Musing on January, Hailing February

12:08 PM

All right, someone tell me where January went. It seems to have gone missing...or run away or something of the sort.

While the search parties go out, shall I brief you all on what has happened around here in that time?

(do forgive me for the crappy intro, it's too much to bear heheehe).

🙞 In the Realms of Fiction 🙜

1. Still editing TWR and it's a hard slog. Looking very much forward to ditching this little brat off to the Beta Boarding School for a long spell. 

2. I read the rest of my library stack this month, and am due to go back and get another, heehee. One highlight was Entwined by Heather Dixon Wallwork - which Lia and I ended up reading at the same time. Comparing notes was really fun, LOL. 

3. We've been going through our family's Christmas DVD haul: Star Trek Next Gen, A-Team, Animaniacs, as well as a few Don Knotts movies and G-Force comics. Definitely like Next Gen better than the original Star Trek, and A-Team is a blast (literally in some episodes).

4. I am now the proud owner of a LAPTOP. Can't tell you how freeing it is to scoot off to the bedroom, lounge on my bed and just TYPE ON IT. I can move, I can take my work with me, I can DO ALL THE THINGS. I may or may not have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. And it's all thanks to my dearly beloved sis :).

🙞 Blog Happenings 🙜

For Working by Candlelight, I published 2 posts: Baa Baa Gray Sheep, Have You Any Wool and Christian Persistence and Roe v. Wade.

For The Rebelling Muse, I wrote 2 posts: My Alpha/Beta Process, and Awkward and Awesome: Editing a Novel with Two Competing Premises. I've been heavily focused on edits and prepping for betas, so it may not be a surprise that this blog may go quiet next month.

For The Cat in the Barnyard, I wrote 1 post: Introducing Jefferson Under a Little Known Title. In which, I kinda introduce my latest research project on Thomas Jefferson's farming activities.

For Rebellious Writing, I wrote no posts, but I did contribute to the 2019 Wrap-Up. I will be writing a book review for RW next month, so stay tuned for that.

For Maidens for Mary, I wrote no posts. 

🙞 Goal Tracker 🙜

Because my 2019 tracker worked pretty well, I decided to carry over the tradition into the new decade.

However, I was unhappy with how messy and long my 2019 tracker list became. The addition of monthly goals really didn't help matters. So instead, I'm going to give a brief summary of the progress made on the yearly goals each month, and any other personal goals that I have done. I've also made a more shorthanded title for clarity's sake.

Goal #1 (TWR): Continued editing, have reached 62k words. A lot of people have been asking for her, and now that I have the laptop, I think progress is going to go much quicker. At least, that's the plan, anyway.

Goal #2 (Platform): No progress.

Goal #3 (April NaNo): No progress. To be expected.

Goal #4 (NaNo): No progress. To be expected.

Goal #5 (Movies): No progress. To be expected.

Goal #6 (Library): Finished the leftover stack from 2019, no new trip yet.

Goal #7 (Vlogs): No progress.

Well that's just horrid, especially considering that I was so productive on the other set of goals on WbC. But then again, half of my goals have to be done at a certain time, so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised.

How about you, my dear friends? How has January treated you? 

Scribbingly yours,


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  1. The movie G-Force is so nostalgic for me! Oh, which Don Knots movies did you watch?

    1. I was actually referring to the proto-anime comic series G-Force, not the movie! Sorry, I should have clarified.

      It was "The Shakiest Gun in the West", not a bad movie all around but not my favorite either.

  2. *tisk tisk* I never took you for someone who wanted to send her children off to boarding school! But I'm glad that TWR is progressing so well!
    And my January has been crazy and way to short, lol. Though its nice to have finally introduced THK...I wish it was progressing at quickly as TWR, but I've largely been ignoring it. Hopefully it'll be able to join TWR after a few months at beta boarding school XD

  3. Good luck with TWR edits! You got this! And congrats on the laptop!!!!!

    (Have you seen The Ghost and Mr. Chicken? It’s a pretty great Don Knots movie if you’re interested. XD)

    I hope you have an awesome February, Catherine!

    1. THE GHOST AND MR CHICKEN YAAAAYSSSSS (actually watched that last month, I believe)

  4. Oy! What kind of laptop did you get? (Sorry, I'm from a techie family, haha.) But I've only ever written on a laptop and never really had a desk, so sitting on my bed (or the floor, haha) is the norm for me...

  5. I feel you with the speed that January blew by. Like, I accidentally closed my eyes and BOOM! It's over.

    Yay!! You got a laptop!!! I'll bet that's a huge relief for you. I know that when I started using a laptop, it made my writing a whole lot easier.

    Keep going with those edits, girl!! I promise things will start getting smoother and easier. The first few rounds are nasty, but the end result is so worth it.

  6. I can't believe it's basically February already!!! #WUUUUUTTT Best wishes to you on your goals, girl! I hope this year is a fantabulous one for you & your writings!!!

    And congrats on owning a laptop! They are THE BEST. I recently upgraded my old one (thanks to my brother-in-law), and it's been SOOOO WORTH IT. Happy writing!

  7. Yeah January just up and vanished. Smh. X'D
    But ooh A LAPTOP!!! Congrats!!! :-D That's so exciting!!! And YES Star Trek. <33 I love all those shows\movies (at least the ones I've seen XD).
    I hope you have an amazing February, friend! <33

    1. Smh. X'D

      Hmm...probably the 2009 Star Trek movie and the immediate prequel, and yeah definitely the Next Gen. That was fun (I've only seen a few episodes but I plan to see more XP). Yesss that is true. X'D


  8. Laptops are the best, I can't write on a desktop for some reason. I love the portability!
    Best of luck with edits.

  9. My family is watching Star Trek Next Generation as well. We're really enjoying it. I love all the characters they've made. :)


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