2020 WIP Special, Week 2: Tea with the Characters!

8:00 AM


*Catherine is sitting in her bedroom* 

So, I have RSVPs from Aderyn, Sieglinde, Conlaoch...awesome. Let's see, I will need to get some arran bread, some cheese, and maybe some chocolate or ginger biscuits....

*A blue orb appears above the dresser* 

What the.....

*The orb gets bigger and opens into a wide portal* 

*Long, green-clad legs hurdle through, followed by a flowing bright blue dress. Groans were heard as a dark bearded head picks up*

"Heigh ho, Mistress Catherine! Have we arrived past the hour for tea?" 

Past?? I should say not, Prince Bradach Leofwine. As a matter of fact, you are ten days early. 

"Ten days??!" Bradach's bright green eyes go wide. 

Another groan emitted from the other head. "Bradach, I TOLD you you had miscalculated the time difference. Ow!" The girl snatches her hand away. "Gosh, I hate pins." 

Ehh, sorry about that Gail. I meant to have that sewing basket cleaned up before you got here. Now, the question is....what to do with you two until the tea party? 

"You mean, what to do with us five." 


*The portal shimmers and three more bodies emerge, albeit a lot more gracefully. The portal closes.* 

"There you are, brother!" One of the girls said cheerfully. "We were wondering where you had gotten off to." 

"Oh, just went on a little adventure with Gail, that's all, Sieglinde." 

"You always seem to go on 'adventures' at the worst times..." Conlaoch muttered. "I do apologize for intruding on you so early, Miss Catherine. I would say that it won't happen again but....you know my brother too well." 

I do indeed, Prince Conlaoch. I do indeed....

*Gail's eyes light up* 

"Hey, is that....a Quanta?" She points to the bed, where Catherine's laptop sits. 

It's similar, but not quite. Not nearly as sophisticated. I was trying to look up recipes for arran bread on it earlier. 

"You need a device to look up something as basic as that?" Conlaoch exclaims in horror. 

Aderyn clears her throat. "Forgive me, Prince Conlaoch, but the traditions on Earth are in danger of dying. The devices save them and make them better for others." 

"A poor substitute, if I may be so bold." 

*Awkward coughs echoed around the room.*

Right then, I suppose I ought to scrap up some kind of tea. After all, you all have had a long portal trip...

"Shall I help?" Aderyn's face lit up. 

I'd love it. I could use Gail's help too, if she's so inclined. 

*Gail makes a face* 

"I'll help as well." Sieglinde says. That only slightly diminishes the look of disgust on Gail's face. 

"And what are we to do?" Bradach asks impatiently. 

"Do you have some...milk, I believe you call it? I can set him to work to making cheese, get that nervous energy out." Conloach smiled. 

"No thank you. Tell you what, I'll go find some chocolate...." And with that, Bradach disappears out the door. 

"Oh no, not again...." Conlaoch groaned as he exited hot on his brother's heels. 

Well, that's just great. I now have two Aistarainians loose in my house...

*hears outer door slam* 

And now they're loose in my neighborhood?! 

"Want me to go after them?" Gail's voice raises a pitch. 

"NO." Three female voices clamor at once as they all make their way to the kitchen. 

Well, this tea party is off to a great start! What sort of shenanigans are your characters up to, writers? Readers, do you like posts like these? Tell me in the comments below! 

Scribbingly yours, 


P.S. Happy Veterans Day! 

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  1. :) :) :) I like these characters already.

  2. That's it, Prince Conolach will hereby be known as my favorite. XD

  3. This was so funny! I love that they were so confused by the technology!


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