Musing on April, Hailing May

Greetings from the cave once more!

It is I, the silent blogger, come back from sleep to hold to the traditional monthly wrap-up. Ignore the jiggling leg, who is restless. And the drooping eyes. And please excuse the gum wrappers and the chocolate papers, I meant to clean them up before y'all came.

How have I been coping with this quarantine otherwise, you ask? Let's take a look!

1. I sent The White Rose to betas, and it's being totally shredded to pieces. So far, the world-building, imagery and some characters need to be beefed up in this next draft.

2. I've been brainstorming some new companion stories for the Epic of Verden series. This is besides The White Rose and From the Cave. Two revolve around Janina's siblings, and the one revolves around one of Janina's friends. Still need to hear from betas if they will be well received.

3. Been drafting Shattered Chandelier....and let's just say that things are hitting the usual "Trainwreck" stage. I'm beginning to notice that I don't do well with getting full first drafts together in one drafting period...

4. Been expanding my music library: besides developing Shattered Chandelier's playlist, I've created a wedding playlist (FOR DISTANT FUTURE ONLY), expanded my Easter playlist, and *trying* to find decent pop music to break up some of the country and Celtic. Daughtry has become a recent favorite!

5. My Pinterest re-brand has been happening still...slowly. I've changed a couple of boards, made a few more, and been *trying* to fix my personal page. I swear, you'll tell that I'm a Pinterester if you ever stumble across it.

6. My brother Matthew and I are starting to brainstorm some branding ideas for me. Things like new banners, an official logo, that sort of thing. It will be quite a while before it's done, but I'm super excited as to what he's going to come up with!

For Working by Candlelight, I published 2 posts: The Scrappy Patchwork Quilt, Part 1 and Part 2.

For The Rebelling Muse, I wrote 1 post: The Gripe Speech that Started it All.

For The Cat in the Barnyard, I wrote 1 post: A Quick Update and Slight Blog Focus Change (again). A future post will be: Grass v. Grain Starters: What is Better for Calves?

For Rebellious Writing, I wrote no posts.

For Maidens for Mary, I wrote one spontaneous post: The Significance of May 1 and a Call to Prayer.

Goal #1 (TWR): It's in the hands of beta readers for the next two months and I'm sitting here anxiously waiting for the results. I'm already knowing that I need to do some more world building and fix some minor things in the plot....

Goal #2 (Platform): Pinterest re-brand is still happening, LOL. Though I did take a quick glance at possible agents....

Goal #3 (April NaNo): Drafting has been going slow (but isn't that to be expected?).

Goal #4 (NaNo): No progress. Unless you count the brainstorming of new sequels to the stories as being part of it, which is sketchy at best.

Goal #5 (Movies): No progress. Though with Prime, I may knock out a few?

Goal #6 (Library): No progress. Unfortunately, my state is on lockdown due to the you-know-what, so no trips for me......

Goal #7 (Vlogs): No progress. Definitely procrastinating again. Thinking about scrapping it, because of the length of time that I've delayed.

How was your April, m'dears? How have you been coping with the quarantine? Chat with me in the comments below! 

Scribbingly yours, 


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  1. I've been enjoying reading TWR! I'm following your beta reading system, so that's why you haven't heard from me yet. :)

    1. Meeep, I'm so glad! That's okay, I expected not to hear anything for a while since you had a PDF copy.

  2. I love the beta process always nice to get a fresh perspective on a story.
    Branding and Pinterest are always fun too.

    1. Right? I'm loving my beta process so far. And yes, I'm super excited to find out what my designer comes up with :)


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