A (Late Again, Catherine!) Fourth Blogoversary Party!

12:08 AM


Greetings from the Cave! 

You know, this having blogoversaries late is getting to be a habit with me. As well as forgetting my other one (poor Working by Candelight, she doesn't deserve this tramua). I'm not sure I like it. 

I do have a legitimate excuse though (maybe?). I literally couldn't come up with AnYthiNg. And there were three papers due right at the time of the actual blogoversary so.....#priorities. 

But yes! The Rebelling Muse is FOUR YEARS OLD THIS YEAR. 

(also, ironically, this blogoversary post is four days late.) 

I'm flabbergasted. First, that the name has stayed the same for all that time, lol. Every blog I know goes through a name change at least once in their lives, but this one has kept her name (and probably will for quite some time....) 

But mostly that I've kept it up for so long. Especially with what's happened in my life over the past four years. I started this blog as a senior in undergraduate and now I'm a first year grad with copious amounts of trauma LIFE EXPERIENCES behind me. And many many stories later, it looks as though there is actually a debut novel coming to fruition...AHHH! 

Anyway, that's enough of the reminiscing. There hasn't been nearly enough FUN around this dingy old cave. 

I was looking around my blog archives for inspiration for this blogoversary and then I remembered something that I used to have in my sidebar were these "quiz answers". 

You see, I love those "Which character are you" quizzes? I had done a couple of them and stuck the results in my sidebar. Of course, they had to be put away for this last blog makeover (I'm thinking of doing another, what do you think??) 

So I dragged them out again...and decided, you know what, we're going to have some fun with this!  

Because of the length of time that has elapsed since I took some of these quizzes, I did retake some of them to see if I would get the same answers. The results were....interesting? Also, I'd like to see if I really line up with any of these or not...

So let's get started, shall we? 

Which Avengers am I? 

I started with Marvel because....that was the first image I could find, haha. There were quite a few Marvel quizzes out there, but I chose the Avengers because that's the group I click with the most. 

I took the quiz twice - once in 2018(?) and once in 2021 and got the following results:

Well, I'm glad at least this one stayed consistent, lol. I never thought of myself as a god, though. 

But does the rest of it line up? 

Bold, take-charge leader: Leader, maybe. Take-charge, maybe. Bold? That's pushing it, I think. 
Eye for Adventure: Yeah...when all calculated risks are considered, of course. 
Knack for getting into Trouble: Um, yes....
Dishonesty never sits well: No, it doesn't. Not at all. Roommates have been sacrificed because of that...
Strong Aversion to Passive Aggression: Well, I do hate it but I'm very passive aggressive. 
Stubbornness Throws Wrench: Maybe? 
Devoted Friend and Romantic at Heart: I defer to Lia on this one. 

Accuracy rating: 90%

What Star Wars Character am I?

Next up is my favorite space drama! I took the first quiz in 2018 (left) and the second quiz in 2021 (right). Which one is more accurate? 

Bold and Unwavering: Again with the bold thing. Was I that bold back then? I didn't think so....
Understand Conflict Resolution: Actually, I do. I tend to be rather diplomatic in conversation with others, but I will speak my mind. 
Brash Confidence: Ehh? Maybe a bit of brashness, but that is a family trademark around here...
Wise beyond measure: ??? 
Anger a Distant Memory: *remembers PMS tantrum from last month* 
Natural Teacher: I really don't know what to say about this. I dislike teaching, but I can do it. It tends to stretch my patience out of shape though. 

More accurate: Princess Leia
Accuracy rating: 0-70%

Which Lord of the Rings Character am I?

Oh dear. This one is a giant mess. There was a HUGE controversy as to whether I was closer to Eowyn or Arwen back when I first took this quiz. And now that I've taken it again this year, I get....Gandalf?? (Another mentor character? What's the deal - have I grown mature all of a sudden?) 

As for analysis....I give up. I relate to all three pretty hard....though I still say that Eowyn edges out the other two. You be the judge. 

Which Chronicles of Narnia Character am I? 

When I first got Caspian, I didn't know what to think of it at first, but I kinda agreed with it. Now, I've taken it again and gotten Reepicheep this year! Which is more accurate?  


Born Adventurer: Hmm, do I sense a pattern here?
Boundless Imagination and Perseverance: Imagination, most definitely. Perserverance? *looks at grad school* Yeah. That's accurate too. 
Powerful and Inspiring Leader: I defer to others to tell me if this is true. 
Humble: Well, the above answer should tell you that....
Skilled Warrior: I need a little more training before I can say skilled. I can hold my own in a fight if I need to but not well. 
Honor and Sacrifice: That's accurate. 

Which one more accurate: Caspian, by a hair. 
Accuracy: 70-80%

Now, the next couple of quizzes are new to me this year. Because after I had finished those last ones, I got a bit of a bug and went on a quest for more adventure (hmm, maybe there is more to this adventurer thing than meets the eye?) 

Which Disney Princess am I? 

This is actually surprising. Older quizzes usually peg me with Belle because of my bookwormishness. I also thought Ariel was a bit immature too. But this description is actually....pretty close to the others? We'll accept it. 

Accuracy: 80%

Which Sherlock Character am I?  

I legit laughed when I saw this because THIS IS SO ME. Without a doubt. 

Accuracy rating: 110%

Which Princess Bride Character am I? 

