivalrous lad. He plays the Phantom.

Sarabelle Dickens - A 18 year old light skinned African American girl. She's 5'6", and weighs around 135lbs. She has black hair and brown eyes. She's a light-hearted, fun-loving girl who is everyone's friend off-stage but can play some very formidable women on stage. She's had some operatic training and would like to continue to be an opera singer. She plays Carlotta, a more comic take on her.

Mr. Edward Stank - the casting director of West Side Theater, a small theater in a rural town. He's balding, overweight, and...rather blunt.

What does the plot consist of?

Two girls, Jessamine and Kestrel are running away to pursue their dreams in theater. They end up at a small theater called West Side and are assimilated into the company of actors there. Their first big production is Phantom of the Opera, and Jessamine is chosen as the lead Christine Daae. Jessamine makes friendships with several of the actors, but more closely to the two male leads Eric Gerard and Will Chagney. One relationship is turning unhealthy and it is up to her to escape it.

The horrible blurb is here:
Jessamine and Kestrel are two struggling actresses that end up at the West Side Theater with a small theater trope playing Phantom of the Opera. Jessamine ends up with the lead part and gets to play opposite of the two best actors - Eric Gerard and William Coulter. What happens when the love triangles start moving off-stage?

What is the setting?

The setting is East Coast USA, in a rural area close to a suburb of a big city. Still haven't quite nailed which state, but don't be surprised if it happens to be in the southern/central area of Ohio. 

What gave you the idea?

Well, believe it or not, it was a gripe speech that I made for a college class that basically pointed out why Raoul was a much better suitor than the Phantom and why more people should be convinced of such.

I had had this gripe ever since I watched the Phantom for the first time. I couldn't sympathize or support the Phantom's character or decisions. I saw him for what he really was - a psychotic, murderous predator.

And thus, I planned to prove it. And maybe play with a little behind the scenes drama at the same time.

Who are the favorite characters so far?

Ummm, I don't know these characters all too terribly well so I don't have a favorite. 

What is the favorite scene so far?

Scene 2, which is on Wattpad. The awkward casting interview was crazy fun to write :)

Any themes of music for this work?

No specific themes, exactly...

Obviously, the scores for the POTO musical are in heavy use throughout my playlist. But there is also a lot of Damian McGinty music too to give it a pop sort of feel. For instrumental fill-ins, I've also included some of Thad Fiscella's works. 

Any drawings?

No, but I can include a mock cover that I recently made:

Any snippets?

I'll share a small one, but if you want the rest you view them on Wattpad HERE.

The two girls cautiously opened the door, and timidly entered the cramped office piled high with scripts, playbills and brochures. Jessamine had to remove a stack of Spamalout flyers before she could sit in the proffered seat that the beady-eyed man flapped his arm towards. Once he sensed that the girls were settled, Mr. Edward Stank (or so said the name plate on the desk, anyway) snapped his head up and his gaze bore straight into Jessamine's soul. "Miss Tracy?"

Strong point in story?

Um? The premise maybe? I mean, who else writes behind-the-scenes stuff?

Weak point in story?

I have a feeling that the theater scenes and the scene with Mr. Stank are lacking realistic details. They seem almost too fictional for my tastes. 

What are your plans for it?

This story is destined for Wattpad, and two chapters have already made it there. I just now need to write the rest of it....

And then, if I ever get around to it, I want to write at least 2 sequels, one based on Pirates of Penzance and one based on Singing in the Rain, with the possibility of adding in one on Sound of Music and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. 

Any particular writing habits for it?

Um, nope. None that I know of.

If it were made into a movie, what would be your ideal cast?

I'm skipping this question because I can't cast, as I've explained before. I'll dump it in Mr. Stank's lap.

And, as they say in the theater/film world, that's a wrap!

Come and chat! Have you ever written fan-fiction? Are you a musicals fan, or a fan of POTO? How many people remember this WIP from bygone times? Tell me in the comments below! 

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. Ooh, I like this idea! I dearly hope you get it published - the premise is deliciously original, and it sounds like it has a great setting.
    It's so cool that this came from a Phantom of the Opera debate. I'm with you that Raoul is a better suitor... at least than the Phantom (even sympathizing more with the Phantom, I can't understand all these psychopaths that think he's an okay lover or really okay period... he's a villain...!). Personally, I favor the old 1941 movie ending where Christine doesn't choose either of them (because I believe neither of them is a very good suitor). Although that could also be because I am quite thoroughly smitten with the baritone side-character that likes her as well... Have you ever seen that movie? What are your thoughts? (I'm interested to hear a non-Phantom supporter for once...)

    1. This may be an unpopular opinion but I actually liked the 2004 Raoul, I felt like for some reason that he showed how different he was compared to the Phantom. I actually haven't seen the 25th anniversary addition so I can't compare to the two versions. But there was something that I really LIKED about the 2004 version of Raoul.

    2. Wait a minute... I may have heard this guy. Is he like the one Raoul that can actually pronounce long i…? In that case, I have never seen him, but I know his voice and find it quite lovely. Most Raouls stink, both vocally and character-wise.

  2. Ahhhhh this looks as lovely as I knew it would!!! Backstage theater stories are the BEST, though I can't say I've ever read one, just that I've often wished to read one. :P "West Side Productions, #1" makes me a very happy camper indeed. Eric sounds precious and he's already my favorite.

    (And I'm agreed with you and Belle: Raoul all the way and down with the Phantom. Not that I'm intimately familiar with the musical, alas, but what I know of it...much of which comes from the 1941 movie...)

  3. Yes yes yes. I love the Phantom of the Opera



    I do pity the Phantom but I don't like when people ship him and Christine because that relationship is just WRONG.

  4. I am a newbie with this fandom because I only watched the 2004 version in September. I liked it enough, but Raoul was not my favorite (mainly because we had the same haircut, and it was just weird), but I really like him from the bits of the 25th Anniversary Edition that I've watched on Youtube. I really want to see the whole thing sometime!

    Anyway, I love the idea of this! It is so cool! Also, PLEASE DO ONE FOR SINGIN' IN THE RAIN!!!! It is my favorite movie of. all. time. so I would love to read a version of it in this format!!

  5. I always liked Raoul better than the Phantom. Raoul has his own flaws, but his flaws are what make him likable, the Phantoms flaws (in the book) are what make him frightening. I would say the only thing that I didn't like was that they romanticized the Phantom more in the movie than in the book.

    Also your book sounds amazing. :D I happen to be an actor, so reading books about the theatre is always fun. :)

    1. I'm glad I found someone who agrees with me about the Christine x Raoul ship. I'm so dismayed though that the musical Love Never Dies exists though...

      Awesome. If you have any questions about acting. (Feel free to message me via my blog)

  6. This story sounds like a lot of fun! I love how you decided to take matters into your own hands to prove that Raoul is better. xD Best wishes with your writing!


  8. This sounds so good. I love Phantom of the Opera!
    Just wish I remembered my Watpad login. XD

  9. Hey, Catherine! Just wanted to let you know that we tagged you in our Sunshine Award post-
    :) :)

  10. J+M+J
    Forgive my lat arrival to the trail of comments...
    But this book sounds quite intriguing... I'll have to pick it up someday once you publish it!
    Best of luck to your scribbenings!

    The Doorman.


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