Professional Photo Shoot, and Fun in the Creek!

1:17 AM


Greetings from the Cave! 

So, we’ve been holding out on you guys. 

That’s right, I said we. Lia from The Singing Writer is joining me today!


Before Covid happened, Lia and I had made plans for her to come out to visit Pennsylvania during this summer. Restrictions *almost* killed those plans the last minute, we were able to get it through. 

So Lia and I met at the OH border one Thursday in July and we came home via the Turnpike. Our first adventure was driving through the Allegheny Mountains, which Lia fell deeply in love with.
It do be true

From there, we had a lot of other adventures, including a wedding, a volleyball tournament, and much later a trip to Gettysburg. 

I would like to add that i indeed kicked butt at volleyball

(She did, a lot better than I did!) 
But the highlight of the trip was not any of those. 

It was a trip we took….to a local state park? 

Indeed, it is true! That is because….Lia and I did a photo shoot!! 

A very special photo shoot, actually. 

Because these are the professional photos that both of us will be using as part of our literary endeavors. 

Which means….

There will be no more pictures from behind….

*Catherine walking cheerily down the lane, and me slouching beside her*

Nor from the side.....


The Real Thing.

We first went around to a dry creek bed, where that very first photo was taken. We wanted pictures by a waterfall, but the creek had….dried. 

Pennsylvania drought, I tell ya. Ruins a lot of photo ops. 

I tried a few with a tree, but those didn’t turn out well. We won’t bother showing those. 

We all then hopped back in the car and went to the main branch of the creek. Since it was 90 degrees on a Monday afternoon, it was easy to find a somewhat secluded spot. 

We found another tree and began to shoot!


*wow Lia doesn’t look like a swamp demon*
(Personally, I think the one at the far left is the best one of this bunch)

I wasn’t liking the tree much, and so I decided to go boldly to another spot. There was a really nice rhododendron tree right by the edge of the creek, so I decided to try that. 

This same spot is where the other picture was shot. The bank was much too narrow to stand on, so, yes, I am actually in the creek for these pictures.

Lia soon joined me in the creek to try the spot for herself. 

It was very nice in the water lol. Perfect temperature!

Well, it was a wee bit cold for me, especially in the shade. So we decided to find a sunny spot to try some more shots. 

Best friends forever! 

The classic hair flip :) 

We found a leaf in the creek and we had some fun shots with it.

(recognize this picture?) 

There is one failed picture that we couldn’t NOT share…

Isn’t my face just beautiful?

After we got all of our “professional shots” we then came back to the bank. The water was too nice and the weather too hot to NOT play in the creek. 

One thing about Pennsylvania creeks….or Mid-Atlantic creeks in general for that matter….is that they have very rocky bottoms. As Lia and I found out very quickly, these rocks hurt….as my scream of agony above shows. MY FEET STILL HURT

Now it’s time to play! 

The Epic Leaf Drop

Catherine starts the Splash War

Lia on the offensive! 

Are there any copperheads nearby? 

Oh Lia, it’s not that bad!

It is too that bad!

Lia is waterbending!

Catherine had to take a second to wash some of the makeup off - it had gotten in her eyes. Lia, meanwhile is having an existential crisis.  

Beware Lia's big stick, Tyler! 

Tyler is taunting us, retaliation is in order! 


The lines are drawn! 

Catherine is waterbending too!

If only water droplets were a photo filter….

Lia is laying out :) 

By this time, Tyler had put the camera down and we spent another glorious half hour playing in the creek. It was so warm though that we were half dry by the time we came back to the car. But all in all, it was a wonderful time and we got our professional photographs to boot! 

And best of all, there is no more hiding. You’ll be able to see me fully in all of my adventures, on both my blogs and on my new Instagram page (@rebellinglass71). 

Now it is your turn to talk! What sort of adventures have you all been up to? Do you like doing photo shoots? Chat with us in the comments below! 

Scribbingly yours, 

Catherine and Lia!

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  1. Aw, these are all so good! Y'all are both so pretty. <3

  2. What fun!! I love all of these pictures!!


  4. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun! Playing in creeks is awesome. :) And the pictures are beautiful! I am not partial to photoshoots myself--being behind the camera is much more fun--but these pictures almost make me want to do one!


    Okay, but in all seriousness, these pictures are SO EPIC. I was smiling so much while reading this post. It's so good to finally see your face!! <3 <3

  6. AHHHH makes me want to find a creek to play innnnnnnn

    Also, the pictures are amazing. #goals

  7. D'aww you ladies are so pretty.

    Isn't playing in creeks the best??

    AND /CREEKS/ :D That looks like so much funnnn :DDD

  9. Love these! You both look stunning!
    Looks like you had a blast too.


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