Okay, this one I did take twice....I took the first one really late at night and the more I looked at it, the more I disagreed with it. So I took it again with a clearer mind and got the second result. 


Frankly, as much as I dislike Buttercup as a character, I have to admit that I'm a lot like her from that description. Romantic balanced with realism, strong willed, all accurate. And ouch on the trust thing....

Accuracy: 0-80%

What Original Series Star Trek Character am I?

I have watched the Original Series of Star Trek and some of The Next Generation. It's not my favorite franchise in the world, but I still appreciate it. 

Principled moral compass in a world gone mad. There's a catchphrase for you. 

Accuracy: 80%

Now we move on to the not so nicely formatted answers. Zimbio doesn't have quizzes for every single fandom (nor nice picture answers either), so I had to go onto things like Playbuzz for some of the more common fandoms. So, here we go! 

Which Jane Austen Heroine am I? 

This should come as no surprise to anyone, especially Lia (who is Marianne, without a doubt). Just the way that I handle romance in my own life is proof of the similarity. 

Accuracy: 80%

Which Little Woman Character am I? 

You know, I thought I would be more like Meg....but Jo isn't a bad second choice. I definitely connected with her a lot in the books (not so much the movies though). 

Accuracy: 70%

Which Anne of Green Gables Character am I? 

Call me out, will you? LOL. But this is very similar to me...except that I can be quiet...

Lia and I always get the same answer when we do this quiz together. We are both Anne never Diana. Which is weird considering our Anne/Diana kind of relationship...

Accuracy: 90%

Which Little House of the Prairie Character am I? 

This one surprised me. I was SURE I was going to get Laura. I mean, the latter part of the description is correct, but the forever happy part? Ehhh, not really! Had too many traumas LIFE EXPERIENCES for that one to be true. 

Accuracy Rating: 60%

Which When Calls the Heart Character am I? 

So I originally did a quiz on the Hallmark Channel website but that one didn't seem to be very broad. So I went searching for another one and found one on HowStuffWorks which seems to be a lot more in-depth. Let's see if the results are more accurate! 

Okay, not gonna lie, I was expecting to get Elizabeth again. But then again, I'm not a teacher sort of person as I mentioned. If anything, I prefer to cook. So that part's right. And so is the tough blows part. 

Accuracy Rating: 85%

Which All Creatures Great and Small Character am I? 

In light of the new adaptation (an adaptation which I have STRONG feelings about *glares at writers*) I decided to include this one as well for kicks and giggles. 

I definitely agree with this one. I actually really connected to this "James" more than I did the BBC adaptation. Actually, to be fair, this "James" is the only reason why I'm sticking to this show (I told you I have words. May need to write a review to hold them all). 


Okay! I think I covered all the major fanbases?? At least the ones that I'm a part of, anyway. 

But it's no fun just doing these by myself! What about you guys? What fictional characters are you most like? Are there any character quizzes that you'd recommend? Tell me in the comments! 

Scribbingly yours, 


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  1. Four years! How fun! I was just thinking the other day you'd have so much fun sewing in my house with me. I do a lot of sewing in my living room surrounded by books! I just posted an update on my quilt I've been working on ;D

    As for fictional characters. There are so many. I never can pick a favorite. But I've been loving the cast in Middlemarch by George Eliot!

    MB> keturahskorner.blogspot.com
    PB> thegirlwhodoesntexist.com

  2. Congrats on Rebelling Muse being 4 years (and 4 days!)

  3. Congrats on four years! That's so impressive!

    This was so much fun to read!

    I LOVE that you're Thor. I am...not. (Or maybe I am? I haven't taken the test. I tend to think I'm most like Tony, or Cap, or maybe Natasha, though, and not...well, Thor. Even though I like him. XD)

    It sounds like you may be in denial about your boldness and adventurousness! :) This many internet quizzes can't be wrong, right?

    I am Elinor toooooooo! And my sister is ALSO Marianne. Wow, twins! *high fives you*

    It's cool that you're Anne! I am...not. I think I'm more of a Marilla. :)

    Congrats again! And may you have many happy returns of the blogoversary!

  4. Woohoo! Four years!! Congratulations, Catherine! This was the perfect way to celebrate. :)

    I can totally see you in all of these characters! I think you're the most like Eowyn. I've taken that LotR quiz more times than I can admit and I always get Frodo. For ages I denied it, but it's pretty accurate. I haven't taken any MCU quizzes, but I think I'm a mix of Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, and Wanda. And maybe others, like T'Challa. From Star Wars, I am so much like Luke, it's crazy. Hm, I wouldn't have thought of Ariel for you, but that description works. I always get Belle even though I'm the opposite from her!

    I laughed out loud at you being Mrs. Hudson because IT IS SPOT ON. XD These quizzes are uncanny sometimes...

    High five for you being my fellow Elinor (my sister is Marianne, too!), Anne Shirley, and Jo March (most relatable character EVER)!

    Ah, character quizzes are so fun, aren't they? Actually, you and I may be quite similar. The description for Eowyn describes me pretty well. And I'm DEFINITELY an Anne Shirley, and a Jo March. I don't think I would be Elinor, though. I'm closer to Marianne, although the Austen heroine I'm most like is Elizabeth Bennet, I think.
    Fun post. I enjoyed reading it.


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