2020 WIP Special, Part 1: Introduction!

8:55 PM

*audience gathers* 

*audience waits* 

*audience chats amongst themselves* 

*audience waits some more* 

*audience gets restless* 

*audience gets angry* 

*audience starts walking out one by one*

*Diva is in the corner filing her nails again* 

Diva: Told you she wasn't coming. 

Loyal Reader: She'll come. 

Diva: *scoffs* did you SEE that homework load? 3 essays, at 1000 words each. In two days. Come on. She won't make it. 

Loyal Reader: She will. 

*hours go by* 

Diva: Face it. She's late now.  

Loyal Reader: Catherine always picks up the ball, even if she drops it off a cliff. I've seen her do it. 

Diva: Surrrrreeeee. Look, one of her friends messaged her. The one that SHE normally checks up on. You know it's bad when you're so far in your cave that a fellow cavemate asks if you're okay

*Loyal Reader doesn't say anything. She starts rummaging through her bag* 

Diva: Oh save the tissue. Let's just go before...

*running feet can be heard in the distance* 

*A back door is busted open as spotlights go on* 

*Catherine stumbles the door and onto the stage* 


*lights go down* 

Thank you. 

Loyal Reader: Here. Got your caffeine for ya.

*Catherine shoots it down* 

Loyal Reader: Guess I should have made that a double. What happened? 

*Catherine glares* 

Extra five hundred words required for the one essay. 

Loyal Reader: Oof. At least you got your notes.

*Catherine nods as she stumbles towards the mic* 

Greetings from the cave on this lovely Wednesday....


 *Catherine sends a withering glare*

Yes, thank you, I appreciate your....never mind. 

Y'all, let me extend my heartfelt apologies for being so late to the party. Unfortunately, this has been a continuation of several "ball-droppings" that have happened in the last couple of weeks. As many of you know, I spin many plates and unfortunately it seems like every single day I'm smashing one of them and the blog one just happened to be the one that got smashed yesterday. 

Such is the life of a graduate student. Who apparently is the world's biggest Glutton for Punishment. 

I think that's going to be a branding slogan for now on. 

ANYHOO. Let's get back to the business at hand, shall we??

Today, and for the next couple of weeks (hopefully, if I'm still alive), I will be participating in the 2020 WIP Special, hosted by Julian Daventry! I will be featuring my current NaNo WIP, which y'all were introduced to last week. 

TMC: And one that hasn't grown any since Day 1! Why can't I grow up, Mom???

*Catherine glares and shoves TMC off to bed* 

So without further, lets' get started! 

 1. Title, Genre, Expected Word Count of the WIP.

The title of the work is The Midnight Cave, though it might be called The Midnight Cave of Aistaraina upon publication. We'll see. 

The expected word count is 60k words. This plot is a lot simpler than TWR's, so I'm hoping that it will take less words. 

2. Provide a blurb.

Gail is an ordinary teenage techie junkie, living on the planet of Tawra. When her parents insist on her taking a camping vacation, she is not at all pleased. But when a storm breaks and she is forced into a cave for shelter, her phone is whisked away to Aistaraina...wherever that is.

With the portal suddenly closed, Gail is forced to adapt to her new surroundings. As she becomes accustomed to Aistaraina's way of life, she becomes aware of several races of creatures. Creatures that seem harmless but Gail suspects of having dark motives. 

When the children of Aistaraina start showing signs of mysterious disease, Gail is determined to find the cause. What she doesn't know is that she has been lured to Aistaraina...and her tempter is coming for her....   

3. Describe the MC(s) in one word (each).

Gail - Bold. 

Conlaoch - Warrior. 

4. Is there an antagonist? If so, how would you describe them?

Oh yes. His name is Orothien Haisthilt and I would describe him as cruel, stalkerish, and vengeful. Does that cover it? 

5. Describe your story in ten short phrases. 

- a mash-up of high, portal and science Fantasy

- sarcastic banter

- millenial vs. world

- novel disease pandemic

- missing brother

- imprisoned villian

- Modern inspired technology

- shield-maiden in training

- Is there a romance? 

- Leader of the wolf-pack

6. Are you planning on publishing this WIP? If so, when and how? 

I am indeed! But it won't be for a couple of years yet. And how, will depend on how The White Rose is published because it is part of the same series. 

7. Something about the WIP that you love.

Everything, lol.  

8. A scene that you are looking forward to writing.

I'm really looking forward to re-writing some of the beginning scenes! Especially the scene in which Gail comes home drunk, lol. 

9. What was the original plot bunny?

The original plot bunny was Gail, as an American, was to be transported via a portal to Aistaraina (known as Alldermaere then) and then save the world from all sorts of technology induced diseases. 

10. How does it differ from the original plot idea?

Gail is now from a made-up planet, the diseases have been lowered to one, and the world-building has changed completely. And I'm sure that it will change even more once I finish with it. 

And that about covers it! 

And now I'd love to hear from you! What projects are you working on for NaNo? Do you remember Diva and Reader? Any tips on how to break off the "glutton for punishment" thing? Chat with me in the comments! 

Scribbingly yours, 


(also, shoutout to MK for checking up on me. Girl, you're a lifesaver.)

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  1. *gets out Pom Poms* *starts cheering* I knew that you'd be here! Keep up the good work! I all too well understand being late and busy. *smiles while ignoring the pile of DO IT THIS MINUTE sitting next to me*

    Those ten quick phrases had me giddy! All of these elements are so cool!! I can't even. Give it now. ;)

  2. Hehehe, I was wondering what had happened. But oof, 3 papers due in 2 days. Not fun.

    I am so intrigued by the idea of a technology induced pandemic. Such an interesting concept.

    Glad you were able to join in! I hope your school behaves from now on so that you don't drown in papers and textbooks.

  3. I know the feeling of having way too much on your plate. Make sure your not being too hard on yourself. This story sounds so good!

  4. LOL. At this point we're just both here, looking at our giant piles of work and being like,
    "Should we stop?

  5. I was sitting around like "Catherine??? Uhhhhhh CATHERINE????"

    Seriously, though, the premise sounds HILARIOUS.


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