Musing on March, Hailing April (2020)

Sunshine is out. Birdies are singing. Flowers are blooming.

And here I am, stuck in my cave, recovering from a spring cold and hiding from it's mutated cousin, COVID-19.

But life is not all-together miserable, even if I can't get to church or work. Want to know why?

1. On March 22, TWR hit a huge milestone.....100,000 words!!!!! I'm still reeling in shock and disbelief that this story has reached such a high word count after all the struggles of before. The good news is that I am on track to finish the second draft this week, and so a beta announcement will be forthcoming beginning of April!

2. I've started to prep my Camp NaNo project in the midst of TWR's edits, ya know to keep me motivated. I've gotten some character sheets started and avatars will be coming soon!

3. I finally read my copies of the Emily of New Moon series. I had gone on vacation earlier in the month, which included two verrrry long car drives (12 hours, ugh!).

4. I've created my own tagline (Writer. Catholic. Maiden.) and two different banners - a professional one for my YouTube page and a very non-professional one for my Wattpad. Still thinking about a Pinterest re-set, LOL.

5. My family recently got Amazon Prime, so we're exploring all the stuff we can stream. Even though we don't have a TV that can stream it on....(I tell you, my family is just starting to catch up to the 2010s, we're getting there, LOL).

6. I joined two writing groups and created one on NaNoWriMo. So excited that multiple groups are allowed this time so I can interact with even more writers than before :)

For Working by Candlelight, I published 3 posts: 8 Things to Help Your Waitress OutSaints I Have a Personal Connection To, and In the Kitchen: An Attempt at Unconventiality Takes a Bitter Turn. I'm really happy that I'm staying on track with this.

For The Rebelling Muse, I wrote 1 post: Announcing My April 2020 Camp NaNo Project!. I'm super excited to finally tackle this one, at long last!

For The Cat in the Barnyard, I wrote no posts, as I've made no progress on my Jefferson research (again...).

For Rebellious Writing, I contributed to 1 post: Springing Through Time in Leap Year: Thoughts on Time Travel from the RW staff

For Maidens for Mary, I wrote 1 post: Abstinence Doesn't Equal Boring Food.

Goal #1 (TWR): Continued editing, have reached 100,069 words!! Will be finishing this month and a beta announcement is coming soon!

Goal #2 (Platform): I've created a tagline, and I've created one professional banner for my YouTube channel. Wattpad has a banner too, but it is certainly unprofessional. A brand is starting to come together!!

Goal #3 (April NaNo): Announcement has been made, and the prep has begun. Writing will begin in earnest next month!

Goal #4 (NaNo): No progress. To be expected.

Goal #5 (Movies): No progress. Though with Prime, I may knock out a few?

Goal #6 (Library): No progress. Unfortunately, my state is on lockdown due to the you-know-what, so no trips for me......

Goal #7 (Vlogs): No progress. Definitely procrastinating again.

See? It's not all together terrible, isn't it? 

*looks anxiously at the calendar to count how many days of de facto quarantine left* 

What have you guys been doing while hiding from COVID-19? Chat with me in the comments below! 

Scribbingly yours, 


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  1. I’ve already told you this, but CONGRATS ON TWR!!!!!! *confetti* That’s so exciting, and I hope that being a beta for it works out with my schedule!

    And oof, yes, this whole COVID quarantine thing has gone VERY interesting. At least I have a little more time . . .?

    I hope your April is fantastic, Catherine! <3

    1. THANK YOU NICOLE!!!! *dances in confetti* I hope you can beta, I'd love for you to read it over!

      UGH - right?? I suppose that the silver lining is that TWR will actually get out there faster.

      I hope yours is too!!

  2. It's so awesome that you're almost done with edits!! Congrats!

    I am really liking that we can be in more than one group on NaNo. That's been nice.

    Hopefully, things will calm down in April.

    1. Thank you Sarah! I'm so glad to be almost done!!

      So do I - more fun when you can have more friends on board :)

      I hope so too - this confinement is breeding a case of cabin fever....

  3. With this whole shut down I've been thinking of getting Amazon Prime, too! Haha, I don't have a TV for it either, only my Kindle.

    I can't wait for TWR beta reading!!!! Have a good April, Catherine!

    1. heehee #firstworldproblems, right? I'm discovering a lot of stuff on there that I like :)

      It's coming soon!! Thank you, MC!

  4. Congrats on being almost done with your edits! I love Prime mostly because it has Psych and the Mentalist on it.

    1. Thank you Skye!! Haha, I'm discovering some good shows on there myself :)

  5. YAYYY for your writing progress! And beta readers! That's seriously awesome. :D

    My life in the midst of the COVID-19 situation is pretty near what it was before. xD The biggest changes so far have been church being cancelled, and having a little extra time off work because of labor being too high (due to our lobby being closed). I hope you and yours are staying safe and well!

    1. Thank you Emily!!!

      I'm exactly the same way, except that I'm completely off work. We're doing well - if not suffering from cases of cabin fever!


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