2020 WIP Special, Week 3: Day in the Storyworld!

12:19 AM


*camera zooms in on Reader and Diva* 

*Diva looks at the clock* 

Diva: It's nearly that magic hour again.

Reader: She'll be here. 

Diva: You said that the last time. 

Reader: And she was, remember? 

Diva: She was also late. 

Reader: She also had essays holding her up. Betcha it happened again. 

Diva: Oh come on. The essays were easier this time. 

Reader: I'm not sure about that. Ever try to read the citations of a Russian history book to determine primary and secondary sources?

*Catherine walks wearily in* 

Believe me, it's no cakewalk. 

Reader: Cath! You need that shot of caffeine? 


*clock rings* 

Greetings from the cave! 

Sorry again that the late post. I'll tell you all, I'll be so glad when I don't have to write three essays a week. It's absolutely killer. 

This week is the third week of the 2020 WIP Special and we authors are being dropped into our storyworlds. Just as we are, no changes allowed (well except for the clothes, we would kinda stand out if we did). In my case, it is the High Kingdom of Aistaraina on the planet of Verden, as the other setting, the planet Tawra, is only featured in a couple of chapters. 

Let's get started! 

1. What sort of job would you have in your storyworld?

Because of tag creator induced rules, I have to find something that's as close to my real profession. As a graduate student, there is no comparison. However, there are waitresses for high nobles and royalty, so that's probably what I would be. 

2. What sort of house would you live in?

If I was still living with my family, it would be a combination stone and wood house, only about a story and a half high. The half story is a loft, which can be used for a variety of purposes. The lower story is open, with cloths separating spaces. 

3. What sort of community would you live in?

Most likely a village, though there are some larger trading hubs. 

4. Would you be valued in the community or not? (Not just job specific.)

There would be some suspicion at first arrival, but once the locals know you then they are warm and valued. If the person is moral and upstanding then the community bands around the person. 

5. What sort of religious practices would you be doing? 

Missa, the required church service, would be once a week, though Missas are offered every single day. Daily prayers would also be said, including the Mater's Psaltry, which is said on paderau beads. Little things such as grace before meals, prayers for the dead, and other devotions are also done on a regular basis. 

6. What would you be doing in your free time? 

Since neither reading, writing, nor embroidery are common pastimes, I suppose I would be doing a lot of knitting or crafting. To be honest, there is not that much free time because of the lack of technology lengthens out daily chores. 

7. What would you be eating? 

The main diet is mostly starch and vegetable based, with some dairy and some meat products. Oats, bread, mutton, cheese and root crop vegetables are daily staples. 

8, If you could change your current position in the storyworld and do something else (like join the heroes) would you?

I would sincerely think about joining the Shield-Maidens, if I could find a sponsor in the Bellatrix order. I wouldn't mind being under the command of Keitha :). 

9. Would you have the opportunity to run into your characters in every-day life?

Depending on what estate I was on, there is a good chance that I could. If I was employed at Cynsige Caisteal at the time of the story, then there is a good chance that I would run into most of them. 

10. Would you be friends with your characters or would they have no idea you “exist” in their storyworld?

Friends? Doubt it. But they would know of my existence, and if I was in trouble, they would no doubt assist as much as they were able to. 

Well, that's a wrap! What world would you like to be dropped into? If you were an author, would you like to be dropped into your world? Tell me in the comments below! 

Scribbingly yours, 


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  1. Being a shield maiden would be awesome.

  2. This sounds like it would be hard work, but also nice as I so often feel that I use technology too much. :)


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